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If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
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1) I would wish for fame. Once famous, I'll be rich.

2) I would wish for a house I want. Who wouldn't want to live in a home you own?

3) I would wish if life had savestates. (See life had savestates forum)

*And no you cannot wish for more wishes...

Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
1) A Million Bucks
2) A Sabres Stanley Cup Title
3) A Bills Super Bowl Title
1. Shapeshifting

Essentially, this would allow me to turn into anything. Human, animal, a rock. I would be able to retain human speech, but also be able to use the speech or sound the human or animal normally makes. Plus, I could turn into a slight alteration of any form. (myself with brown eyes instead of blue for example)

2. Teleportation

The ability to travel anywhere on the Earth, even outside it, in the blink of an eye. Of course, all of my clothing would travel with me, along with any belongings I was holding. Additionally, anyone who touches me when I teleport also gets transported.

3. Time Travel

This would allow me to travel to any point in the past or future. However, when traveling into the past, I have the option to go as a "ghost" that does not affect the environment in any way. Thus, I can see the dinosaurs without stepping on the ground and perhaps affect later events. (butterfly effect)
1. To be a extremely skilled YI and SMRPG hacker

<blink>*GASP* (Where's SMW world?!)</blink>
No. I probably will NEVER hack SMW. It has become too advanced and i never want to be a n00b, compared to most SMW hackers that almost create entirely different games. As i already hack YI with quite some skill, SMRPG is new and fresh and the game appeals to me quite alot.

2. Happineess

To shed some light on dull situations in my lifetime until i die. What's the point of living something this short, and not enjoying it to it's full extent?

3. Become a moderator or respected hacker on SMWC

"You'll never become a moderator!"
That's probably true, because i am only about 3/4 months new here and people haven't seen the full extent of my hacking skills, which is why i also want to have respect, incase it doesn't go my way ;)
1. For people to not let their ideals separate them
I could rant on and on about this forever and bore you, but in simple, the worst things come from people disagreeing on what they consider a key issue, and getting all angry about it and hating each other. That prevents them from seeing what they have in common, thus allowing them to become friends rather than enemies.

2. The RAM Map of life

3. An IRL debugger (to use in conjunction with the above)
So I can hax my way to being whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, and you to be whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want! Infinite lives if you wish, make poor nations rich, erase illnesses, endow us with the motivation to complete our projects, have anything you want! ...and I'll edit out boredom from existence. >:E

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
1. Never die or take any damage what so ever.

2.Supertails wishes.

3. infinite money for everyone. (lol)

- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
1. Shapeshifting
Mostly because I've always wondered how life would be like as something else.

2. Altered Reality
Come on, if I could alter reality however I wanted, I could make the best world ever, a world where the ground is cake.

3. Bringing anything to life
I could make amazing creatures with this ability. Using this, I could make.. Well, anything I want. I could bring my best ideas to life!

1. For the success of obscure game/system archival. Especially the Satellaview, 64DD, and uh... the Sega Pico and Casio Loopy. The piracy game scene also needs some nice archival IMHO. And Arcade hardware, ayeee.

2. For other people to see value in what I do - not for personal fame, but for the sake of the work itself. If there's a chance I can't finish it, will someone else take up my slack? Will I be the master of something no one else cares for, or will I someday be able to be surpassed like a master teaching his students? I worry about this often.

3. To be able to support the people that may need me. I don't want to be a leech or an abuser. I want to believe people are better off when I'm helping them...

1. I would love to have alot of money, so I can have whatever I want and I would make all my friends happy.

2. I would also like alot to have super-power like flying, climbing on walls, etc...

3. The third one is the one I want the most, but I'm keeping that a secret. Sorry.


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1. Enough money, but not millions of euros. The amount of money should be enough to buy a product when I need it (fridge, car, computer, etc.) and to live decent, but it shouldn't be too much - I don't want to see myself sitting inside a villa, having three Porsches or eating from silver plates.

2. Being certain that not heaven nor hell exists (when I die, I really don't want to have another life. I hope it simply ends with death.)

3. Be valuable to others so that they can live on further with things they otherwise might not have lived with.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
1. The Triforce

2. A genie lamp

3. A duplicating machine.
1) No one could ever lie.

2) Powers of time manipulation.

3) Determination in whatever I do.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
1. What Supertails wished for.

2. Perfect port of Necrofantasia for SMW.

3. Supertails turns on his highlight.
1.To do what I want. (I.E. Kick my sister out of the house >8))

2 To get what I want. (*coughcoughdoublebassdrumsetcoughcough**

3.To never have to go to school or get home schooled and have a perfect college education where I was skilled in just about everything (I.E. Brain surgeon, Medical Doctor, etc.)
Shape shifting
This is one worthy wish I could ask for. I wonder what would life what would be like as a animal or un objet.


Everything I touch turns into gold
I demand this wish.

Like Supertails said.
Dream control - Being able to vividly control dreams, that way I could go to sleep and think about being able to fly and it would happen in the dream - technically I would have infinite wishes when I sleep... Also being able to control other peoples dreams so I could give nice dreams to my friends, and nightmares to my enemies.

Shapeshifting - Being able to shapeshift into anything other living; or none living thing, and being able possess it's abilities (such as flying to underwater breathing), whilst still retaining my own mind. While in shapeshift form I can speak my own language and be able to speak in the language of what I shapeshifted into.

Being able to survive in space - It would be nice to float around in space in my natural form, without having to worry about oxygen, bone defects or... well your head exploding. The 0 gravity would be fun and the sights would be amazing, along with the complete silence. It would be a nice place to go after a hectic week.
1. proof that the girl i like, likes me

2. Have the power to do anything

2 states everything.
A couple of cokes and some chips.
1. No more school.

2. 1 Billion Dollars.

3. Every Super Power I choose.
Originally posted by Raven Jayfeather
1. Infinite Wishes

2. Have the power to do anything

2 states everything.

You cannot wish for more wishes. Read first post.

Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
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