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-Fanfic- Meteor shower
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This is pretty much a "continue this" style of game in a more elaborate way.
Rules: A tells a story, B coninues...
1: A person who talks must be in front of the line.
Bowser: Huh. Why keep my place for an exemple? I'm worth more!
2: For a narration, it must be BOLD as well as on a new line.
3: For an action of any kind, like...
Bowser: Another exemple?! ~punches you in the face~
You must use those little waves things. Or more simply --
4: For thoughts, it's ()
Bowser: (I'm not giving them another exemple.) Wait a minute, thos freaks can read my mind?
5: Try not to be random. Weirdness is allowed tough.
6: In addition to rule 5, the characters in the story must be from the Mario universe or someone in this forum (And try not to kill them just because they are in this forum) OR purely fictious characters that are epic or something which you must have created. The 6th rule, I put it to make sure nothing as such as Naruto (honestly) gets in here. In theory, not adding a character from an universe else from Mario is not recommended.
7: Try to not ignore the last post or to make a post that is useless or a sidequest or something.
8: Since this thing can become long, and that most details WILL remain important, it is recommended you resume your post (if it's long) so newbes can understand the whole thing.

Now that you've read those LITTLE rules, let's start this then...

On Yoshi's island, there is a yoshi named Tama Yoshi (It's me, Yay!), this young green yoshi has peguasus shoes, which was gived to him early in his life. Those special boots allows him to run really fast! He even have a black cape, which makes him look quite arrogant in some ways. He also have a girlfriend, which is Blink, a pink yoshi with royal origins. But she doesn't really acts like a princess.

Tama: It's hot out here. ~look at blink and notice she is sunbathing~ I don't like it.

Blink: I happen to like it.

Tama: I SUSPECTED you did. On the other hand, *I* don't like it. It feels like it's slowing me down. I have always felt the wind on my skin, I ain't used to heat.

Blink: So what's your point.

Tama: It's getting hotter every day!

Blink: Isn't it marvelous?

Tama: Don't you listen to me?

Blink: Not really.

Tama: ...Do you want me to look pathetic?!

Blink: Maybe.



Tama: Hrm...

All of a sudden, a senile, weird, annoying and strangely useful professor came out of the jungle to reach the beach!

E.Gadd: HELLO!

Tama: ACK! Not HIM! ~points the ugly one with a maniac finger~

E.Gadd: I have yet created a new invention... And I fear for the worst!

Tama: ...for the worst? Why, this sounds really important! You should probably talk about it to Blink! ~starts walking away~

Blink: HEY! Are you trying to make me look pathe--

Tama: YES! ~runs away~

E.Gadd: Do you want to hear my news?

Blink: ~sigh~ Shoot.

E.Gadd: I have made a device which is ingeniously able to predict interesting events! Only, it doesn't tell when nor where it happens.
It could even happen in the past, but it's INGENIOUS! I called it, "Don'tcarecausemeonavacationmethinks" device!

Blink: ...


Blink: Right. There's like 1 chance out of a million it strikes us you idiot!

Then, all of a sudden, there was a loud crash in the background

That's what MY posts looks like. I've actully made quite a bunch of adventures like those before. Who's turn next? I don't need to resume since it's the first turn, by the way.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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It is an icy landscape, the generic world five. Koopas slide past across icy rivers, and smiling hills are crowned with snow. A snowman lobs snowballs at passing goombas.

Demonsul is sitting in a randomly placed deck chair, half buried in snow. As one of the few human inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, he feels he owns the place. He is garbed in a shadowy black cloak, but when he moves, there is a clink of metal. Beneath his right eye is a dark red tattooed line, and two identical lines adorn his left cheek.

Demonsul: ~stands, and looks around~ Wow. So much for this easter egg. ~begins to walk away~

Suddenly, there are a series of sonic booms from...somewhere

Demonsul: What the--? ~glances around wildly~ What's going on? ~grabs a passing koopa and lifts it up so their eyes are level~ Did you have anything to do with this?

Koopa: I-I-I-I don't - Eep! ~is dropped into the snow~

Demonsul: ~looks up~ Oh gods!

A trail of white fire is streaking across the sky. The blazing comet flies across gradually, chunks breaking off every few seconds. Demonsul shields his eyes from the bright glare.

Demonsul: ~taking a step backwards~ One... ~taking another step~ Two...Three! ~runs for the hills~

Suddenly, the comet hits the ground. Huge waves of sound ripple outward, knocking Demonsul flat. Next comes a huge fiery cloud, melting the snow before it and boiling the meltwater. A goomba disappears into the cloud with a sharp shriek. Diving into a pipe, Demonsul sees the cloud shoot overhead and down the pipe, chasing him to his next destination...


Demonsul comes shooting out of the pipe, plowing headfirst into some sand. Fire shoots out of the pipe after him. He skids for many meters, before coming to a stop, scorched and battered, further down the beach.

Demonsul: Ow.

As Demonsul regains his focus, a green yoshi wearing a black cape and strange boots comes into view. It is standing, staring at a very-distant fiery mushroom cloud. It appears not to have noticed Demonsul's arrival. [In case you don't realize, Tama, this is you] In the distance is a pink yoshi, and an old man.

