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The New Music Section and Request Thread

Link Thread Closed

1. Check the file size. If you can help it, don't take any songs over 5 KB. The less KB total you have, the more songs you can insert.
2. When inserting, look for octave errors. You can tell there are errors because nothing after that song number will insert. If you find any, report them to S.N.N. immediately.
3. A play time is underlined in the description. If you're looking for a good overworld theme, check for songs that are under 30 seconds long. A shorter level theme or a bonus room could be between 30-45 seconds, while a normal level theme should be 45+ seconds.
4. What's that? Found a song called "Big Happy Grass Land Song" but it completely suits an ice world? Then use it in an ice world! Since Game X's instruments aren't supported in SMW, they will sound different. Mix and match!
5. SPC players always sound a tiny bit different then the song does in SMW itself. For example, ZD-SPC seems to play the songs a bit higher pitched, while Audio Overload seems to play a tad quieter.

HELPFUL TIPS FOR PORTING/CREATING SONGS (do not ask me how to port or create, this is for those who are learning or know how)

1. If the MIDI loops a few times, try searching for the loop points in the text. I can't really give any perfect advice on this, but if you see big chunks of notes repeating in each channel, delete all of the big chunks except one. Watch for a bunch of r1's in the middle of a channel too - these usually symbolize a loop point.
2. Loop your notes! If you see a whole bunch of the same pattern of notes (e.g. c4c4c4c4) count the notes and put brackets around them. This is the best way to reduce file size.
3. Make use of the l## command. Whichever kind of note appears the most in your song should be used in the l command (eg. if you song has a lot of 16th notes, then make it read l16). Put it right under your song title/name. This is the next best way to reduce file size.
4. Making a cave theme? Use the echo commands, like $EF and $F0. You can also experiment with the pan slider and pan commands to make an extra eerie cave.
5. NEVER put the main melody of the song in channel 4, 5, 6, or 7. These are used by SMW's instruments. Your melody WILL cut off when playing, and it WILL make the song sound like shit. Make sure 4 5 6 and 7 are percussion channels.
6. USE THE L (lower cse) COMMAND! It will end up being your best friend on songs that need file size reduction.


1. This is purely a request thread now, and not a list thread.
2. The same request list applies, and new requests will be accepted. One at a time, as usual, and soon enough, someone will take your request on.
3. When you finish a song, feel free to post the TXT and SPC here for everyone to see and sample before you upload it.
4. ADDMUSIC QUESTIONS DO NOT GO HERE. They go in the Music Hacking/Help thread.
5. When giving us songs to use, make sure that they do NOT contain errors. You can tell if they have errors as you will get many rows of ?????s and numbers, and no songs after said song will insert.
6. To listen to SPCS: Follow this link and click the Download link at the bottom. Load your SPCs into it.
7. If you change your username and I can't find you, I'll remove your request from the list. Please inform me you have changed your name so I can read it.
8. REPEATEDLY ASKING IF YOUR REQUEST IS DONE WILL VOID YOUR REQUEST AND POSSIBLE RESULT IN A TEMP BAN IF I AM IN A BAD MOOD. Do try to realize that unless someone else decides to, I am, for the most part, doing all of these requests by myself. I do have a life. I do have a job. I am in university. Please be patient with me and be lucky you're getting anything at all. (note: asking now and then nicely will yield a nice answer. If you have been waiting months, then PM me)
9. Enjoy!

"With every request completed, two more are added."

*YELLOW indicates requests that I am currently working on.
*GREEN indicates requests others are working on

Aiyo: Green Greens from Kirby
Alexander: North Corel from Final Fantasy 7
andy_k_250: Chill from Dr. Mario
Black Yoshi: See Jim Run, Run Jim Run from Earthworth Jim 2
bugmansean: Rock Star Stage 1 from Kirby 64
bowserkoopa: Cliff from DKC3
A Yoshi and Caped Mario: Athletic Theme from YI
DaKing: Marina Madness from Chaotix
darkbrandflake13: Rattle Battle from DKC2.
Darkspineslayer: Final Area from Mega Man ZX
Diamondphoenix: Athletic theme from NSMB
Dylan Yoshi: Tubba Blubba Chase from Paper Mario
Gannon9: Space Junk Galaxy from SMG
Hiro-sofT and TLMB: Level 1-1 from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Inky: Mainbrace Mayhem from Donkey Kong Country 2
J Assassin: Ninja Mode from Metal Gear Solid
JJokerDude: Simon's Theme from Super Castlevania 4
Knight of Time: Ice Theme from Donkey Kong Country 2
Kutera Genesis: Tree Spirit Jurak from Dark Cloud 2
MamaLuigi: Boss from Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
Mario_SuS: Smithy Battle from SMRPG
metalmario64: Hailfire Peaks from Banjo-Tooie
Mr. Bean 2: Hot Head Bop from DKC2
Octillery: Tyrano Castle from Chrono Trigger
Pozeal: Night Flight from Silhouette Mirage
Reini: Kastle Kaos from DKC3
Remnic: Hyrule Field from Twilight Princess
Shadow: Snow levels from SM64
SMS: Title Screen from Spyro.
Troopa Pride: Neo Star Cave from Kirby 64
Vampire Killer: ... from Batman Returns (?)
Winter's Assassin: Pelagic II from Perfect Dark
Zondekel: Clanker's Cavern from Banjo Kazooie

