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Abra Cadabra!

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No one really says the truth in this thread.We are not blind.We're just having fun with the opportunity.

Luigi conterattacks by throwing a sprite in Mario's Yoshi ...

OH wow, wee gee is, well, weegee
LOL, double post

Wow...I tested Wee-gee.Why?
Ow weegee hurts..... The rom/ram maps are screwed with this.
I'm not really obsessing over this, I just noticed this! I just like seeing how every key word is replaced. I don't really care about what this stuff means.

Oh, and just for the heck of it: The moon was shining on the thread, while Mario and Luigi, trying to save Peach, rode Yoshi through the SMW hack using a custom block against a sprite with ASM while awesome music was playing.
LOL triple post

Dont forget about weegee mr! Why was wee-gee replaced with weegee anyway? SMW IS REAL
LOL quadteouple post


in other news, yoshi and mario are on vacation.

"Im sorry mario, but peach is in another castle."
Originally posted by Mr. Weegee
This is still going on? Seriously guys, stop obsessing over something that will be gone in a few days. The staff members are probably looking at these posts laughing their ass off. I'm not falling for it. >_>

Edit-WUT?! They changed Weegee into penis. I is insulted. ;_;

a few days is way too long
LOL quadteouple post

That word doesn't even exist. And that's your penta-whatever in the fuck post in this thread. You also completely butchered the word quadruple.

>:0============ I FIRE MY LAZORS AT YOU!
Happy Trails
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Requested a ban until June 19th. Bye.
Yoshi kills Jughead dige for stupid spamming >_>
<@Knightkip> Jughead is right
<Hach> what's why is there a list of what some words mean every half page?
<@Knightkip> well, right as in describing him

I lol'ed. He was trying to boost his e - weegee.

I wouldnt mind like 3 days of this.
Wow, the spam in this thread has increased a lot >_<
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Originally posted by 0322 Mendicant Bias
Wow, the spam in this threa[b/]d has increased a lot >_<</div></div>

And that wasnt spam...? Hipocrit.

Now for a story:

Mario and Luigi woke up one day when they heard there was trouble at peach 's castle. Mario hopped on Yoshi and left luigi home as usual. When mario and yoshi got there, there was no trouble. He was just too used to saving peach.

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You can't just call a user a name, you (should) know.Isn't there a rule about saying stuff about a user like that?
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
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