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From where is your username/avatar?

Here you can share it here with us, that from where originate your username and your avatar.

Hadron...this a very tiny corpuscle, I don't know , how to come my mind.

My avatar display, what would be Mario as a real man! (?)
GVirusG: G-Virus is the original name/form and is a virus in the game series "Resident Evil". GVirusG because Youtube does not want you to use things like "-" "." or "," in your name and GVirus was already the username of someone else, so I added another G to it.

My Avatar is a death scene/trap in the Point and Click adventure "Black Mirror".
so yeah, hoho
Easy. Luigi is my favorite Mario character, and I added the -San just to make it unique :P
Name: Something from like, 3 days ago, and I already forgot :<

Avatar: Harkat Mulds from the Cirque Du Freak series :)
Username-Mr. Weegee-I love Luigi, so I named myself Weegee. You may not know it, but when I say Weegee, I mean Luigi, not the really creepy version. A lot of people seemed to have a username with "Luigi" in it, so I added Mr. just to spice it up. :P

Avatar-Baby Luigi-Self explanatory. My avatar contains a Luigi. Doesn't really fit with my username though...My username is "Mr. Weegee," and my avatar is a baby. Maybe I should find a new avatar
Username - MUGEN
Avatar - Nerfkitten from Adventure Quest

  • my name is just something i though up that sounded japanese and then i remembered about "mt. fuji" and i though "oh yeah" so now i make variations of fuji. like now im fujiwara, but imma make myself fujihana now.

    and my avatar is simple; a shyguy from SMRPG

    1000th post!!!!!! w000000t!

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    All my handy work and creativity here.
    I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.


    I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

    Advertising Space

    My username is a play off my more common online name of DP. Current avatar is a pic done for me as part of an art trade.

    Avatar - Microsoft Paint. Best program ever.

    Current Username - "I am a mu sic" in German

    Main Username - A hidden character in F-Zero GX
    fuck yeah meowingtons
    The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
    My username is actually a name from one of the several enemies from New Super Mario Bros., Broozer, which is my favorite Mario enemy - thus, I chose it as my username. My avatar was made on, and it's a Broozer drawn in a somewhat cartoonish style.
    level 1 flopping chep chep = flopping luigi
    my avatar is from mario e luigi partners in time ^_^
    Who's Merlin? o_O
    Anyways, my avatar is Yoshi, my favorite character from all of the Mario games. He's been my favorite character for a long time now. Pretty much ever since I've played Yoshi's Island. What would a good Mario game be without him?

    Username: Uh...Chris and my favorite 10125
    Avatar: I'm draw Evil Apple from MATTAN's avatar.
    Baphomet Junior is an monster from ragnarok Online, my favorite one.
    Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

    Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

    Username co-exists with my avatar :)

    My avatar is from Super Paper Mario (duh) basically because he was the best. I like Dimentio more, but someone already has that username - same with Crystal King.
    Oh goody, another one of these threads~


    pika- Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. (Or, at the time... Lucario's quickly catching up! :O)
    guy- I'm male. Duh.
    900- I made the username when I was 9, so I added two zeroes to it for...some reason I forgot, and here we go.

    Oh, did I mention I made this username almost nine years ago at Neopets?

    Avatar: Just something I came up with randomly. A form of me. Half-human, half-dragon. (Hence the wings.) Oh, did I mention I edited the sprite from Bartz from FFV? Yeah.
    <Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

    Username: Shinnok, from some 3 Mortal Kombat games AFAIK(MK 4, Gold and Armageddon). It was the character I like most to play in MK 4.
    Avatar: Shinnok's picture on the MK 4 Choose Character Screen.

    Username: Lucas is my favorite character from Mother 3,
    Mari0 because I like Mari0 games,
    also if you take 'A.s.m' or 'sma' out of my username, you get Lucario, my favorite pokemon.
    Avatar: Lucario from SSBB
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    Originally posted by Mr. Weegee I named myself penis.


    I misspelled Mario once, and I liked it. >_>