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Find anything that might be from a beta SMRPG? Post it here!

(Figured I'd post this since I found something beta/left in from beta and I didn't find one about it)

As you can see, Bowser is in Level 5 from nowhere. If I remember, Bowser was never in this level, was he?(if he was, let me know, but I don't recall it)

Have you found something beta? Post it here.

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What the Christ?

No, Bowser was never outside Marrymore as an NPC. I don't know about Lazy Shell all that much, but if he were to appear anywhere, it'd be INSIDE Marrymore, in the hall with the Save Block, and the chapel.
But he's on the main screen, not in a building.
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Hence the 'What the Christ' moment. Now that I think about it, the only time Bowser ever showed up outside was... Booster's Tower. Any other time it's in a castle, or portal to another world, etc.

Maybe... it's a null NPC?
Dunno. I could try moving to the main part of the level and see what it does >_<
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Bowser did show up. When you attempt to leave with Peach and repeatedly say no, each of your party members show up.

Of course, I'm not sure if that counts as an NPC, being that I'm still getting used to the program. And it wouldn't explain why the other party members aren't there.
beta stuff that's pretty interesting to me:

I know, the links are all from the same site, just some stuff I wanted to point out that are abit more interesting. :P
A while back, I discovered many hidden unused sprite palettes that weren't applied to a single enemy. I recolored Tonberry2k's existing sheets, and gave them to him to use in the sheets, which can be found here. (I'm credited under the handle Mattress87 there)

Beta level palette sets I've found:
  • 11: Apply it to any of the Mushroom Kingdom Castle levels and compare to 0:56 of this video. This could also explain why the are two copies of the Mushroom kingdom castle battlefield in the data.
  • 1 or 16: One of these palette sets seems to match up with the beta Bowser's Keep tileset seen at 1:17 in the video.
  • 7: This matches the beta Nimbus castle tileset at 1:52 in the video and the first screenshot on this page.

WHOA! I just found a very early Tadpole Pond map!!
To see for yourself, make the following changes in the Maps part of the level editor:

GFX Set 1: 4E (Plains hills, trees)
GFX Set 2: 4F (Plains ground, rock)
GFX Set 3: 50 (Rotating Flowers)
GFX Set 4: 51 (Countryside)
GFX Set 5: 0 (NONE)

L1 Tileset: C
L2 Tileset: D

L1 Tilemap: 5A
L2 Tilemap: 5B

Palette Set: 17

And here's a screenshot for those who want it:
there are something beta in SMRPG
but why ?
...for the same reason there's beta in any game. They were planning something, and either decided against it, or did two things at once, and left them both in instead of deleting the other. Or removing it would do more harm than good.
Uh, isn't bowser used to break down the marrymore door? Since you can't create NPCs on-the-fly with events, bowser's there so he can be used in that sequence, he's not something from beta.
or they have forget to deleting that

( like this )
( a Action Replay Code for the Debug Room 7FF40501 )

Originally posted by Sukasa
Uh, isn't bowser used to break down the marrymore door?
Inside the chapel, not outside. When you're outside you have to come in through the back, remember? Where Torte yells at you for jumping on the cake?

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.

The full area is much bigger. His room is 1F5.

Might have originally been more "homely." Not entirely sure if it is a Beta thing.

I am the SMRPG Guy. ^_^
That's interesting Mecakoto, someone should make it where you can play that level to figure out it's secrets. :3
Nice find anyway. ;)
Originally posted by Mecakoto

The full area is much bigger. His room is 1F5.

Might have originally been more "homely." Not entirely sure if it is a Beta thing.

That's the normal Culex room, just so you know... Plus, that physical field stuff is from another area, the area that's composed of the tall room right before Magikoopa and the long room filled with Thwomps right after him. Really, check the physical field of 15F against that of 1C0- I guarantee you will notice the fact that they are the same. Perhaps they were originally going to have 15F be used for what is in 1C0? Or perhaps they coded the game to require a physical field data, so they just picked a random set and put it there? I don't know, but I'm sure it's not meant to be related to Culex at all. (In fact, that NPC over there is most likely the OW Culex. Maybe the event gives him different graphics? I don't know.)
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Originally posted by "Mechakoto"
Not entirely sure if it is a Beta thing.

Levels 1C0 and 1C1 both use that same physical map, so it isn't beta.

However, it is a strange coincidence that the Culex NPC is placed right behind that door...

EDIT: Beat to the punch...
Originally posted by Mattrizzle

Levels 1C0 and 1C1 both use that same physical map, so it isn't beta.

1C0 is the room where Mario falls after he's done with 4 or 5 rooms. 1C1 is the room with the thwomps and the golden bullet bills.

Didn't make this but I thought I would share it.
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