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From where is your username/avatar?

Dimentio rules all :P

Not much more than that...
Follow me on Hermitscape for random bits of game design talk and pixel art, or even request something for me to draw.
Latest Post: Wayra Devpost #2: "A Little New"
My name comes from an inside joke me and my friends have.

My avatar....comes from the internet.
Requested a ban until June 19th. Bye.
My name: "Pyro" is a cool word and "X" is a cliché cool letter.

Avatar: Zink once went through a phase where he made everyone insigneas. That is the one that he gave me, and I thought it looked pretty unique, so I use everywhere now.
All of it is from Scooby Doo.
My PS3 PSN. Nuff said.
Daboys121 - MAde it 2 years ago now, I think. I made it when I really was bored out of my mind and wanted to prove someone wrong in forums of the Dallas Cowboys. So, afternot thinking long and hard, I came up with this nickname Daboys121. "Da", for the, "Boys" for the Dallas Cowboys, and "121" for the sake of numbers.

My avatar - It came from where awesome, terrible, frightening, and pr0n come from - Google.
I got my name when I was signing up for Runescape, a couple years back...

Yanamanka is an acronym of the last name of a girl from an anime show.

As for all of Team Five Star's avatars (Made by me), I'm not allowed to tell you how I made them. I'd have to lock you in a closet with Kitty-Bantoleon if I did.

Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
My name...just sounded cool to me at the time. I dunno.

Aa for my avatar, I just like penguins.
Patrick = First Name.
B**** = Last Name.
Very creative eh?
The history of my nickname :

Pierro118 birth when I wanted to create my e-mail adress. I wanted it to be : [email protected], but it was already taken, so I had the idea to but my birthday "DAY" part at the end, so it would be : [email protected], but already taken. So I looked in the suggestion, and I took the first one, which was [email protected], and I always took that name.

If I'm not using Pierro118, I'm using Pierdos. I was like 8 years old when I created that nickname, it was on an online game (RuneScape, you know?) and I wanted it to sound like "Pier d'oh" but when I give my nickname to my friend at school, they were reading PierdoS (with a S at the end of the pronounciation, and not a d'oh) so I'm still using it when Pierro118 is used. (Youtube is the exeption, where my Nickname is Pierro11810)

Well, it was the story of all my nickname (I don't care if you don't read, if you found it's too long or that you don't care about my history of my nicknames, I write it anyway)

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Username: "My stuff?! Curse you Quizler!!!"
A fairly odd Parents Quote
I've had a bit so I'll link some.

The Quizler
Jeremiah, My favorite Animal crossing neighbor.
Quote and Curly in the sacred grounds.
Squirtle's "Do Want"
Catz... Bring me them

I recall people loving the last two..
Name: I have been named Demonsul on the net for over five years. I could write a whole book on how the Demonsul character evolved.

As for avatars:
First it was a Vaygr Flagsip.
Then it was a Space Marine.
Now, it is an emblem I made.
From the song The Riddle.

Very good song....
Name comes from pure randomness.

Avatar is a blue blob (me) riding Rick the Hamster.
Take a guess what inspired me...
Yoshi? Wood? Carpets?
Mine is from MegamanZero3
My name is from my youtube account. I never really made forums names and stuff without it being and adjective and a video game character. Ex: Solemn Kirby is one of my names I use.

My avatar is the 100th rank.

Red Chameleon - I like red and chameleons. Simple.
Avatar - I always enjoyed Mega Man X, so I modified the palettes of Sting Chameleon.

toffeefan384 - Uhh...caramel?
Originally posted by toffeefan484
Take a guess what inspired me...

toffee? peanut brittle?