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Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown

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Currently in progress is a new game I'm creating. It is called Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown. So far it has all positive feedback from my friends and the SMWcentral community. The story is based on a mysterious enemy who blows up the Mushroom Kingdom with a nuclear bomb.Problem is the enemy does that sometime in the future. Mario (and maybe Luigi) follow the time traveler through his time machine, picking up clues and hints of the time he is in, and when he blows up the Mushroom Kingdom. Now the Mario brothers try to prevent the explosion, even though it hasn't even happened yet...Or has it?

This game includes:

- Modified GFX
- Custom Blocks
- Custom Sprites
- Custom Bosses
- Custom Music
- Over 65 Levels
- 5 Different Time Eras

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Oh hey, this seems to be a really good hack, looking forward to seeing more from you! ;)

Judging by that video, your level design seems to be quite solid and enjoyable, though there are some parts on that castle level which are a little too hard, in my opinion, such as those parts where you must jump into those paths that are full of spikes, without getting hurt by any of them. Also, the part where there are plenty of Thwomps within it (which comes right after the spiky-path part) looks a little too repetitive... try adding more variety to it, and it'll surely turn out better. Otherwise, the level is great! I loved your mini-boss idea, as well as the concept of it - it makes me wonder why I haven't thought of that before. :P

Your overworld design also seems to be rather solid, though I personally didn't like your palette choice for the fogs shown by the second screenshot. Other than that, everything looks pretty neat - I'm also curious to know what's that temple-like-thing shown by the second screenshot, it looks pretty cool.

As for the plot itself, I found it quite nice - I have always been obsessed with time-travel like stuff, and it's nice to know that there's currently a WIP hack which will implement a plot based on this kind of stuff, since Oddyssey.

As I mentioned before, I liked pretty much everything you showed off - can't wait to see more from you! ^_^
It looked like he just had to hit a block and it'd send him flying through those paths automatically. A level that wishes it were automatic. :P
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Judging from your video and screenshots, you have a solid grasp on fun levels that look good.
I have high expectations from you.
Note: You DO plan on making the area where "TIME" used to be use different gfx, right?
This looks really nice, from the graphics, to the great ideas, and the title is really creative. Also, nice choice of music. Cant wait to see how you handle the different time periods.
The different time periods idea sounds very interesting, I really can't wait to see more from you.
This hack looks really awesome. :) I would love to play that! However, I didn't hear any sound. Does this mean that the song isn't actually in the game?

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My computer just doesn't record sound directly from games. So I have to put in my own music. So I chose this for good taste :P still has some really music. If this game does well, I can make a sequel to this game and implement some YI music in.
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Looks pretty good, though some parts look a bit too hard.
This looks really nice. Are you using the "parallel Worlds" ASM patch?

The castle looks like loads of fun, and it looked like you didn't reveral everything in the video! :) I'm looking forward to this hack. Keep up the great work!
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Very nice, I really like your level design in that castle level. Although the miniboss sort of confused me, but that's probably because I'm not the one playing. It just looked really easy to get hit by those spikes along the wall, but you did a fine job avoiding them so it must not be that hard.

On an unrelated note:
Have you tried using Camstudio to record sound? If you enable your Stereo Mix via Windows, Camstudio is a solid choice for recording. Just for future reference.
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Thanks for the tip MalletMike. I'll try Camstudio next time around.
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