Demonsul: ~calling to the green yoshi~ A little help?
Woah, I didn't expect an answer already. That's the kind of post that remains at a 0 post count forever... unluckily... Now, I shall continue...

Everyone was shook pretty baddly by the shockwave, they all ended on their buts, obviously enough. Tama had ran back to E.Gadd and Blink (to make sure Blink was alright)

Tama: Are you alright?!

Blink: Yeah... I'm just not going to sunbath, apparently...

E.Gadd: It's a meteor, I told you!

Blink: Why must IT BE a meteor? Maybe it was an earthquake!

Tama: ~hears a noise coming from a shadowy black cloaked man, laying on the Beach~ Hey, what's this?

They all walked to the man, to notice that he was slightly burn, and that the pipe behind him had slighly melted.

Blink: What happened?

E.Gadd: He got headfirst in the pipe and cut himself. I did those kind of mistakes when I was young. The good old time. I should invent a machine about childhood memories one day.

Demonsul: Just, help me to stand up.

Tama: Meh... ~grabs his hand and barely helps him stand up~ There you are!

Demonsul: Whatever. What the heck was that exactly?

Tama: Do I look like I know? YOU were there. YOU know.

Demonsul: It was a comet.

E.Gadd: ~sticks his finger at Blinks face~ I was Right! Yes, right! Now, I'm hungry. I'll go eat at my research center. ~he activates some sort of rocket and lifts off~

Tama: Did it look something special?

Demonsul: Well, I assumed a comet was already something special. And EXCUSE ME if I didn't have the time to look for small little details on that big sphere surrounded by fire and racing at me with some insane speed!

All of a sudden, an older green yoshi appeared to them, sitting peacefully on a rock. He had a wooden staff and a santa claus beard.
This was Yoster, a yoshi sage, whom was the most sage of the yoshis.
His wisdom and strange powers had him a little island named yo'ster's island, but we won't talk about it.

Yoster: ~jumps up of the rock and heads to the pipe through which Demonsul came.~ What would you say we see it for ourselves. ~strikes the burnt pipe~ It should be safe, now. ~looks at Demonsul~ Who is this man?

Demonsul: I am Demonsul and I don't know a thing about what just happened.

Yoster: Hmm... I do not trust you yet. You have to prove yourself, be aware of that.

Demonsul: I don't care.

Tama: Let's go already! I'm so excited! ~disappears in the pipe~

They shortly were all in front of the still boiling rock. A crowd was already looking at it in curiosity. Yoster decided to climb to the rock to examine it

Yoster: I sense something...
A comet falls near yoshi's island, is it only pure unluckiness, or is there something more about it? End of my turn.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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Tama Yoshi I have a question. How about Meanwhile, Later, earlier or in a dream could you underline it and the dream it will be slanted?


Yoshi86UP and Super Bowser Jr. are playing until that comet hit Yoshi's Island

Yoshi86UP: ~Surprised~ ahhhhhhhhhhhh! My home! Bowser Jr., did you saw that comet blast MY island? ~Carries Super Bowser Jr. so he can look at the crash~

Super Bowser Jr.: Nice..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

~Super Bowser Jr. falls~

Yoshi86UP: what...

Super Bowser Jr.: Parakarry (From Paper Mario) is in your island (They are friends with him).

Yoshi86UP: Yes and...

Super Bowser Jr.: We need to rescue him.

Yoshi86UP: Ok. to the jet WE GOOOOOOOO!!!


The island is badly damaged. Most of the Yoshis are dead. Tama Yoshi is badly injured. Parakarry hides in his shell with his mailbag.

~Tama Yoshi got up and woke up Parakarry~

Tama Yoshi: Hey you, are you okay?

~Tama Yoshi picks Parakarry up~

Parakarry: I'm fine. I'm Parakarry.

Tama Yoshi: Call me Tama Yoshi. Let's get out of here into that cave over there. I think there is a meteor shower coming. Oops. I forgot to meet my friend..... Oh no! D-D-D-Demonsul?

Demonsul has 1 HP left and needs a 1-UP Mushroom to stay alive. Tama Yoshi and Parakarry lifted Demonsul into the cave before the meteor shower hits

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
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SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
I can't help but see a little lack of continuity with last turn.
In my last turn, I thought obvious that none were so badly injured (especially Tama) also that the danger was gone(since the comet had already fallen...). In fact... a lot of people was just about to do a reunion around that meteor (the last lines...) now, I'm confused with that round... Since you said "meanwhile", you're saying there's ANOTHER comet? OK! YES! I solve mental puzzles myself. That makes more sense... I won't do my turn until in ~8hours tough.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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I will accept basic speech, but not puppeteering and godmodding to that degree!

Demonsul: ~sitting up~ What the hell was that?

Tama: Demonsul! ~turning to a nearby yoshi doctor~ I thought you said he needed a one-up to stay alive!

Demonsul: Note to self - Don't rely on Yoshi doctors.

Doctor: Hey!

Demonsul: Anyway, you still haven't answered my question. What the hell happened?

Tama: It looks like the island got hit! I was about to go into that melted pipe, but now I think that comet you saw was the first of many!

Demonsul: What!? This is a disaster! How many are hurt!

Doctor: Everyone is a little singed. I thought you were most hurt, but...

