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Stupidest vacation

What was your stupidest vacation EVER?
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^Greenwich Meantime
I think I never had stupid vacation on my live
We went to Italy. But in Austria, our car striked. So we had to rest 3 days in Austria and we could only spend 4 days in Italy. Blarrrg.
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I was 6 years old and we were going to Miami,FL.

Until we realized we made it to a small town in Kansas, we were lost.

It appears my father picked the wrong exit on the Interstate!

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I dunno about stupid vacations, but stupid things that happened on vacation: we left a portable fridge running in the car while we stayed in a hotel for the weekend. Killed the battery overnight. I mean completely killed it, as if it were disconnected; not even a dim light or a click when you turned the key.

So we called this number for CAA or AMA (Alberta, not America) or something, can't remember which exactly, and they said they'd be there in 45 minutes. 2 hours later, we called again and they said they couldn't find us. We'd told them exactly where we were, and they said they'd try again. So another 2 hours later, we called back and they said there was no such place. WTF!?

There were a lot of cabs around this place, and we realized about then that some cab companies will give you a boost, so we flagged one down. They had some sort of small hybrid electric car, and we had a '76 Lincoln, which is fucking big. Trying to give us a boost killed their battery, with the engine running, without even getting our engine started. Ha!

So they had to call in a van, with a diesel engine, to come out and give us both a boost. That finally got it started. Oi.

On a later vacation, I had the window open, and it started raining... and the window jammed. -_-
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