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From where is your username/avatar?

Username and avatar AND A NEW ONE: TAGLINE

All an idea I ascertained during the pre-rollback Advanced SMW Hacking party and playing on Kongregate.

You Can Never Go Back.
My actual username is "im a music" in Spanish.
i just lurk sometimes
Wow, I sure do louve explaining this! Seriousely!

Well, it all began when I first signed up on YouTube.
I was playing Metroid Prime at the time and I louved phazon.
So, I chose "Phazon" as my username, but it had been taken.
Then I chose "Phazon9" since my jersey number in soccer is 29.
Also, my favourite number is
Unfortunatly, I accidentally wrote "Phason9" instead of "Phazon9".
Since then, I've chosen "Phazon9" as my universal screen name.

However, a few months ago, I started playing Golden Sun.
I thought Saturos was extremely cool.
Also, I've always louved the Final Fantasy serie, and Sephy.
(I also think Chaotix from Sonik is awesome as well, but, meh.)
So now I have a mix of my three favourite plot devices.
Sephiroth + Saturos + Phazon = Sepharos

Now, as for my avitar, it really is simple.
Cloud is the main character and behind him is phazon.
My universal username is also on my avitar.
my username came from a thought in my mind and it means:
Super Powerful Ultimate

my avatar comes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Heh my username comes from the fact that when i was younger i used to be an ABSOLUTE MARIO FREAK!!!! ANd my favourate game was Yoshis Story. A few years later i got a ferret. I named her yoshi. Then valentines the year later we got another ferret and i named him bear becauses hes brown and acts like a bear. Combining the two names together i made... yoshibear^^ also my other username incase this one is somehow too risky to use (Not mentioning any names though) is Tsukasayoshi Which is my two absolute fave things combined .Hack (Anime) And Mario (Yoshi) ^^
Originally posted by Sepharos
However, a few months ago, I started playing Golden Sun.
I thought Saturos was extremely cool.

Heh me too ^^ I loved golden sun til someone stole it from me :/
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I think it's pretty OBVIOUS where my username came from. If you look through the hack removal log, you'll realize there are more Obvious level 105 edits than the number of SNN's name changes. And that's nearly an imaginary number, it's so big.
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*points to avatar*
I got borded and maded a dewdol.
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Current username: Some watchmen villain (watchmen madness)
Avatar: the villain.
i just lurk sometimes
where can i get Avatars or do i have to make them?
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