Demonsul: That must have been a small one then. The one I saw was horrific! That goomba was...incinerated!

Meanwhile...again. On the 'jet' (a turbo clown car)

Super Bowser Jr: Wow, the damage doesn't look so bad from here.

Yoshi86UP: That's because it's not. I think we overestimated the damage.

Suddenly the clown copter is hit by a small meteor. It begins to spiral downwards with the classic crashing plane noise.

Super Bowser Jr and Yoshi86UP: AAAAHH!!

The copter crashes through the roof of the cave all the Yoshis and Demonsul are in.

Demonsul: Holy shadow! ...What the hell?! Who are these guys?

Super Bowser Jr and Yoshi86UP climb out of the wreckage

Yohsi86UP: That's the last time I fly in a koopa airship...
When some noob attempts to redirect the story, I am always there to restore a continual storyline! End of my go.
Meh... Let's just IGNORE for a second that Yoster has reunited everyone and said "I feel something", since that didn't happen in the altered storyline yet.

In the little cave, everyone was going nuts because of this situation. They were mostly all scared to death. But the cave they were in, was in theory big in enough to protect them from the other meteors.

Blink: I'M GOING TO DIE! ~hides stupidly behind Tama~

Tama: Now, now! The sky is attacking us. We will not die because of that. Honestly! And anyway, I can probably escape from one of those meteors.

Super Bowser jr: Wait... Those? There are more? OH! I'm outta here! ~runs away~ (I must go see dad to tell the news. Let's just not get killed in the meantime!)

Yoshi86UP: Hey! Where are you going?!

Super Bowser jr: Don't ask questions, just follow me. I have to use you as a shield in case there's a meteor!

Yoshi86UP: ...I'll protect you at any cost!

And off theywee to Bowser's castle

Tama: This situation is horrible... How could it get worst?

E.Gadd: I don't know. Do you want to see my last invention?

Tama: NOOOOOOOOoooooo (desperate no from star wars kind of no)

Yoster: ~he hit the ground with his stick multiple times~ Excuse me!
You must regain control. We must all stay calm. This situaton is indeed mediocre and could be more appreciated. But this is this. There might be victims, but I am certain that this cave is the best shield we have in a wide radius--

There's a huge crash from outside, making everyone a little bit nervous

Yoster: And we will try our best to make sure none is injured.

Blue Yoshi: I think my son is stock at home, WHAT WILL I DO?!

Yoster: ...Allas... I can't think of a way to save him... safely.

Tama: No need to, I ran to him already! Except he might have lost countiouns from multiple shocks!

Blue Yoshi: Oh, there he is! Thank you!

Yoster: As of the situation... I don't know much of it either. But one thing has become obvious. It isn't natural. So many meteors all at once on this precise island doesn't make any sense. Someone for some reasons wants to destroy us, or something requiring to throw a meteor shower on this place.

Demonsul: What do you want us to do now? Wait? Is it really it?

Yoster: I, to protect this place from most harm, will have to at least attempt to stop it.

Indeed, wasn't Yoster really old and filled with wisdom, he actually mastered quite a lot what most calls Mind power. He also taught a little of this mastery to Tama, who happen to be his nefew. Be HE doesn't master it so well.

Blink: Wait, you're going to go outside?!

Tama: That's over kill!

Demonsul: He knows what he does, apparently.

Yoster: You don't have to worry about me. I already died before (indeed, but it's complicated), and another death cannot really change anything to me. Believe me, and stay calm.

Then, he slowly walked out of the cave. But after a few minutes, he was already back in.

Demonsul: We're safe now? You already stopped the shower? I reall can't hear anything outside! Is that a good new?

Yoster: ...You should come out.

In curiosity, everyone slowly walked ou of the cave. What they noticed horrified them. A comet bigger that the island was about to fall!

Yoster: This is what I wanted to show you...

Tama: WHAT?!


Red Yoshi: ~hits his head on the floor in desperation~

Demonsul: ~has his mouth wide open~ You can't stopthat can't you?

Yoster: I'm affraid not...

Demonsul: Then, I'm going the heck away!

E.Gadd: Most interesting... If I do say myself!

All froze and turned to E.Gadd

Tama: It's not the time for a crazy theory!

E.Gadd: ~looks at the comet and point it out with some sort of professional look~ This, is not a comet.

Blink: How come?!

E.Gadd: It's too round!

Tama: And what shape is it supposed to be?

E.Gadd: An atrological item usually dissolves when entering in the atmosphere of a core. Because of the heat. And since THIS is supposed to be ice... It should at least have lost it's roundness.

The round item was getting really close to the surface and the ground started to shake

Demonsul: ~walks a few steps towards the doctor with a look of impatience~ AND THE WAY YOU'RE GOING TO SAVE US IS?!

E.Gadd: I've no plans!

Demonsul: GREAT!

E.Gadd: But we're not in danger.

All: What?

All of a sudden, the giant object started slowing down and stopped moving. It blocked all of the sun on yoshi's island, but they were safe. End of turn!

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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My turn


While Yoshi86UP and Super Bowser Jr. went to Bowser's castle (The safest place), the sun was blocked by a giant object and they (Including the other people) can't see.

