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General Screenshot & Video Thread
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Midna is right, your palettes are not the best. Apart from that, some other things weren't bad.

Fakeedit: Wait, he's inactive. He won't see it. Or maybe he will. Oh well.

Realedit: Bumpty bump.

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
SuperModifyRPG is a YouTube channel dedicated to making tutorials and helping others with their hacks. Along with that, there is a Playlist of Super Mario RPG hacks made by other users.

One example of a video is creating an event that requires the player to press a certain button to proceed. This video can be seen here.

Back then and even now, I'm still in need of ideas to create videos of. If anyone would like to help me generate ideas, that would be great.

In addition, there is a demonstration hack showing an idea of what can be done with Lazy Shell 3.10.0 Beta's Minecart Minigame editor. I figure one thread about the Youtube channel is enough.
Oh my... #ab{~:o}

Did you just inserted a new character into SMRPG ?!?!
Yep! She's not fully done yet and I ran into a really annoying issue (Which I think I can fix soon enough), but she's in essentially!

I've even modified Lazy Shell to support her data as well and altered SRAM to fix a couple things. Her basics are actually there. The only real thing left are her overworld sprites, setting up how exactly she'd level and then her items/skills. Most of that is relatively easy too so she's almost ready :)

Edit: All in-game dialogue and their pointers have been moved into the expanded ROM bank. All dialogue loads properly from what I can see, Lazy Shell can now edit them as well.

With that, there is A LOT more room for dialogue in the last bank along with a horde of extra pointers too in case they were needed. I may see if I can add more into Lazy Shell and the ROM itself to incorporate another bank of text just in case.

In this case though:
37:E000 - 37:FFFF is now blank
22:0000 - 22:FD18 is now blank
23:0000 - 23:F2D4 is now blank
24:0000 - 24:913E is now blank

I moved the compressed text bits as well.. I should PROBABLY update that in Lazy Shell. Some of this space will be used for throwing Daisy into her new area since the old bank swap code would not work due to an emulation bug in tracing a bit I needed. Otherwise, a ginormous section of data is unused for whatever is necessary!
Wait, wha...? I can't believe this, umm...


Oh. My. Gosh. That's amazing. You are a boss for doing that. Once this is done and fully-functional, I need this. :D

I don't even know what I'm actually doing anymore... will I ever finish a hack?
Edit: As far as I can see now, Daisy now works just fine in battle. All the basic animations seem to work and are pointed to her. The 'only' ones that aren't quite right yet are basically her attack and magic animations since they use their own scripts.

That'll be the next big project is finding room for new script animations for both magic and weapons.

As of right now though, there's only a couple bugs and they're a bit.. weird.

1. When Toad explains the main menu to you, it bugs hardcore and freezes the game.

2. When Toad heals you at the beginning of the game after he smacks you on accident, the text is weird but otherwise the rest is fine.

3. When talking with Toad, the savepoint will just.. kind of float off. This is the weirdest one yet. NO clue what causes this but it's actually pretty hilarious.

Those are the only ones found so far but I'm sure there's more. I want to get Daisy as setup as possible then do a run through of the game.
The weird thing though, I think they originally may have had 6 PC's planned early on but scrapped it quick. There seems to be extra pointer space for a 6th PC but it's using Mario's as a base. This has happened twice now in very odd locations so I'm wondering if it was an extremely early phase.

The first one was with the item equip list. They actually had six values listed instead of five which was a first hint but that may have been luck.

The second one was the battle animations. They specifically had 6 rows of data and the 6th one reused Mario again. I'm guessing they had SOMETHING planned at least way back when. Otherwise, I don't see a point in having an extra row. It's quite interesting.
I just got into trying editing music, and I found it rather fun even though I'm just a beginner. For now, I'm just trying out premade stuff made for SMW and plugging in samples. Here is what I made so far:

Kirby's Adventure - Rainbow Resort

And here is a sample video of some songs from SMW in SMRPG.

SMW Music in SMRPG
Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

I got no where to put this. :C
Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

Again, can't believe it.


Planning more with SMW. #w{=)}

Polaris is cool. I think. Can't confirm.
Profile Picture drawn by mast3r-rainb0w on DeviantArt. Go check them out!
Originally posted by Pikachu

Planning more with SMW. #w{=)}

Looking nice!

I revised "The Arena" soundtrack I used for the NintSPC tutorial. Check it out!
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Thank you!

the new "the arena" sounds good and sounds more like kirby-ish
Originally posted by Rashama Izouki
the new "the arena" sounds good and sounds more like kirby-ish

Thanks for the input. :D That's what I was trying to go for.
Here is the Flurry enemy from SMB2 that I sprited upon request from two users on

- Walk

- Attack

- Cast spell

- Recoil

Mock up (Not an area that will be in PPPP)
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Thank you!

I wish i could make sprites :c
Originally posted by TheSmashingFox
I wish i could make sprites :c

Just gotta practice a lot! It's hard, but once you start seeing patterns in the original sprites it starts to become a lot easier, trust me.

Here is a WIP Chargin' Chuck I'm working on.

Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

Looks kind of fat, imo

Polaris is cool. I think. Can't confirm.
Profile Picture drawn by mast3r-rainb0w on DeviantArt. Go check them out!
The theme from when you save one of the sage's daughters in Zelda: A Link to the Past. Now in SMRPG!

You can download the SPC and MLL file here.
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Thank you!

I'm training SMRPG Hacking...
What you guys think ?
It's just a simple part of the first city on this test hack.
I need fix somes glitches #smw{-_-;}
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