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What level am I talking about?
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Hey guys, this is my first ever made up game on the forums and its called "What level am I talking about?"!
You are going to guess what level am I talking about, it could be in a game or a romhack (I'll be giving hints), and you get points as you go on.

If its an easy one to guess, you get 100p
If its a medium difficulty, you get 200p
If its hard, you get 500p

Ok ready? Go!

Easy - It is a level in SMW that is fairly easy level in the first world. Sometimes, it is barely edited.

Medium - It is in a certain featured hack that has a level which is kinda like those "Mountain Climber" levels. Go up, mess up and fall down >:)

Hard - This level is in a certain featured hack which has one of the longest ( I think it is the longest ) last level.

Results will be given after someone figures out the names of the levels I added in here. (These first ones are gonne be easy, but difficulty will raise later on hopefully :) )


None of these are really clearly described.
But from what you mean,

Easy - I guess you mean Yoshi's Island 1 (Level 105), and you're pointing out that most of the new hackers start with making Level 105 edits. (But that'd then not be only 'sometimes'.)

Medium - There are many, many of those levels >_<

Hard - dunno. A wild guess would be that long level in Super Mario Infinity... I forgot its name but it's a level where you go deeper into earth. (But then again, it's not a 'last' level.)
Easy- I think this is Yoshi's house. You can do it blindfolded and most hacks only edit the message box.

I dunno medium and hard cause I've only played a couple of rom hacks

I'm not the star of the show but I try to be.
Currently making a SMW rom hack with 7 worlds. Hope to finish it soon.

Hard - I'm going to guess The Second Reality Project Reloaded. Bowser's Starship took forever to beat because there was way too many rooms in the final level.

Easy - Level 105, aka Yoshi's Island 1. It is the first level most people play, and the default start up level in Lunar Magic. Just look at the removal log.

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Umm sorry about the not describing too well, but here are the results:

EASY - Level 105 ( Yoshi's island 1 ) ( Ramon,Ultimaximus were right )
MEDIUM - Super Mario TKO Sky Tower ( Next time I'll explain this one a bit better)
HARD - TSRPR - Boweser's Airship ( fabio was right )

Also, a note to Star54321:

Yoshi's House doesn't really count as a level and also should not be edited so that one is out.

Here is the second level of this forum game:

EASY - The toxic liquid is rising up! (Those who played DKC2 should know)
MEDIUM - It is an underwater Pipe Maze in the second world of a certain featured hack.
HARD - It is a level in VIP3, it is in the special world, under the japanese name 死へのVIP橋苦闘.


Medium: My guess is the Blue Switch Palace in Super Mario TKO. :O

Your layout has been removed.
Easy: Trauma Tower?
Medium: TKO's Blue Switch Palace?

My guesses are these. I won't use raocow's videos as an answer to the hard one. (If only it didn't have "VIP" in the name, I would say "Soaring Gold Colored Feather", but I would probably be wrong. :()

EASY - Trauma Tower (Spacefan645's correct)
MEDIUM - SMTKO BSP (pieguy1272 and Spacefan645 are correct)
HARD - VIP Bridge Struggle to Death (This one was easy due to translators but oh well, you guys didn't get it right :( )

Next level:

EASY - Okkusenman! Okkusenman!
MEDIUM - C'mon Penguin, you're not tough enough to win to me in front of the Nintendo cast in a boxing ring!
HARD - OMG! I don't even need to move my controller and the game is playing anime themes :)


When you say "games", do you say any game?

If so, Medium is Kirby Superstar, the fight with King Dedede.

The hard one is... I don't remember the name, but I saw a video of an automatic Mario level with Digimon music playing...
Yes, I'm talking about any game. Results will be given after a few people respond.


HARD - Nico Nico Douga, Automatic Mario.

EASY - Megaman...?

MEDIUM - I'd go with Spacefan645 on this one- Kirby Superstar, King Dedede's Battle.
I go with EASY - Megaman... as well.
uNkNowNeRRoR5642, you almost got them all right.

EASY - Megaman 2
MEDIUM - Kirby Superstar - King DeDeDe Battle
HARD - Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga" Automatic Mario

Next level:

(Coming up later =P)


Aww.... damn, I'm not a huge Megaman fan, so I didn't know which game.
Ok now for the next level:

EASY - SMB3 - Are we in the desert? Oh hey, its Mr. Sun! Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please... OMG don't hurt me!
MEDIUM - SMW - Oh my, look! A forest, lets enter it! *2:30 mins later* Ah, I beat the level, wait what? I need the secret exit to not go to the ghost house? Damn...

(There is no hard one for now, the next one is a bonus level, you get 200p if you get it right)

BONUS - SMW - Oooh look a pipe! *Mario enters* Hey, its a bonus game! *hits blocks* Hooray, I got 8 1-ups, now time for the game to get me out of this bonus room... wait a sec... how can i not leave? Am I trapped?


EASY - SMB 3 World 2-...5?


BONUS: Level 0, or if you're talking about a hack, it's Escape from Level 0 by ZippoPrower.
Easy: I know it's after the Toad house in the Desert area in SMB3...Is it 2-5

Medium:I know it's not the FOREST OF ILLUSION 1 because you said I need to get the secret to NOT get in the Ghost House so...It's the level with the Lakitus. I think it's called FOREST OF ILLUSION 4

Bonus:Hmmmmm...It could possibly be the Old Forest Maze Level in Kennel Keeper's Kingdom.
Oh, I kinda messed up with the Forest of Illusion. I haven't played SMW in a while.
It's okay,nobodys perfect.I just hope we are right.I wonder when Voltrez(please tell me if I spelt that wrong)Is going to reply.(Probably after more people say there answers.)
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