Yoshi86UP: Ahhhhh! I can't see

Super Bowser Jr.: ~thinks..... IDEA! Uses flame as light~

Yoshi86UP: Thanks. I am always scared of the dark. Now lets see, what did we forget? ~Thinks~

5 minutes later

Super Bowser Jr.: It's taking forever here and I'm hungry.

Yoshi86UP: ~IDEA~ We needed a ? block, Parakarry, and melons for dinner... or for lunch.

Super Bowser Jr.: ~Stops Breathing Fire~ Sorry Yosh [nickname], out of breath. Only Parakarry has a Flashlight. What should we do? and I'm getting really hungry.

Yoshi86UP and Super Bowser Jr. thinks for another 5 minutes.

Yoshi86UP: ~IDEA!!!~ Make an S.O.S. call!

Super Bowser Jr. Yah.... but where. We can't see in this dark.

Yoshi86UP: On top of me... ~Super Bowser Jr. is now on Yoshi86UP~ Now you do it.

Super Bowser Jr.: Ok. Doing My best shot! ~Use flame~

Flame: ... _ _ _ ...


All: Ahhh were...

E.gadd: Shhhh. Thinking of a plan

Tama Yoshi: What will happen if it will be dark forever?

Parakarry: we need a plan. and fast cause I'm hungry.

~Everyone thinks~

2 minutes and 30 seconds later

Parakarry: ~IDEA~ I forgot that I have a flashlight in my mailbag

All but Parakarry: WHY YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT?!?

Parakarry: Were just doing the fun part... I'll turn on the flashlight so everybody could... hey, whats that? ~points at the SOS flame signal~

E.gadd: Is that an SOS signal? I think Super Bowser Jr. and Yoshi86UP are REALLY helping

Tama Yoshi: If we find them with Parakarry's Flashlight, then we'll try and eat our dinner... or lunch.

Parakarry and the rest of the party uses the flashlight into Yoshi86UP and Super Bowser Jr. but darkness came out as sombody entered a room. But it is not Bowser, nor Shadow Mario. I'll give you a hint


Oops sorry about that
The hint actually is that it is from Kirby, has 4 letters and starts with M. End of my turn.

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
I can't think of much to do, I will have my turn later.
Meh, I have... By the way, thanks goodness you didn't give hints! This is improvisation! Giving an hint would simply force us to choose the character, whoever he is!

With Tama and co...

Tama: ~looks at the increasing darkness~ Wait... what's happening?! I'm outside and it's daylight but I almost can't see anything!

Blink: You can see me!

Tama: I know, I'm here... Blink! ~squease her arm~

Demonsul: Uh, that's me.

Yoster: That doesn't make sense... The comet barely blocks sunlight! We should still be seeing something!

Demonsul: The darkness, it comes from someone's aura.

E.Gadd: It's not me I swear!

Tama: I know that!

Eventually, the darkness became perfect.

???: There you are...

Tama: ...Who... OH NO!

There was a little scream and the darkness vanished, with Tama.

E.Gadd: Ah! That must've been the switch light! ~has his finger stuck in his nose~

Yoster: Nephew? HE'S GONE!

Blink: What?! ~notices she was hugging a rock~ OH NO! HE GOT YOSHINAPPED! WHO WILL PROTECT ME NOW?! ~looks around crying and spots Demonsul~ YOU WILL PROTECT ME!

Demonsul: Um...

Blink: You will protect me until Tama's back!

Demonsul: ...

Parakarry: THE S.O.S SIGNAL!

Blink: We don't care about the damn signal!

Yoster: Listen, Blink... I am as sad as you to loose Tama, and even sadder than you probably. But, We mustn't give up any other important points just because of that. We should make separate groups!

Commander Yoshi: May I offer help?

The commander yoshi was a very experienced commander which directed most military experiences, he was turning old. He even got his eyes dstroyed during a horrible event, except he managed to reover one somehow. Even with those disadvantages, he never really lost taste in adventure.

Blink: You're back?!

Commander: Well, when I saw those giant boulders falling from the sky and nearly taking my life... I told to myself "Hm, The world might need me". I offer to go check the S.O.S with Parakarry, while Blink Demonsul and Yoster go find out what the heck is that huge thing above my head. While E.Gadd does his inexplicable stuff in the meantime.

Yoster: I can't go to help you yet...

Blink: What?

Yoster: That voice... The one I heard before Tama disappeared. I know who it is!

Blink: You do? You're going to save him? I must join!

Yoster: This time, you'll have to count only on me. That being I am thinking of could be dangerous, and I only cn really expect to match him. Though, I don't know what he wants...

Blink: BUT I MUST--


Blink: ...

Pararry: We should go to the S.O.S.

Commander: Indeed, we will also visit Bowser. He might be of some help. If the world is nearing destruction, he always care a little bit enough to join our party. Any more questions?

Commander + Parakarry = To the S.O.S (bowser jr.)
Yoster = Go save Tama from someone
Demonsul + Blink = Go find about the big sphere
E.Gadd = ?
The other bunch of yoshis shall go back to the yoshi village...

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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Meanwhile again, but in space this time.

Giga: "Punching rocks towards earth is so fun!~ And as an added result, it could wipe out all life on the planet if big enough.~ Now let's see, where can I fi-" ~Giga thinks to himself for about three seconds.~ "The moon! Of course!"