That's all for now. No more lists in this thread, just pure requests and links to your music. Enjoy.

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Yay for Green Greens! Green Greens being worked on should mean
that YI:RL is complete, right?
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Carol finished Green Greens.
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Hey SNN, I slightly changed my request. It's not the title music from Tetris & Dr. Mario. It's the title from the actual Dr. Mario. Here:
Let me know if can't work with that midi.

Oh and SNN, your Sammer's Kingdom song, two thumbs up.
Originally posted by B.B.Link
It's the title from the actual Dr. Mario. Here:

Ah, ok. That explains why it sounded nothing like the Tetris and Dr. Mario title theme. I was getting nervous there.

Originally posted by B.B.Link
Oh and SNN, your Sammer's Kingdom song, two thumbs up.

Thanks :)
I made a typo in the last thread. It's ZD-SPC, not ZS-SPC (as in Zophar's Domain SPC). It includes a plugin that lets you play music in Internet Explorer and Netscape.
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I'm gonna change my request cuz I made a song with that beat already...

hmm... I'm making Ricco Harbor, so could you do Bianico Hills from Super Mario Sunshine for me? (my upcoming hack is very SMS influenced)
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Hey SNN, you should make "Music Hacking/Help" thread to the "Music Discussion" thread. We still could post questions there, but its still nice to talk about the music and stuff.

EDIT: Also can I request my "private collection" to be finished?
Kawaii !!

Originally posted by spigmike
could you do Bianico Hills from Super Mario Sunshine for me?

That should be easier then composing a song, heh. Changed.

Originally posted by Aiyo
Also can I request my "private collection" to be finished?

I'm not even sure what I have left of that - I think only about 3 songs. I can probably do another this weekend.

EDIT: Also, another tune is up in the music section: Mario's Time Machine: Time Surfing. I'm just trying to empty that request list now :\
Would it be possible to get "One-Winged Angel" from FFVII? Looks like it would be pretty tough to do, though, as its a doozy of a tune. (You'd probably have to nerf the voices) If anyone could attempt it, that would be sweet.
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I would like to let you know that I've uploaded a new version for Wario Land's Stage Theme I. Kieran was nicely enough to let me know that there was a wrong note in it, so I fixed that. So if anyone was going to use this track, please replace it with the fixed version.

Super Mario Land 3-Wario Land - Stage Theme I (txt)
Super Mario Land 3-Wario Land - Stage Theme I (spc)

hey S.N.N, if you still have my custom midi on your hard drive I really need to have that song done. as soon as I get it, I'll transfer everything in my hack to a new rom minus the music patch.

Thanks for the help.

MadMikeXP: Surfing from Mario's Time Machine

I wish they had a link to an spc and the txt there so you could quickly preview songs. :/
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Originally posted by MadMikeXP
Surfing from Mario's Time Machine

actually, he just did that one. check out the new custom music section, its there.
EDIT: Instead of the airship music (because it has an error at the end) I'd like this star music instead plz.
Hey S.N.N. as long as your working on the request list could you work on my Pelagic II request I don't mean to rush just asking 'cause Its my favorite
here's the link again if you need it
MadMikeXP: Ironically enough, as stated, I just finished your request yesterday. You can find it in the music section.

To the people who requested: I should probably note - when requesting, please include the song name and game along with the MIDI so I can quickly add it. Thanks.

All else: I'm still going down that list and completing requests - I knocked three off yesterday, which is good. You'll gradually notice it get smaller over the next few days.
kirby 64 shiver star factory
Something is wrong in the Mushroom kingdom.

Click here to see my epic hack.
good:) i have a verry specal request after the fortress had been done.
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Link Thread Closed