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From where is your username/avatar?

Toffe-I know carramel and crackers!!!

Well, my Username's been with me for quite some time, as it's more of a personal nickname. It's often used to identify me in my circle of friends, since it's a combination of japanese words with the rough translation- "Artist Lover"...corny, eh? X)

As for my avatar, that itself was made my me, simply as my artist interpretation of...well, me. It's not exaclty what may qualify as "impressive", but I much rather be somewhat original instead of using a premade image found commonly through the internet. (No offense to anyone who does use such images as targeted, of course ^_^')

[Oh, and Yanamanka: I actually do know what "technique" you used for the avatars, and I think it's actually a good rendition of what you can do with it.]
My username is the username I use in WOW and my avatar comes from a french cookie the "Petit Beurre" and it looks like spongebob now ^^
Jayfeather, from warriors, and 113, my favourite number.
Username: SpaceFan645 and Variations:

Usually stuff that I'm a fan of, or to match my layout/avatar. Self-explanatory, huh?

Avatar: My own custom character from another internet community, with custom background (provided by the same community).

Layout: Made by WhiteYoshiEgg, it's the original SMW cave BG with my own custom palette for a lava/ash cave.
My avatar is from my imagination =]

Username: Pirate Yoshi is from Mario Party 2. Thoush I haven't played the game, I like how Yoshi looks.

Avatar: I put this because either a mod kept getting rid of my avatar or the sites I got it from were malfunctioning. I thought about messages that could come up when you couldn't see someone's avatar, and I was just lucky to find this.

~Pirate Yoshi~
tam - part of a name in my family
6231990 - a birthday in my family
avatar - raccoon mario, i just like SMB3 XD
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Sky Guy here, from Paper Mario. Sadly, I did not find my way into PM 2 or 3...
Give me back my layout
Avatar - I like the ones SMWC makes up

Name - Just random
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by The Guy Who`s Made of Fire
Avatar - I like the ones SMWC makes up

Those are actually images above your avatar that change depending on your level. Post more for higher levels and different pictures (don't just try to have postcount++ (useless posts so you can have more posts)).

This one time...I went to brush my teeth...
LoL Just kidding, I just thought it sounded funny.
I dont have an avatar but, if anyone wants to draw a toothbrush with some blood on it. Haha If anyone could do that, that would be awesome.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
My current avatar is Michael Chain from the F-Zero series in celebration of Black History Month. :D
fuck yeah meowingtons
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my Avatar is Slash Man from MegamanVII, i like him because hes like the Wolverine of Megaman and ive always liked Wolverine, hes awesome ^^d
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Username-VoltrezOneMillion (I picked that cuz that was the first thing it poped in my mind a guess...)

My avatar was made to look like me, but I fail at paint... :(

Brand new name and avatar: Based on my random ExGFX submission.
...I don't know where my name came from.

As for my avatar, ...I was looking for pics of a man wearing a mask, similar to Wario in Wario Master of Disguise...

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
My username: is from a nickname given by 7Comic7Mischief7 for my horrendously hard ROMhacks I have given him to try.

My avatar: is from the SMW ranks system made by Dotsarecool. Don't ask me how I got it to be my avatar.
Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
I know why! It's because it's a 100th post picture!
Yeah, but I wanted to be invincible cape mario on a blue Yoshi. If anyone can do that for me, go right ahead.
Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.