Corona: ~on radio~ "What're you doing, hon? You're almost out of oxygen."

Giga: "Oxygen? You know we don't actually need to breathe, because of our origin, right?"

Corona: ~still on radio~ "...Right, forgot. Hehe." ^_^;

Giga: "It's alright. I'll come back soon. Just a few more, then we're off to the moon. You can even light it on fire first, if you want." =3

Corona: ~radio~ "I can?! Awesome! ...But wait, fire runs off oxygen, and-"

Giga: "Psh, physics are for squares. I'll teach you a way to make things defy logic." =D

~Corona giggles. Giga spaceswims towards another asteroid, and punches it full force at the Earth, then laughs and searches for another rock.~

Tildas (~) were used in conversation to display happiness. Emoticons were used to display facial expressions, and quotes were used to signify speech.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
[19:24:05] <~Impetus> i only got staff because i own # and BotServ on irc
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.

Parakarry and the commander are going to the S.O.S. signal until..... another meteorite shower fell down to them and Super Bowser Jr. and Yoshi86UP.

~As Parakarry and the commander are running up~

Parakarry: Ahhhh! another shower.

Commander: Don't worry. All we have to do.... is RUN!!!!!


1 minute later

Parakarry: Finally. The shower is done and look, there's Yoshi86UP and Super Bowser Jr!!!!!!!!! ~Runs to them and hugs them~

Commander: Ahh forget it. By the way, do you have any mail?

~Parakarry Gives mail to the Commander~

Commander: Ahh my mail. Lets see

Dear Commander Yoshi

I'm going to destroy the world MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Ummmmmmmmmm..... I'm going to do this by.............
taking over the world.... nah.... give you the moon....
Yes and were going to punish you with that.... ummmm
what should I do?..... I'll think about it..

To destroy you, Giga


End of my turn

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
There's just a LITTLE problem here. Right now, we"re ignoring the immense boulder right above the island. There cannot be a meteor shower, since that would mean that either the meteors fall through the huge rock (which is twice the island's size) or fall horizontally, which doesn't make sense. And all that doesn't explain why that huge rock is floating... Dang.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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~face palms~ Whatever. I'll find something.
5 minutes later... I'll find something. ALRIGHT!

It was noticed by many that there was some dirt attached to the huge comet which was still floating over the island. Some bits of dirt detached itself from the globe now and then, which wasn't a good thing, but it wasn't as bad as a meteor shower (it makes sense, doesn't it?)

Meanwhile, it happens that Giga had already moved to the moon. To ignorant people like me, he did seem pretty much like a giant god (honestly, what are you?). But as he was about to smash the heck of the moon in the earth for fun, he noticed something strange.

Giga: ~stairs puzzled at the round globe~ I don't remember the earth had 2 moons.

Corona: I don't either. If it did make sense I'd say it had a baby... But it doesn't make sense.

Giga: Heck, that doesn't bother me. What's better than 1 immense ball of fire? 2 of them! ~laughs bizzarely~

Corona: You really are going to smash the other moon thing?

Giga: Of course I will! ~raise his arm slowly and quickly stries it like a baseball ball~

Somehow, the shock which was taken by the huge sphere seemed to be sucked up, and immediately backfired on Giga. It made a deep noise.

Giga: Gah! ~is thrown a little farther in the universe (you must consider there is no slowdown!)~

Corona: Um... What was that just here? Wait for me! ~flies to Giga~

With Blink & Demonsul

There is a large noise coming from around the sphere, and some more dirt detaches itself from it.

Blink: Did you hear that?!

Demonsul: ~is covering his ears~ I think so. HEY LOOK OUT! ~points at some of this so-included dirt~

While Blink was standing there doing nothing, probably because she was confused there was no Tama to hug helplessly... Demonsul was trying to avoid the random boulders falling randomly around.


Saddly enough, Blink was doing nothing more than crying. She was doomed if she didn't move!

Demonsul: Darn it! ~dives on Blink and catches her, throwing both asside, a split second before a huge boulder came crashing right where they both were~ ...Next time, please, PLEASE do something!

Blink: You saved me...? ~looks at Demonsul in a strange way~

Demonsul: ...Don't look at me like that. We MUST reach the comet! I get it if we climb the mountain of yoshi's island and find a somewhat long ladder, we could reach it.

Blink: You saved me...

With commander yoshi and Bowser jr.

Commander: Where the heck did you get that letter?

Parakarry: I don't know! Mail seems to appear in my mail bag randomly just like in a bideo game!

Commander: ...Whatever.

Bowser jr.: We're all going to die for two reasons at the same time and I'm hungry. Why does nothing goes like I want?!
Yoshi86UP... (Now, that name is bad. I think we should change it one day)
Yoshi86UP: ~takes out a spear and points it at Commander Yoshi~ YOU KNOW HOW TO SAVE US RIGHT?!

Commander: WHAT?!


Commander: Are you corrupted or what?!

Yoshi86UP: I work for Prince Bowser! I am his servant!

Bowser jr.: You really don't hav to do all this... you know, servant... I'm just hungry!


