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Overworld Design 2009: Submissions

Link Thread Closed


Great! Here it is!

Is this how I do it? Or is there another way I am supposed to do it.
Yes, that's exactly how you do it - thank you. Do realize though, that I won't be downloading these until the contest is over, so make 100% sure the link is still working on the deadline.

(though, if it's in the file bin, there's no reason why it wouldn't work, so you're fine.)
Here's mine!
fuck yeah meowingtons
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oooohhh....i just need to get the Ow spritetool to work... can annybody help me with it? (the dokument doesnt help me for some reasons...).
Actually, I made a few changes and so now I am going to repost my competitor.
I was going to use custom stuff but evrytime I aply the patch to a rom(a un changed one) evrything gets scrambled


maby my rom is not as unchanged as I thought it was... I will have to find a new smw rom...
(We can comment on the a OW entry, right?)

Jimmy, fantastic job. The way you use sprites to make the OW a level is just amazing, and the OW itself isn't fantastic, but good. My money is on you.
Nearly finished

Just uploaded my Submission!

Please, PLEASE tell me if there are problems with the IPS. I created it with an IPS patcher called UIPS (For Mac OS X) I dont know how LIPS will agree with it, but it should work fine. I tested the patch and it works alright for me. Good checksum and everything. woo.
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Due to my absence, and also due to the fact that I am still 'recovering' from this trip, I'll be extending the deadline for this contest by a week. This should also allow for more submissions.

Thank you.
Pants soiled by hard work for nothing!
In all seriousness, I didn't know if I could do all of the finishing touches in 4 days. Thanks, I guess.
Sapphire Shores

Here's my submission, SNN.
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Here. My new OW.

After looking back at my other one, I really don't like it anymore. It could have done way better in the time I had to finish it.
So here is a new one. I spent most of the free time I had into this, and did the best I could. It has 4 worlds with Alternate OW graphics.

I did an other Overworld.
Here it is:
Wow guys, I'm really loving these Overworlds so far. Keep up the good work, everybody! :)
Oh, and thanks for the comments, Maxx. I appreciate it. ^^
I've updated the list with the most recent entries (up to Dinomar). Remember, the deadline is now March 11th, so you have an extra week to work on your OW.
oh snap, these overworlds are turning out incredible.
New Link, since the old one got deleted.



Link Thread Closed