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Pokemon Turquoise Version
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This is a voting/RPG game, in which you (and by "you" I mean the SMW Centralites) get to control the newest Pokemon Trainser to come to the Garsona Region. If you've played a Pokemon game before, you should know that the storyline usually follows along the lines of "____ is going to become a new Pokemon Trainer. Hooray.", and then everyone gets badges and stuff.

When the game starts, you vote on where to go and what to do, etc., while at the same time doing common RPG stuff like catching and fighting Pokemon and Trainers. Don't worry, though. The game won't last as long as a Pokemon game usually lasts. The battles will overall be shoter than those found in other RPG threads, like the battle with Hydrus from the Dragonland RPG.


While battling, the first poster to post a command will have it executed, rather than having everyone participating vote. When an attack hits (they all hit without fail in this game), the opposing Pokemon will take damage, and the CPU (me) makes a move for the Pokemon and play resumes until the Pokemon is defeated or captured. Please note that the same person can't execute a command two time in a row.

After dealing a certain ammount of damage, the opponents health will go down, and maybe enter into a different Zone. There are three Zones, the Green Zone (more than half of HP remains), a Yellow Zone (less than half) and a Red Zone (about one fifth left).

Example 1.: Pokemon Battle

Wild Wingull Lv 3 (HP 15 MAX: 15) appeared.
Mudkip Lv 8 (HP: 32 MAX: 32)uses Tackle.
Wingull takes 12 damage. (HP: 3 MAX: 15)*health enters Red Zone*
Wingull uses Growl.
Mudkip's attack falls.
You use PokeBall.
Wingull was caught.

Note: If a Pokemon uses an indirect attack, like Growl (which halves Attack), the HP of a Pokemon will not be displayed after the move has hit, because there has been no change to the health.


Most of these will not be shown in battle, but they still apply to battle. There are types of Stats, Level (LVL), Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Special Attack (SP. ATK), Special Defense (SP. DEF) and Health Points (HP) [Speed was taken out because it's pretty unnecessary here].

Example 2.: Stats After a Level-Up

Mudkip gains 13 EXP. Points.
Mudkip Levels Up!


LVL: 7-8
ATK: 14-16
DEF: 10-11
SP. ATK: 8-10
SP. DEF: 9-11
HP: 30-32
(The numbers displayed after the Hyphens are the new stats gained from the Level-Up.)

ATK affects physical moves like Tackle and Take-Down. DEF affects the damage taken from attacks relying on ATK. SP. ATK affects indirect moves like Phycic and Water Gun. SP. DEF affects the damage taken from attacks relying on SP. ATK. HP is your life and your LVL is shows how experienced in combat a Pokemon is.

EXP and Leveling Up

After a battle, all the Pokemon that participated recieve a cut of the Experience Points, or EXP. After attaining a certain ammount of EXP, Pokemon Level Up and become stronger. However, you will only recieve EXP. after defeating a foe, not capturing it. The maximum level you can reach is 100.


All moves have different effects, such as POW (Power), and ACC (Accuracy). Some even cause Status Effects, which we will get to later. Moves have types, just like Pokemon, and can work well against certain types of Pokemon, but poorly against others. Some might not affect at all, due to types.

Example 3.: Using a Move

Mudkip uses Water Gun on Wingull.
It's NVE (Not Very Effective)...
Wingull takes 6 damage. (Hp: 12 MAX: 18)


Lotad uses Absorb on Mudkip.
It's SE (Super Effective)!
Mudkip takes 12 damage. (HP: 20 MAX: 32)

You get-a this-a Engrish?

Example 4.: Move Stats

POW: 35
ACC: 95%

Slams the foe with its body.
|As you can see, moves also come with brief descriptions.

Moving Through the Game

We proceed through the game mainly by voting on what to do next. Multiple people must vote. One vote just doesn't cut it.

Example 5.: Voting

Me: Which Starter Pokemon will you choose?

1. Mudkip
2. Torchic
3. Treecko

You: I vote for Mudkip.
Person 1: I vote...

Etc., etc.


Items (thanks, TNR)

You can buy items at a Pokemart, which can be found in most towns and find them out in the field. There are three different kinds of items,
Evolutionary, Healing and Catching. Catching items are Pokeballs, which are used to catch wild Pokemon. Healing items are pretty self-explanatory, and Evolutionary items help certain kinds of Pokemon evolve (to sort of go up a stage and get a lot stronger than the previous form of the Pokemon).

What kind of item an item is will be displayed next to it in the form of a letter, "E" for Evolutionary, "H" for Healing and "C" for Catching.

Example 6.: Items

You found a Potion (H).
You put it away in the Items Pocket.


You found a Pokeball (C).
You put it away in the Pokeballs Pocket.


You found a TM (Taunt) (TM/HM).
You put it away in the TMs and HMs Pocket.

There are also Key Items that can be used only at specific times, but they will not be able to be accessed normally. If you want to open the Bag (what holds your items), simply mention it here. But don't forget to specify which pocket you want to access (Items, or Pokeballs), or else I won't be able to open it for you. You can use items in battle, but they count as a turn for your Pokemon.

I'll tell you if you're at a "Key Item Spot" when you stop to use a Key Item, and that's the only time you'll be able to open the Key Items Pocket.

It also helps if you know the rules froma Pokemon game due to playing one.

Good! So if you managed to live through all that junk, you are now ready to play!

I'll start off with some story.

