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Best Free Flash Animator?

I need to know because I'm trying to work on an animation for a project but I don't have enough money for flash MX ect.
Thanks in advance :)

Yes! Using pirated software is very i... umm... -responsible? -llegal? -ngenious?
There is no such thing as a "free flash animator."

Like what Kieran said, crack it, or use Torrents.
*sigh* a crack was what I didn't want to have to use :( Is there a high chance that I would get liked fined $600or something?
And, could you </b>ACTUALLY</b> get arrested for it?
yes. It happened to someone I know.
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Originally posted by Kieran

Yes! Using pirated software is very i... umm... -responsible? -llegal? -ngenious?

uhhhh... kieran, i-responsible? you mean ir-responsable?