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Super Mario Place - Released! [Vids included]

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Um, yeah...

(Twilight Highlands, by the way)
I'm stuck here - there doesn't seem to be enough room to get enough speed to jump up here. So unless I'm missing something...
Also, there's an area before that part with the 3 green blocks all in the same area. On some occasions, only one of them even bothered to show up.
Could you please fix/make this a little easier?


This hack is one of my favorites.
Sorry Pheonix I can't help you I'm not still here in the hack.
~~I'm not english and I'm not very good in english~~

I still see a problem:
When you press the p-switch, the white blocks don't change. Use a POW animation for that. (Use ExAnimation)
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Ugh, and have to add that animation to every level and bonus room in the game? Unless I'm mistaken, those ExAnimations can't be universally applied x_x
Just use the copy all tiles thing from a level and paste them in all the others. Or only the ones that have the white blocks.
Just a small note, for those interested:

I've released the easier version, Super Mario Place LV. This one is mostly intended for newcomers to Mario, or people simply of ordinary, non-hacker skill level.

Super Mario Place LV
(I'm not bothering to upload it to this site because I've already got my one hack up.)

Things worth noting about SMPLV:
* Koopa head tile glitch fixed
* Rainbow Warp 2 warp link fixed
* Yellow turn block animations fixed
* Fireballs removed from the Pasta Factory
* Other minor inconsistencies sorted out
* You probably won't die in Twilight Highlands unless you really, really suck.

And with that, I think I'm finished with Mario Place for a long time now.
I'm a little miffed at the poor rating it's getting... I feel this game is worth far more than 5.8. I mean, given the length, unique custom-made layout and graphical design for each level, and just all the effort put into it altogether... but, everyone has a right to their opinion, so... oh well...

Anyway, thanks to those who gave Mario Place a spin, and overall, I hope you had fun with it. I don't care how you rate it - as long as you enjoyed playing it, it's a success to me.
If I were you, I wouldn't really worry much about the rating. A lot of people down vote a hack for no apparent reason, so it's not right to gauge a hack just for that.

That being said, I have yet to personally play your hack. Due to lack of time, as well as the level contest. But I will definitely give it a go when the chance presents itself, as the hack looks amazing from what I have seen so far.
Pretty cool hack! Just...Grapevine Jungle 4 has a bunch of Red Switch Block outlines in it that seem to be required for the secret exit. However, when I activated the Red Switch Palace and came back they were still outlines. So I used Recover Lunar Magic and checked and found that those outlines were actually strangely colored GREEN switch block outlines. However, the only way to get to the Green Switch Palace is to get the secret exit of Grapevine Jungle 4!

Am I missing something here?
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(in other words: you have just bumped a thread that was in rest for a month and 5 days. Since we do not tolerate people from posting in threads which weren't updated for A MONTH or so, I'm afraid I will have to close this.)

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