Klasco (you) has just come to the Garsona Region, and he wants to becoe a Pokemon Trainer. He rushes excitedly off to Professor Pine's house to choose his Starter Pokemon.

Pine: Okay. Pick a Pokemon. (He's not very talkative.)


Which Starter will you choose?

a) Mudkip (come on, you know you liek it)
b) Treecko
c) Torchic

Choose wisely! What you pick will affect the whole game!

NOTE: If you think I forgot anything, just mention it and I'll put something up.


~Pirate Yoshi~
Torchic, we'll have a greater challenge this way! :D
Agreed. Torchic is freakin awesome.

Whether thou hast rhythm or nay,
Sway thine hips and learn the way
Bring on the fire starter!
I like Grass better Torchick all the way.
Right, so Torchic it is.

Klasco picks the Torchic. But just then, Professor Pine's dughter (April) comes and picks her Pokemon (Mudkip, because she lieks Mudkipz).

April: Hiyah! Will you battle me? Okay, here I come!

Without even being able to respond, she attacks.


Torchic Lv 5 (HP: 25 MAX: 25) VS. Mudkip Lv 5 (HP: 24 MAX: 24)
EXP: 0/80___________________________EXP: N/A
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Torchic moves first this battle. Remember, the same person can't post a move 2 times in a row, so as to give other people a turn.


~Pirate Yoshi~
Tackle the lieker!
The move is chosen. So far, this is your vanilla pokemon game. But the future is uncertain...will Team Rocket be involved, or will yet another random group be made up? Will there be new pokemon? Why are we called Klasco? Find out when Mutiny gets the next response up!
Torchic Lv 5 (HP: 15 MAX: 25) VS. Mudkip Lv 5 (HP: 6 MAX: 24)
EXP: 0/80
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Torchic uses Tackle. A critical hit!
Mudkip takes over 9000 damage 18 damage.
Mudkip uses Tackle.
Torchic takes 10 damage.


~Pirate Yoshi~
Tackle again! Growl is fail. I never used it.
Torchic Lv 6 (HP: 15 MAX: 27) VS. Mudkip Lv 5 (HP: 0 MAX: 24)
EXP: 9/90
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Torchic uses Tackle.
Mudkip takes 7 damage.
Mudkip faints! April still lieks it!
Torchic gains 89 EXP.
Level Up!


ATK: 8-10
DEF: 7-8
SP. ATK: 8-9
SP. DEF: 7-7
HP: 25-27
EXP: 9/90

April: Darn, I lost. Oh well. Seeyah!

April, who seems to be hyper, ran off joyously.

Pine: Take this.

You recieve a Pokedex! If you want to access it, simply say so.

Klasco leaves Professor Pine's lab and heads for Karraco Town, where he'll fight the irst Gym Leader of the Garsona Region.

ROUTE 9000 501

There are two paths. One leads East and one leads West. Karraco is West, but there may be something to find if you go East. Which way?

a) East
b) West

By the way, epic post, Demonsul. Feel free to do more of them.


~Pirate Yoshi~
go east

The irst gym leader can wait.

Whether thou hast rhythm or nay,
Sway thine hips and learn the way
Another trainer makes eye contact with you.

"Hey I'm new too, lets have a battle!"

What happens next..?

By the way, my first three digit post, hurrah...

Torchic Lv 6 (HP: 15/27) VS. Dadge Lv 3 (HP: 13/13) OMG! NEW POKEMON!!!
EXP: 9/90
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Pick a move, any move.

Dadge Pokedex Entry:

Dadge: The Fur Pokemon
HT: 1:3
WT: 23 lbs
Area: Route 501

Dadge is a small furry cat-like Pokemon that takes pride in its fur, often showing off the elegant fur on its chest and back. Sometimes a subject of photography by world-famous photographers.


Entries: 3/78 (it's not that big of a game)
Caught: 1

Note: Unlike in Pokemon games, you can get a full Pokedex entry for a Pokemon just by seeing it.


~Pirate Yoshi~
Tackle that punk!

And also, shouldn't there be a run/item option?
Torchic Lv 6 (HP: 11/27) VS. Dadge Lv 3 (HP: 6/13) OMG! NEW POKEMON!!!
EXP: 9/90
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Torchic uses Tackle.
Dadge takes 7 damage.
Dadge uses Scratch.
Torchic takes 4 damage.

Oh, and bah d' way, ye git muney fer beatin' dem Trainers now. Ah hope ye enjoy awl d' muney yer gittin', 'cuz ye'll need it. Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!


~Pirate Yoshi~
"Torchic, use your Splash attack Tackle!"

Torchic Lv 6 (HP: 11/27) VS. Dadge Lv 3 (HP: 0/13)
EXP: 34/90
a) Tackle
b) Growl

Torchic uses Tackle.
Dadge takes 7 damage.
Dadge faints!
Torchic gains 25 EXP.
You get $45 from the Trainer.

Trainer: Aw, you beat me! *runs away in tears*

You continue along the road and find 5 Pokeballs (C)!
You put the Pokeballs away in the Pokeball Pocket.
You must go West now. Surprisingly, no one else challenges you along the way. However, you come to a patch of tall grass.

Should you go through the grass, around it, or go back to your hometown to heal?

a) go through grass
b) go around grass
c) go back to heal


~Pirate Yoshi~
Let's go through the grass this time. I think there's a rare pokemon that appears only in this time...

Agreed. Grass please.
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