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My Pokemon Splices II (Indefinitely Closed to Requests)
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Some kid who had admin power at the time of the site's chaos yesterday deleted my thread so I have to retype this again.

Anyway, I posted this thread around a year ago, but it's not worth bumping, and I made quite a few new splices, so I'm posting a new thread to showcase them. If you view this thread, the least you can do is comment to show my thread isn't being ignored.

Now for the long list of splices:

- Aggron Data Sprite

- Ninetails Data Sprite

Drowzee Data Sprite

Dragynogre (Dragonite/Kyogre splice).

A Fire Glalie, one of my favorites.

Hauntaskhan (Haunter/Kangaskhan splice). Another favorite of mine.

Niphosales (Ninetales/Typhlosion splice). Created upon request.

Pindrill (Beedrill/Pinsir splice). Also created upon request.

Teddiphlosion (Typhlosion/Teddiursa splice).

Neon Exeggutor Data Sprite


A colored Absol data sprite. Made on request.

A Dialga/Giratina splice. I don't think it came out too well. Made on request.

I just redrew Mr. Saturn to look like it's from a pokemon game. He'd probably be considered an uber, but that's me.

Luxaphy (Luxray/Manaphy splice). Made on request.

Manakip (Manaphy/Mudkip splice). Made on request

The splices below here are ones made recently after not splicing in a long time:



Slokitty (Which ended up looking creepy)






You can request here, but this isn't a request thread, so I'm not obligated to fill any requests you may have.. I only take requests that are reasonable and if I'm in the mood to make it. C&C is also appreciated.

Rules of Requesting
-This is a Pokemon splice request thread, so don't request Trainer/sprites from other games.
-Only 1 request per post.
-No ridiculous requests (Such as Rayquaza with Pichu, Groudon with Magikarp, etc.)
-Only request two pokemon to be in a splice. No splices including three or more pokemon.

If these aren't followed, I'll just not do your request.

Also, stop posting your own sprites here.
Haha - that's pretty neat. I used to make Pokémon splices a while ago, but then I lost interest in doing so (my splices used to be pretty sucky, anyway...). My favorite Pokémon splice out of all of the ones you showed off so far is Claynoir; he looks quite cool, and it seems like you put quite some effort into it. Lugiler looks rather cool, too, and the funniest one is probably Gyamanite; I'm loving the look of it. :3

I hope you make more splices - Pokémon splices really make me smile, regardless if I'm upset or not. :P
These look really cool. I personally like Teddiphlosion the best -- he looks really neat! I hope you make more, since these look great. Nice job!
Meganium and Tropius would be cool.
This is like Pokemon learning how to DNA digivolve and it scares me.
Thanks for the comments.

Anyway, here's Tropiganium:

And a monstrosity I made out of sheer boredom:

Wow. Tropiganium looks like it could be a real pokemon! Very good work!
These are awesome, and quite hilarious (like Gyaramite :P) I always wondered if there would be some sort of DNA evolution in pokemon games.
Lugiler, claynoir, and gyaramite are my favorites!
Oh, yeah and Tropiganium too!
I demand a Buizel with Luxray colors.
My favorites would have to be the Slokitty and Lickimime, while Gyaramite and Pindrill are hilarious. XD

If I may have a request: Pikachu + Lucario. My favorite Pokemon. I'd love to see them meshed together. :)

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money


Buizel with Luxray colors

Once again, very nice work. If that's not too much work for you, may I request a mix of Gardevoir and Garchomp? Both of them are my favorite Pokémon, and I would love to see them splited up in only one Poke. =3
Those look very nice. If it's not too much, may I request a combination of Eevee and Bulbasaur? They're my two favorite Pokemon of all time.
The Buizel looks win, I would like to see all of the water starters in their 3rd evolution combined though :P You don't have to if you don't want to though.
How about fusing larvatar and cindiquil?
i like spriting to :)
normal, shiny, anatomy(shows who i used)

normal, shiny

these next 2 are scratched

"humans get arrested... dogs get put down"
I want to request: Skitty/Wailord mix! ;3
lol enjoy

"humans get arrested... dogs get put down"
stevenisbored: This isn't a pokemon splice showoff thread, this is a thread where I post my sprites and take requests. Instead of posting your works in this thread, you're more than welcome to make your own splice thread.

Tormentor: I'm not good at splicing 3+ pokemon together. I tried it once, and it came out looking messy.

Anyway, here are the other fulfilled requests:




A really random splice I made (No, I don't take requests with sprites from other series):


Also, The riddle, the HSOWA joke has all ready been done by someone else.
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