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Add Sprites Window

Is there a way to change the name it gives an object?

I already know you can use a .ssc file to change a sprite's tilemap and tooltip in Lunar Magic, but the help file didn't say how to change its label in the add sprites window.

I don't think you can. At least, not without reverse engineering the thing or somehow pumping FuSoYa for the source code and then reprogramming the thing...!

Just be happy you can change its tooltips. :)

EDIT: But what do I know? I'm just a n00b. Some of the people here who actually have more experience might know something...!

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<_< lol I tried to change the name of the Big Boo and it gave me this. So I don't really think you can change anything.
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Ok, I guess I'll just deal with a new tilemap and tooltip. Heh, I'm too mush of a perfectionist I guess. ._. I've already changed my Flying Blue koopa to display correctly in Lunar Magic, and I'm going to do the same for my flying star coin, heh. Its actually quite helpful. :D