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Would you rather....

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The Would You rather game!

RULES: Someone says a would you rather. The next person answers it and so on. Also It'd be nice if you gave an explanation as to why you chose your choice. You ARE allowed to have multiple choices if you want to
And also:

example: my friend can take it off for me! I'll wear earmuffs!
NO! Thats not what this game is intended for!

Let-a us begin!

Would you rather loose your two front teeth permanently or loose your little toe?
The little toe. Who would even notice anyway?

Would you rather..... be banned permanently from SMWC or get straight F's on your report card?
Be banned from SMW Central permanently. (please don't ban me)

Would you rather eat year-old gum stuck on the bottom of your foot or have your favourite candy in the world evaporated permanently?

~Pirate Yoshi~
Favorite candy. (I don't even like it THAT much.)

Would you rather have a smelly glove on that you can NEVER take off, or have a green smelly blob on you face forever?
The smelly glove, because you never said that my FRIEND can't take it off for me (post broken!)

Would you rather PERMANENTLY move to the South Pole, or sleep inside an oven (turned off, but recently used) for a month?

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Originally posted by Pyro X
The little toe. Who would even notice anyway?
You would, since you would never be able to walk again until you cut off your other little toe. It can knock off the balance of your whole body.

I'd rather permanently move to the South Pole, and get good heating. =D

Would you rather say that my new thread copies this one or say that it's only similar?

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Only similar....a lot

Would you rather die young with a good life, or die old with a miserable life but you go down in history?
Die young with a good life. It's not like I'm going to be there in my fame.

Would you rather have your arms or legs removed?
Legs, because my arms are a hell of a lot more useful. I could get a wheelchair or something.

Would you rather skydive and find out your parachute doesn't work or scuba dive and find out your air tank is empty while you're already so deep in the ocean that you can't get out in time?
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Skydiving. I could possibly live...somehow...

Would you rather stick a sword down your throat or cut your weist with a saw?

(NOTE: I think this'll end up like the Hell game where it's considered postcount++, which is why I makes no more posts here)
Stick a sword down my throat

Would you rather say cheese for 5 hours or yell pudding in peoples faces?
Yell "Pudding!" in people's faces, but only they agree to it beforehand. :D

Would you rather get $500 or 50 000 cents?

~Pirate Yoshi~
$500, I'm not counting all those coins...

would you rather jump down a really deep hole or try to jump through the T.V.?
Jump down a real deep hole.

Would you rather freeze to death by standing in liquified nitrogen, or burn to death by standing in lava?
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Burn in lava, because it would be much quicker.

Would you rather have vanilla ice cream banned for enternity from the universe or all ice cream banned from humans for 100 years?

EDIT: Not to be mean Pirate Yoshi, but to make chocolate, you need vanilla so it wouldn't taste as good

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Vanilla, because there's still chocolate P:

Would you rather have YouTube banned forever or all other movie sites banned forever?

~Pirate Yoshi~
I only use Youtube (even if it's locked at school... Meh.)

Would you rater tell something awful you did to your mom or to your dad + 3 other persons of your family?
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My mom because my dad's... T_T

Would you rather become a smelly toad or a guitar with two strings missing?

~Pirate Yoshi~
The toad because the guitar would be thrown into a landfill.

Would you rather wake up with 1 billion dollars/euro/whatever currency you use or live poor but your decendants are wealthy for the next 1,000 years?

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The billion dollars. My decendents would inherit what I don't blow on useless crap that I gotta have.

Would you rather get hit with a snowball in the face, or slip on the ice?
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