Commander: ...Umm... ~grabs his lunch and give it to Bowser jr.~ I'm not hungry anyway.

Bowser jr. ~takes the lunch and eat it~ Thanks freak!

Commander: Now, about that letter, are you really certain it's not some kind of guy that's making a joke?

Parakarry: I doubt it. The only kind of bad mails I have ever sent are all the same. Enlarge your thing of 50%. Nothing else.

Commander: ~blinks a few times~ Meh. We have to find moreabout that letter.

Yoshi8UP: We ARE going to Bowser's castle. If we are ever going to be attacked in any ways, Bowser is the most equipped!

Commander: PUT THAT SPEAR DOWN DAMMIT! I was going to say the same thing!

And they walked in the direction of Bowser's castle!

Blink's life was saved by demonsul, her mind seems changed over that thought. They are still on their way to the summit.
Commander Yoshi and his less likely parters are headed to Bowser's castle.
Giga and Coronna are slowly advancnig in their goal of crushing the earth with the moon for fun. Finding out that the comet has some sort of defensive abilities.
Yoster is somewhere...
E.Gadd is doing his randomness.
End of my turn!

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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E.Gadd is trying to make a gadget (all the time) to his friends and identify why there was this cosmic comet came

E.Gadd: Ah looking at the sky is like teaching math.... ~IDEA!~ I know! I will call Count Bleck and Nastasia in the paper phone.

E.Gadd gets the paper phone (Which he made after Mario beated Dimentio and Count Bleck, Nastasia, and their minions made good and turned the void into a vanish cloud. TMI?) anyways,

~E.Gadd picks up the paper phone and dials the number to Count Blecks house~

E.Gadd: Hello ~Talking in Mario's Voice(the voice changer)~ This is Mario. May I speak to Nastasia for a moment?

Count Bleck: Okay... why you need her? She has the flu and will be recovered in 2 more weeks! I'm sorry Mario. What can I do for you?

E.Gadd(Mario): Hmmmmm. How about ~Thinks for 10 seconds~ a barrier around our earth?

Count Bleck: ok. You can see after you hang up so.....


Count Bleck: ~Sighs and makes the magic~

With the help of E.Gadd and Count Bleck, the earth is surrounded by a barrier, the earth is safe for... OVER 9000 minutes. Will Yoshi86UP and the gang ever get to Bowser's Castle? Will Giga ever come back to earth to strike back?

It's not the end.

End of my turn

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
Demonsul: Eureka!

Blink: You- what?

Demonsul: ~scratching head~ spur of the moment thing. Anyway, I know how to get up to the comet!

Blink: You do?

Demonsul: Back when I was wondering round on the ice plains, I found a secret bob-omb base. There was a massive cannon that could launch people long distances there!

Blink: A...c-cannon? ~looking very scared~

Demonsul: Come on!

Demonsul runs and climbs into the half-melted pipe. Blink seems torn, she doesn't want to go to the cannon, but...she follows Demonsul anyway.

On the ice plains,

Demonsul: ~emerging from the pipe~ Wow.

The ice plains are far from icy. They are an epic wasteland of blackened earth. Rivers of molten rock flow through random courses across the land. There are still many fragments of the first comet falling.

Blink: ~emerging from the pipe~ Wow.

Demonsul: That's just waht--oh, never mind. We need to find that cannon.

Blink: I don't know if it occurred to you, but it probably got broken...along with everything else here!

Demonsul: I know bob-omb construction, it survived, trust me.

Blink: Ok.

Demonsul: ~turning to stare at Blink~ What? No objections? ...Great! Let's get moving!

Demonsul takes a step forward, then stops.

Demonsul: Uhhh...which way was the cannon?

Blink: ~facepalm~

Demonsul: Damn, looks like we're going to have to search for it.

Blink: Or, we could go and get that professor guy to make a cannon-locator...or maybe just ask him for something to get us to the rock, and cut out the cannon completely!

Demonsul: I didn't think of--

A meteor crushes the pipe back to Yohsi's island

Demonsul: --that.

Blink: ~sighing~ Search it is, than.

Demonsul starts to walk off, scanning the horizon for any shapes. Blink follows, not really searching for anything.
It's moving again!

With Yoster... He was in a dark room, there was this light evil aura in the air. He knew exactly where he had to go, somehow. He was almost there, then, all of a sudden, blue orbs of fire started lighting around him (it's just an easter egg ok?!)

Yoster: I know you're here!

???: What... You already are here? Most astounding!

Yoster: Where's Tama?

???: He's not dead, don't worry.

Tama: ...Uncle?

Yoster: What do you want, now, Palace?!

Palace: If you are here, you probably already know. ~suddenly, more blue orbs of fire lightened and revealed a black cloaked man with his black-purple hair covering his right eye. His dress was filled with small golden writings~

Tama: What's happening...?

Palace: ~grabs the ignorant yoshi by the neck and makes him look in his direction~ Don't you remember me, apprentice?

Yoster: He doesn't remember!

Palace: What?

Yoster: I couldn't tolerate he had to remember someone like you!

Tama: Wait... what...?

Palace: You were raised by me! Tama! Then, this foolish old man took me off guard and ran away with you. I took vengeance on him, but he obviously came back!

