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ExGFX Request/Showcase Thread

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I need the Lakeside Limbo FG, beacuse I make a level with the BG of it and the music. ^^
There are a ton of amazing ExGFX stuff on the site, but there are virtually no overworld ExGFX! I really need a type of factory-ish overworld scheme, some new castle stuff and a few different rocks and stuff to spread around to make it look spiffy.
Here's a crazy idea: Make them yourself. ¬_¬
I need a YI style Hammer bro.

i request a allgfx paper mario file saved as gfx not exgfx.

Could I have some Quackshot ExGFX?

To andy_k

I can't to the berry gfx. Everything was im my hacking folder so they went bye bye too.
Kawaii !!

A Mario Sprite with Paper Mario style. If any person have, PM to me.

Originally posted by Paper Koopa
A Mario Sprite with Paper Mario style. If any person have, PM to me.

There was one, but it got deleted because they looked very similar to MiOr's sprite(from the mario fantasy hack)
Kawaii !!

How about a Roman theme? I need it for my "SPARTA!!!!" world.
Don't call me a noob.
I know that already. XD
Originally posted by Paper Koopa
A Mario Sprite with Paper Mario style. If any person have, PM to me.

I'm already in the (slow) process of making one.
I hate to ask this, but...

I'm in need of player graphics. Sadly, for two characters. Luigi and Mimi. SPM-ish, too. I need 'em for my hack, which'll be SPM-ish, too. Heck, I'm having problems just ripping SMB3 Luigi! >_<

...If you can't make SPM-ish versions of them, I can settle for a SMB3-ish Mimi and a little help ripping SMB3 Luigi...

Thanks in advance. >_>
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To get the SMB3 Luigi, just copy them out from for example, one of Anikitis hack.

Considering there's already a ton of Super Mario Bros. 3 stuff on here, I'm surprised this isn't already up here, but...

You know how in SMB3, in part of World 5-2 and much of World 7-1 and 7-6, there are wraparound levels with pipes in the background? Well, I want that pipe BG for my hack's World 3, which will take place in a sewer! I tried to rip it myself using YY-CHR and whatnot, but I suck at that stuff. Plus I'm lazy! there anyone else here who already did it who I can mooch off of talk to? =P ;P :P

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I, Alexander, am willing to do super paper mario tilesets pm me for what you want and i'll do my best to get'R done.I have a few conditions though.
1. 1 at a time please...
2. nothing you know cannot be done (like a full castle bleck tileset...)
3. don't pester me about when it will be finished or i'll make it disappear off of my list.
4. i don't always have time to do tilesets for you so be PATIENT.
thats it.

ON-TOPIC- i'd like to request kleever's GFX (from DKC2) it's the second boss.
-EDIT- i did it
thanks anyway
I need an 16x24 SMW Redrawn style Hammer Bros GFX (not 16x32), if anybody has it, please PM me.
I request some YI Big boo boss GFX. I want to replace the Big Boo Boss' GFX with YI style Boo GFX.
Can anyone send me a pm on if they can make gfx for sprites and foreground and backround? I need it for my first world of my SECRET HACK (one secret level in secret world WILL be dedicated to you)
Something is wrong in the Mushroom kingdom.

Click here to see my epic hack.
8)i need to have the fg of yoshis island on level 1-1
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