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SCORPION's artwork of himself and various aliens

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You think that computer and pixel drawing through paint is good. The good stuff comes from Hand Drawn art... from the real world, using the classic pencil. Check out these drawings. My specialty seems to be creatures. Look in awe at my fantastic pieces of art!

My custom charecter (and enemy of the game "Mario: The Fourth Sector" SCORPION, along with a smaller, more compact form: Scorp

A random picture I drew, it is about a boy named Odd getting chased by 2 wolves and a rotweiler. Along with an angry farmer (Mr. Mcalloway) and his army of scarecrows.

Info about some of the aliens I've drawn, you'll find them very related to SCORPION

More info from the last pic.

Please, leave comments. I look forward to your reviews. It isn't Mario related, but then again, who cares.
Wow, that's awesome! You sure are good at this. I really didn't read the text that much, but I still like it.
Very nice, man!

Could use some colors in my opinion.
These imagens contains WIN.
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

Mmm...still good art! :)
Hey, you don't have to rub it in people's faces like mine that your art is much greater! So, you just have to show your awesome drawings and pretty much say "i can draw betr thn you lol". </sarcasm>

In seriousness, these pictures are good, the sarcasm is about the rudeness seen. I really think you have a gift for really good drawing. How long did it take to draw all this?
If you happen to know anything about me and my fictional universe "Zoincailla", then you know that I really have a thing for original creations. Very nice work. It's looking pretty awesome so far. All I can say is something that someone once told me long ago when I was first starting out art:

Hold on to your ideas. You never know what they can grow into later on.

Keep doing what you're doing right now. You'll be surprised how much creations can grow and change as time progresses.
I can draw better but... I still think those drawings are good. In my class, I'm pretty much the guy that gets asked to draw every drawing ;)

Rating of your drawings: 8/10 =]

Originally posted by VoltrezOneMillion
I can draw better but...

I'm sorry, but this really, really irks me. It's just plain arrogant and unfair to say that you draw "better" than them. Not only that, but regardless of whether others think you are better or not, there is no definite thing that makes an artist superior to another. It all depends on what the intention of the artist was in the first place. For example, look at cubists' works. They are very stylized, and often not very detailed at all. But that doesn't mean that more relistic pictures are "better" or "worse" than those pictures, they're just different. Heck, I draw stuff in a very cartoony style. It's not as detailed as realistic pictures, but that doesn't mean it NEEDS to be for people to like it. Art is art. Different artists have different ways of doing things, and no one is "better" than anyone else. Sure, maybe someone can be especially skilled at one aspect of art or another, but in the end, no work of art is beter than any other work. They are what they are. Styles and tastes are what affects people's opinions on which works they are more partial to.
Originally posted by Raibys
Originally posted by VoltrezOneMillion
I can draw better but...

[Removed to prevent epic-sized quote. Scroll up approximately five centimetres to read it.]

QFT. There is no need to go round saying you can draw better than someone else's work. It's just...rude.
That is some great stuff. I've drawn "cool robot"-esque things with full-blown descriptions like this before. Those pieces of artwork look like sketches that will eventually turn into something very grand. Since SCORPION is an enemy in your hack, it's also interesting to think about Mario's encounter of all these things. I love whenever Mario or another standard game character encounters something completely new and original.
You got a point Reading, that is why I made Hunter too. About the work bro, I know I say it is great (and can be funny) in real life, but I never get a chance to post it, GREAT JOB BRO!

(i might have to post my Comic Series here, it is so far in the sixth Episode, it has Hunter, SCORPION, and some other characters like Winston. THe only bad thing is Hunter and SCORPION are the semi heroes of the adventure, but that is okay. If you want me to, I can.)
Your layout has been removed.
@Cyborg, Raybys, Million: Great for being off-topic for half of your post or even more. Million at least contained some conten in his post. All you (Raibys and Cyborg) did was say he was being rude. Who cares if ya posted before with content, you could have just sent him a PM.

ON TOPIC : I don't really like the pictures. I don't have anything against you, don't worry. It's just not... the style I like. They are good for the kind of style, hell, they are good pictures. I just hate the style.
(People ave opinions)

Using HTML to break the page and disable replying in the thread, especially a thread that isn't yours, is a pet peeve of mine and really pisses me off. Enjoy your Ban. -Raibys

Just back here to browse a bit.
I don't really see where you're coming from. Forums are for conversation. Conversations can change shape as they go along. No one got too far off topic or anything. It's not completely unreasonable to reply to something someone else said in relation to the topic at hand.

Also, what in the world did you think you would accomplish by making people unable to press reply? Did you think that would make people more inclined to listen to you or something? You are now tempbanned.

Aagh, my bad. In this case it wasn't intentional; just a mistake with tags that caused some misunderstanding. Sorry about that.

Well, I think it is okay to go off topic and to post even open opinions, I mean, what would the world be if everyone HAD to agree with somebody. But Raiby's is right, no one HAS to listen to you, let them post thier own ideas about the art, even bad comments, thats okay, just dont go saying "I CAN DRAW BETTER THAN THAT!" All art is the same.
Your layout has been removed.
Sorry, I didn't mean any offense to anybody b/c of the title... it was just attract people here. I thank everybody for the comments they left about my work. All types of opinions are accepted in my threads... as long as it is about my work (that also means you metalgearhunter). Anyway... it is OK to get off topic, as long as it would get back to my topic a little later. And with that, I bring updates. These were drawn a little back... 2 more about SCORPION and just something I drew for fun, but it is my favorite.

I got bored and adapted one of the images here into Flash. Simply because it was the nearest plain pencil drawing that I thought a challenge.

This is my first adaptation as well.

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s opinion would be appreciated.
WOW, that is good. You missed the Diamond head a little, but that is pure Awesomeness... You should post it. You got the hexagons and Bio-hazards too. That is epic win. *Gives Applause* I am putting this in my Bio.
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
WOW, that is good. You missed the Diamond head a little, but that is pure Awesomeness... You should post it. You got the hexagons and Bio-hazards too. That is epic win. *Gives Applause* I am putting this in my Bio.

Already posted? I deliberately de-polygon'd the head, to give a smoother more rounded appearance. I almost gave it shine, but then I remembered I suck at shine.

I also linked to it in my Art thread, and put it in my bio gallery.

I'm not going to make a new thread to show these off. I took a little turn around and decided to hone my Anime Skills. Those that have watched Chibi Vampire might recognize this charecter, Karin. As you can see, I drew Mutank in 2 of them, don't worry, there will be 1 with me in it.(SCORPION, for those who forgot) The pictures are big, but that is so that you could get all the details.

My first drawing, it was a sketch, below.

My Second attept, no sketch or base. This is Karin biting somebody.

And my third attempt, featuring Mutank. It isn't finished though.

Please leave comments, thank you.
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