Yoster: Palace was using you. He doesn't care about you, Tama! All what he cares is to control the power... Which is why he takes you now!

Palace: Wise indeed, I must admit. For an old yoshi like you. There is something immense out there that is attempting to destroy the world. I don't know of it's name, but I shall take control of it's mind. And only then will this I be unbeatable.

Tama: ...What's with me then...?

Palace: Even if my power is great, if everyone attacks me atthe same time, I'd be more likely to loose the fight. Then, YOU are going to go over there and do it for me, since everyone trusts you!

Tama: I'll never do that! ~smashes his hand and hook off~

Palace: You will do that!

Yoster: Tama... Run away! You don't know what he can do!

Tama: People like him deserves death, uncle!

Yoster: Don't do a thing!

Palace: I recommend the same.

Tama: I might underestimate your power, but you obviously underestimate mine! ~in a split second, Tama is already standing above the huge central statue which was an immense eye. He hit it with his foot and it tipped over on the dark man~

Palace: Urk... ~Cannot move~ Haha... This is indeed a good move. But you don't know me. ~Vanishes~

Yoster: I told you not to do a thing!


All of a sudden, Palace reappeared behin Tama, Tama had the reflex to break a claw from the same eye statue and point it at Palace before being caught off guard.

Palace: What do you think?

Palace did a breaf hand gesture and a blue orb of fire came rushing at Tama, exploding and knocking him down.

Tama: Ugh...

Palace: I have the power of teleport as well as objects control, it might seem little, but when you have as much experience as myself, you can be a remarkable foe to others.

Yoster: Don't hurt Tama, evil one! ~throws a spectral sphere at Palace~

Palace: ~does anoter brief hand gesture, moving a magic mirror around and using it to reflect the orb, immediately after impact, throws another black sphere at Yoster~ Fool!

The backfire of the orb threw Yoster on the ground and the black sphere thrown by Palace was apparently some sort of magic cage, which trapped Yoster in itself.

Palace: One down. The world is left. Tama... Stand up!

Tama: UNCLE!

Palace: If you are nice with me, I'll be nice with him!

Tama: What are you going to do?!

Palace: ~sighs~ Apparently, a hostage is never enough. ~searches in his pocket~ Where did I put it?! AH! Yes! ~retire his hand frmo his pocket and implents quickly a dark stone in Tama's chest~

Tama: ACK!

Palace: Very nice... In this stone is a bit of my soul... I can now tell you to do anything I want, is it alright?

Tama: ...Yes, Master.

Palace: Now, take this other dark stone. I want you to go on the top of the floating meteor and wait for a giant to come, then, throw it as hard as you can and make it penetrate it's heart! I will then have total control over him!

Tama: I will!

Palace: And don't act stupidly. Your friend don't know yet how you are corrupted. Act naturally.


Palace snapped his fingers and Tama vanishd in thin air.

Palace: To Yoshi's island, apprentice...

End of turn!

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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The wasted plains. Shards of corrugated iron stick out from the ground at irregular angles. The remains of a statue are in the centre, the whole thing has been blown to pieces.
Enter Demonsul and Blink.

Blink: We've been walking for ages...when are we going to find that cannon?

The ground shakes

Demonsul: Earthquake!

Blink: Eeep!

A large rectangular section of the ground folds inwards, and Blink slides down towards the black gap that has opened in the wasteland.

Blink: Aaah! ~finds a handhold, and hangs there~ Help!

Demonsul: Blink! Stay there! ~glances round~

There is the remains of a control panel sticking up, half-buried in ash. Demonsul runs towards it and hits a charred button with an upwards-facing arrow on it. The ground shakes some more.

Blink: What's happening! ~squeezes eyes shut~

Very gradually, a massive cannon rises out of the black hole. Blink is sitting on top.

Demonsul: ~laughs~ Blink, you found it!

Blink: I did? ~opens eyes~ I did! Oh, eep! It's so high!

Demonsul: Climb down into the cannon! I'll operate it from here!

As Blink descends into the cannon (why is she trusting Demonsul so much?) Demonsul tests the controls. The cannon aims at the floating meteor, causing Blink to yelp in fear as it shifts with her inside. Then Demonsul hits a big red button, and dashes into a door in the side of the cannon.

Damaged Speaker: 5...4...*kzzt*1. FIRE!

The cannon doesn't fire

Blink: ~voice muffled by cannon~ Did it work?

Demonsul: ~voice muffled by cannon~ I don't think--


Demonsul: AAAAAAAAAHH!!!

Blink: EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee...

Demonsul and Blink fly towards the meteor at high speed.


What will Demonsul and Blink find on the meteor? Will they reach Giga before Evil Tama? Will they stop the meteor shower before the barrier gives way? Find out next time!

End of my go.
Meanwhile... With Commander Yoshi

Bowser jr.: Are we there yet?

Commander: I'd rather ask...

Yoshi86UP's angriness managed to force Commander Yoshi in carrying Bowser jr. around, making him even more annoyed.

Yoshi86UP: Yes we are! ~points at the castle not so far away~

Commander: Thanks goodness! ~uncountiously lets the hook on Bowser jr. Off and starts stretching~ Finally!

Bowser jr.: Gwack! ~collapses~


Commander: ~grabs the spear by the shar hand and pokes Yoshi86UP with the other hand before throwing the spear away~ You don't have no control over ME! Remember that!

