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If you could freeze time...
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What would you do if you could freeze time once? Assume you can cause other objects to start moving again and that electricity is infinite.

I know I would finish my current hack, finish a new one, and play some video games.


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Go to retail stores like Wal-Mart and steal everything.
Depends on how long I can freeze time, but I'd so go to Best Buy, hello heaven.
/Count Bleck freezes time

1. Steals everything from EB Games, and gets the best Laptops Dick Smith and Myer have.

2. Get money from the bank. About $10m will do fine :P

3. Destroy Michael Jackson

4. Find the whereabouts of SNN's home, rob his stuff, and ban some users for fun!

5. Workout and excerise so that five years later, Count Bleck becomes a hunk and everyone would be like "Ohh, Count Bleck!"

I got told to do the last one.
I've been preparing a list of these types of things for a LONG time!

1) Go to Every Mall within a 5-mile radius and Steal EVERYTHING there!

2) Go into people's homes and look for personal information (Social security numbers, bank PIN's, etc)

3) Raid Mc Donalds of all of their Double Quater Pounders (which would stay hot 'n fresh because of the time stop). Then, I'd replace said quarter pounders with shoes.

4) Streak through Time's Square (naked, of course).

5) Amass 250 Shuriken, 5 Katanas, 1 Samurai robe, 1 Anime Scarf, and then call myself, "Rurouni Yanamanka".

6) Write "haha, he said bonur" on the Declaration of Independence.

7) Drive a Motorcycle Through the Local Mall. 10 points if you run over a pedestrian, 25 if you use them as a ramp.

8) Gather up every computer at Best buy, and hoard the best ones in my home.

9) Gather up the best accesories for my Computers (agian, from Best Buy).

10) Go into my school's network, and change half of my class' grades to -F.

11) Take Azureblade49, ProtonJon, and Icrangirl out of said timestop and force them to make videos until I say so.

12) Shoot Elmo at point-blank range.

13) Learn ASM hacking by driving to Carol's home, and forcing them to teach me there.

14) Finish Grand Theft Mario in what little time I have left.

15) Research a cure for cancer, and tell nobody.

16) Solve World hunger (again, never tell a soul).

17) Find a way to grow claws from my knuckles.

18) Find an Echidna, and then make it my new pet.

19) Rob Fort Worth, and every other major retailer in the world.

20) Buy everything on Mars.


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I would immediately unfreeze time because I think that's way too musch power
Kill every human on the planet.

That would be all.
1. I would go to Bill Gates, and all of his money and computers would be vanished...
2. I would kill you, The riddle. ^_^
1. Shove a stick up the prime minsiters nose (LOL).
2. Eat lots of chicken at chicken treat.
3. Spit in everyones drink.
4. Rick Roll everyone (No one will know 8D).
5. Run around like a headless chicken yelling "WAFFLES!!!".
6. Eat some pie.
7. Get some games for the Wii and NDS and play them all in 24 hours.
8. Do something one of the previous people mentioned.
9. Sleep for 48 hours.
10. Try and do a falcon kick off a 10 metre building with a trampoline at the bottom.

I think thats a good list of things to do while time is frozen. 8D
2.Play soccer against very good player and win!
4.Going to a GYM and train for free!
5.Eat a Pizza for free 4.
9.Cheat in a exam
10.And much more!


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By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
1) Kill my enemies
2) Kill all Mario Fans/Luigi Haters
3) Unfreeze Azureblade49, ProtonJonSA, Icrangirl, and LoyalSol (from Youtube)
4) Change all my grades to A's and take my grades from my teachers so they wouldn't know. >=D
5) Rob Gamestop of every game I wanted to have.
Well... I could do millions of things, which were mostly mentionned above. But what I would do BEFORE I stop time would be to tell someone...

"are you feeling alright?"

"Um... No. Why?"

"You seem... dopey."

"Why do you think that?"

"Well, I don't know" An then I freeze time and I unfreeze it elsewhere, I might a well get an elephant and paint in pink and put t besides him.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
Just once?

I'll have to hod a convention or something to get all the pretty women into one place...

I mean, what?

I'd, erm, just play DOOM for awhile.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
1) Destroy Mario...
2) Go to my school and put a bucket of acid over Mr. O's head.
3) Go inside The Clocktower Courthouse in my town and laugh at the frozen gaurds who have tried to stop me before :P
Not much beyond that ^~^

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I would

-Work on my hack, and those TSRPR maps (I've had almost NO time lately)

-Sneak into the White House and see what it's like in there

-Get triple stars on every course in Mario Kart Wii

-Work on my SMW music hacking skills

-Visit Italy (I dunno, I've just always wanted to go there)

-Find a way to stop time as many times as I want
1. Study for my Mid-terms
2. Eat
3. Play video games for like, 12 hours straight
4. Sleep
5. Go on the computer. Make 4 posts, but since all of them will be at the same time so people will be like OMGWTFBBQ
6. Eat

Yea, that's about it.

Requested a ban until June 19th. Bye.
I would never unfreeze it.
I'd freeze it so I could work on my hack for all eternity! MWAHAHAHA!

And also, watch pr0n! Yep... work on my hack all right.
Get all available SNES/PS2/PSX/GC/GBA/GBC/GB/NES/Wii games. :D
Too dirty things to post them here....

and also finally move out!!:D


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