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Vanilla Level Design 2009: Discussion

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I've decided that I don't need my level judged. I already know I have no chance of winning, and I don't really care about the ranking. If it's already been judged, whatever. If it hasn't, feel free to ignore it. Making it was the fun part, and that's the part I care about.

In summary, you don't have to judge my level.
GK that was very much uncalled for. YOU don't have to be a generic ass to everyone else.
But why would he be anything else, FP?

In other news, I'll have the remains of it judged by sometime in the middle of the week. I apologize for making you all wait longer than you already have, but it's either this or it never gets judged at all, so deal with a couple more days of waiting for results.

Actually, I'm surprised it would be done that early, considering all that downloading and testing. I can definitely wait a few more days, compared to a couple of months...
I has question to yous peoples. You guys are complaining about how real life shit comes in the way which is why you guys couldn't judge the stupid levels, well how do you guys manage to make all these fancy ASM craps and graphics and custom shit in general then? I'm mighty sure ASM takes long to learn and make, so how would it be done with "life" in the way?
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@Dokuro-Chan: I'm pretty sure they don't plan when life is going to get busy. And I'm almost sure that they do their "fancy ASM craps and graphics and custom shit" when they have a lot of free time.

@Judges: I can wait as long as I need to.
Dokuro-Chan: I've put up with your flaming and idiocy in threads for long enough. I have grown sick and tired of your 'high and mighty' attitude, when you're clearly just asking for attention. Not everyone is perfect, and as far as I know, neither of these users who were going to judge it know ASM. I understand your impatience, but christ, it is an Internet contest. Go outside. Final warning.

To everyone else: FS4 has been working hard to judge these today, and is almost done. He actually decided to take it back from me, so he should have them completed soon.
@Dokuro Chan: What is with you? Are you actually being serious? As SNN just stated, I don't know any ASM. But from what I can understand, ASM hacks aren't made in a day. They take time. From my conversations with SNN, I can tell that it can take him days, or even weeks to finish some ASM hack. This is because we work on our hacking stuff as time permits. It's not like we neglect our real life duties to come on here and draw fancy graphics. Your statement is completely false, and you have really proven how intelligent you really are.

And as SNN has said, I've been working on the levels all day. I hope to have them finished soon...possibly today if time allows.
Gosh SNN I was simply asking a question, don't gotta get all grumpy. I can wait, that's not the case. You didn't even answer my question well though lol. And when was I given previous warnings for doing what? And who's acting 'high and mighty' I'm simply not sucking up like most people do. Like everyone does actually.
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You weren't 'simply' asking a question. You were complaining about how long it is taking to judge, saying how you're sure ASM and fancy graphics take longer to judge than stupid question. Quit jumping to assumptions and thinking everyone has time for that. I recognize the contest has not went at well as it could of, but there is no need to beat a dead horse. Better yet, if you have that much of a problem with it, PM the judges of the contest.

As for previous warnings, this. If I cared enough, which I don't, I could dig up more.
Your statement made no sense. All I am saying is if you people can have time to do all the things you do now and still delete hacks and make hacks and graphics and what not then why can't you just judge some levels? It can even be a level a day. There's no real rush as long as your progressing rather then just stopping because of life. And what about all the times you insult people or flame people? I suppose your gonna tell me its okay because your an admin?
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My statement made perfect sense. If you absolutely must know why this contest has had delayed progression, it is because unexpected turns of events often happen. At the start of the contest, FirePhoenix thought he would have enough time to judge it all, and then partway through, schooling interfered. I will not go into details, because it really isn't any of your business, but in a nutshell, he pretty much lost all motivation because of it. At this point, another judge had to pick up the contest - it took a solid while to find one even willing, which happened to be Foursword4.

On the topic of your question, I am still interpreting it like this: "If life gets in the way, how can you people make fancy custom graphics and ASM and not judge the levels" - is this what you're asking? If so, I'm not even sure how to answer it, as it is more or less a generalized question. If you mean something more specific, please clarify.

Originally posted by Dokuro-Chan
I suppose your gonna tell me its okay because your an admin?

If you're going to be a smartass about it, then I'll gladly tell you that it is okay because I am an admin. If you're going to be civil, then I will tell you to provide examples of genuine 'flames' and 'insults' that I do without purpose. The reason I warned you in that thread is because you were backseat moderating, which is obviously against the rules on this site.


And with that being said, this topic comes to a close. I'm sick of the flaming and the finger-pointing that is going on right now. I'm am quite disgusted by the response we are receiving as well. I imagined most people to use common sense and judgment before asking question, but I have been proven wrong.

The results are almost here. I've worked my ass off to finish this today to quit the bitching going on. I've already apologized for the extreme delay in results, but nothing else can be said on the subject. Just sit tight, and the results will arrive shortly.

Dokuro-Chan, you should probably just settle this in a PM with SNN.


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