Yoshi86UP: ~collapses~

Bowser jr.: ~Stands up and starts yelling at it's servant~ That's all you can do?!

A few minutes later...

Commander: We're there... Ah...

Bowser jr.: Now what? The bridge is raised! I can't believe it! My dad forgot I was coming! We need to pass! But there's that lava river all around! ~cries with an intense voice~ DAAAAAAAAD!


Indeed.. Another piece of dirt detached itself from the huge comet. A huge rock fell rght in the lava river!

All: Wow! ~steps back from the spreading lava~

Commander: ~receives a splash of lava on the left arm~ ARGLH! MY ARM! ~shake it around and grabs his first aid box to make a banddage around it~ YOU annoying freaks and now THIS?! I'M DOOMED!

Parakarry: Hey, look! The rock has made us a bridge!

Bowser jr.: YAY!

They all enered the castle to meet Bowser!

Hammerbro: Boss! Thre was a loud crash in the main hall!

Bowser: What?! Mario is back?! I didn't even kidnap Peach already!

Hammerbro: We don't report seeing Mario yet.


Bowser jr.: Dad!

Bowser: Kid?!

Bowser jr.: I must tell you! There was those huge rocks falling from the sky and like a lot of people were hurt and I was like OMG it's so weird I mut tell my dad and then I was hungry and that moron there gave me his lunch and I think something wants to destroy our island because there was that letter and he told us he was going to give us the moon, I don't know what that means exactly but I think it's going to be just like in Majora's mask when the Moon falls on the kingdom.

Bowser: ...........Umm............Yeah.

Hammerbro: I think he mentionned the moon falling on our kingdom.


In space

Giga: ~is stabilising~ Now, what was that just there!? I didn't take such a blast in a while...

Coronna: ~runs to Giga~ What just happened there hon?

Giga: Something has hit me and I'm angry. No one does that to GIGA!

Around the huge comet which is apparently not one... Blink and Demonsul were racing to it at high speed!





They both crashed in the round sphere, making a big fat hole in it.

Blink: Ungh... I'm alive?

Demonsul: We are?

After a few minutes, both managed to stand up. They realised that the huge sphere was more of a space ship from the inside.

Blink: You were right... The cannon was the best idea! ~hugs Demonsul~ We made it!

Demonsul: -_-" Yeah...

C0mPU0Rz: VV4rn1n6! 1n7r|_|D3r!

Demonsul: An emergency?

Blink: Does that mean there are persons inside this ship?!

Before Blink had finished her sentence, there were yoshi in high technical dresses and laser guns running from all side.

Guard: You're in under arrest! Order of the Yoshi paradise king, Spiritual Angel!

There is something called the yoshi paradise. Where all yoshi goes when they die. The King of this heaven is Spiritual angel, a slightly evil angel which was punished to protect yoshis for the rest of his life because he had done awful things in the past. What is interesting here, is that there is a direct connection between heavens of yoshis and yoshi's island. This is why Blink as well as many of her friend knows Spiritual angel.

Blink: Spiritual angel?! I'm a friend!

Guard: I know, princess Blink. But the situation is too complicated to explain anything.

And they were thrown in jail.

Blink: I'M A FRIEND! F-R-I-E-N-D!

Guard: We'll explain later!

Demonsul: DAMMIT!

???: Blink?!

In the corner was laying a green yosh with strange boots

Blink: TAMA?! YOU'RE ALIVE! ~looks at him in astonishment~

Tama: Umm... No huging? ~looks at Demonsul suspiciously~

But we all know that this Tama in fact isn't really Tama Yoshi...

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
But of course, Demonsul and Blink do not know this!

Demonsul: Tama! ~pauses~ Why are you looking at me like that? ~shakes head~ Anyway, how in all the worlds did you get here? Last time I saw you you were being kidnapped by that Shadow!

Tama: Yeah, uhh. I was thrown in here when he kidnapped me?

Blink: Oh, how horrible!

Demonsul: Sure. Anyway, have you seen any way for us to get out of here? If this is how they treat their friends, I'd hate to wait and see how they're going to treat me...

Speak of the devil, some guards come in and start to drag Demonsul away

Demonsul: !?!

Blink: Demonsul!

Tama: What? Why are you taking him!

Big Guard: Only yoshis allowed in yoshi paradise.

Small Guard: Shut up! They told us not to talk to prisoners!

Demonsul is dragged away, and placed in an airlock. He is then jettisoned from the Yoshi's paradise...

Demonsul: That doesn't sound good...

...only to smack straight into E.Gadd's field of defense.

Demonsul: Ow.

Demonsul floats off. As he drifts, he comes to the attention of a nearby being...

Demonsul: ~is unconscious~

Ahem...he comes to the attention of a nearby being!...GIGA! THAT WAS MEANT TO BE YOUR CUE!

Giga: Wha--? Oh, yeah! ~flies towards Demonsul and grabs him~ You! Did you just hit me?! ~shakes Demonsul~ ANSWER ME!

Demonsul: ~is still unconscious~


What will Giga do with Demonsul? What will become of Blink? Who is this doppelganger of Tama? Find out next time!
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