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From where is your username/avatar?

My current name is Raibys, who is my original character. Do not, however, confuse this name with the word "Rabies." The name is pronounced "Rye-Biss".
Hey, I've been pronouncing it correctly! :D

Anyway, quoted from my Wiki page because I'm lazy:

Originally posted by SMWiki
"WhiteYoshiEgg" seems to be too long, so most people use the abbreviations "WYE", "Wye" or "wye". However, sometimes he is also called "White", "Yoshi" or "Egg". He came up with his username when he drew the beta version of his avatar in school. He thought of "YoshiEgg" as a username, but the fact that there was nobody on SMWC with this name confused him. He thought "YoshiEgg" would be a famous hacker (like FuSoYa), and having his username was forbidden. So he decided to register as "WhiteYoshiEgg".

Jirachi is a Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald he is also in the 6th Pokemon movie.

My avatar is of Jirachi in the second Pokemon Pinball game.
It's unkown where my username came from. A mystery. And yet so simple.
Heheh, my nickname is Jay, I like the color blue, and I also like birds. What do you get? BluJay (spelled wrong because the "e" is ugly)
I got my username from that one 'holiday' in Animal Crossing Wild World called La-Di-Day, but I removed the y. My avatar is a picture of Demi Lovato, my favorite singer.
Name: made it up ages ago, because I was hacking Gameshark codes like mad.
Avatar (or rather, the image to the left of this text, which I use in lieu of an avatar here): <3 Rena. \o/ Cropped from a scan of a picture in the Japanese .hack//Twilight manga. My wallpaper is made from the same image.
On sites without layouts, I use this as an avatar:

Same idea, but smaller. (Sometimes I use a larger crop if the site allows it.)
My projects - ROM hacks, Gameshark codes, homebrew, useful apps, online 65816 disassembler
SCAM: HomebreWare and Wiiunlocker
Generation over 9000: The first time you see this, put a meme in your signature.
Username: An enemy from the game Loonyland: Halloween Hill, with an R added.
Avatar: Obvious.
Username: My old nick was AlexTricolorHexa, because I like soccer, I'm Brazilian and my team soccer is São Paulo. Now the atual AlexTorres, Alex is my name and Torres is my last name.

Avatar: Is a BuddyPoke.
Layout by WhiteYoshiEgg. Very thanks!
Your layout has been removed. I never had a layout.
The title/avatar is only the cutest monster in Ragnarok Online.
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

hebesphenomegacorona is the 81st johnston solid.

it's a very long word.

mods change my name to toooopher?
gotta break it down
tyler- my name
64 - nintendo 64 *first system but 2 months later got a bargianed snes =p*
98 - windows 98 *first comp*
Hello why you even looking here?
Touhou 6 FTW, nuff said.
I was playing Worms one afternoon and I named my custom team Forty2. Soon, I realised that there was a 42 flag in the game. Also, I think Forty2 looks so much cooler than 42.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
Well my username is my old AIM screen name from when I was like 9. I had just started drumming at the time and took the name straight from the famous cymbal company "Zildjian." Ever since I've carried this name with me through various websites and forums.
My avatar is self-explanitory. It's a Ninji, my favorite mario enemy.
Originally posted by HyperHacker

HyperHacker, that's a sexy-ass avatar. I might use it sometime.
Anyways, mine's just a picture i found off of google. it's SEXY! :P
Username is just "cat" in Japanese.
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Actually my basic username is GB, and is General Boo, an original character. The avatar is from a forum game.
i just lurk sometimes
My current avatar was draw my buggzy, the above user. I thought it was just to lol and awesome to NOT have as an avatar.
My username came from my head.

My avatar came from your head. Mainly because I DON'T have an avatar yet.
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.