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Favorite Mario Kart?
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There have been many Mario Karts throughout Nintendo's history. Which one's your favorite?

Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)
Mario Kart Double Dash (GameCube)
Mario Kart DS (DS)
Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

I personally like MK64. To me, the classics are better than the newer ones. MKWii is my second.

Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
I only had MK64 to play when I was little, but the only TV that my 64 worked with was my sisters, and she never let me use it :< I never really played MKDD and cared. I have MKDS, and its pretty good, I like ROB with ROBLGS, but I only really play in balloon battle nowadays.
Mario Kart 64 is the best. It has the best track design, the perfect item appearance ratio, and great physics that allow you to take amazing shortcuts.
I've got to go with SMK on this one. You just can't beat the original.
My favorite of the series was Mario Kart DS. All the different vehicles, a lot of really good tracks like Waluigi Pinball and Delfino Square, and the items seemed less annoying that Mario Kart Wii. Plus, I liked snaking. :)
I really like Mario Kart Wii. Sure, some of the items were unfair and the gameplay was a bit more luck-based, but the track designs were very innovative, such as Delfino Mall and Koopa Cape. I also think it had the best Rainbow Road in the series. I also liked the diverse character selection and the addition of bikes, though I don't use them that much.

Of course, I tried the newer ones before the older ones, so that may have influenced my opinion somewhat, but I tried MK64, and didn't like it that much. And MKDS actually became too easy for me, though the tracks were still good.
Does anyone have all of the Mario Karts?

Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
Originally posted by Panga
Does anyone have all of the Mario Karts?

*raises hand*

Though my Mario Kart DS hates me for some reason :(
I dunno.. MK64 or MKW.

Originally posted by Panga
Does anyone have all of the Mario Karts?

Yeah.. =)
I have to say MKDD was my favorite. The original gets boring after awhile, so does MK64, I haven't played the handheld Mario Karts, and Mario Kart Wii is SUUUUUUUUUPEROVERRATED.

I liked the ability to have two people on one kart, and there was more to unlock.
I like MKDS because you can snake very easy and the tracks are close to easy especially Figure 8 Circuit. I Also like MKWII Because you can snake also. And I like the music of Rainbow Road because I make the lyrics!

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
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I only own SMK, MKDS and MKWii.

I loved playing Super Mario Kart when I was young, but since I got accustomed to MKDS, I kinda dislike the physics on the SNES.

Mario Kart DS was the first MK I played regularly, though. And it's probably my most favourite MKDS, because we also often played in school and it was portable with the DS, so I could take it on every trip. :p

I got MKWii the weekend after the release (snatched the last copy of the game from the local shop!) and also played it a bit. I like the graphics and the 12-player system, but I really don't like how the game turned out to become more luck-based, as said already. I was an absolute pro in MKDS, but I kinda suck in MKWii (at least a bit).

So, I'd have to say MKDS is my favourite MK.

I played MK64 only once, several years ago, at some friend's. Back then I hadn't been a MK fan yet so I didn'T really want to play it.

Never played any other Mario Kart.
I prefer Mario Kart Wii

Why? Cuz the rest of the Mario Kart games are too easy to me, i rather look for a challenge.


Originally posted by VoltrezOneMillion
I prefer Mario Kart Wii

Why? Cuz the rest of the Mario Kart games are too easy to me, i rather look for a challenge.

Try saying that to the top 100 players in the world... (I'm ranked 95th for MK64 Frappe Snowland (Not overall))

Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
I have MK64 and MK Super Circuit, i've clocked the Wii and Gamecube version, and i've partially played the DS version. So far, MK64 beats them all. The classic stages are really fun, along with the items. I personally love playing battle mode - block fort - with my siblings and cousins.

Edit: Level 15
I played ALL

I've played them all. Mario Kart Wii has to be the best yet. Mario Kart DS was broken with all the snaking. I want a race, not a competition on who can press the left and right buttons the fastest. =/

All they need to do is add Solo Battles and Team Races online and they're golden. =D excuse me while I got pummel some people in battle mode.
I'd say MKW, that was very fun when I first played it and still is.

Mario Kart Double

Originally posted by chris10125
Mario Kart Double

Oh finally. Anyone who says Mario Kart Wii is good need to go to an asylum.
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