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Have you ever been bullied or in a fight? I haven't been bullied, there are some kids that make fun of me, but i ignore them.

Yesterday, my friend Taylor got beaten up by 3 guys and two of her friends. They made her cry, shoved her in a corner, and tried to beat the crap out of her. D: They made her promise not to tell anyone, and i overheard. They tried that again today, but failed because i was there.
She hide behind me, and i think she likes me because she was blushing and one of the bullies said that she does. She didn't get hurt, just pushed around a bit.
And that same bully even liked her. O_o

I can't stand some people, they hurt inoccent people.

i just lurk sometimes
I know how she feels, since i've been bullied almost every where I've lived. But don't worry, just try and tell her to talk to her parents, since they are there to protect her.

In my case, if they ever bother me again, I challenge them to a singing duel (Something I can do really well). Let's see him try and out sing me!

Kind of disgusting to do that to a defenseless girl. And 5 against 1? Haven't we evolved to the point where we can be civilized and talk instead of resorting to beating the crap out of each other? The only time I can justify fighting is for self-defense, but then you have an idiot on your hands who was agressive in the first place.

When man invented weapons they were to take down prey (see: mammoth) that couldn't be taken out any other way. There are better ways to deal with problems now than with a gun or your fists.

tl;dr: We're intelligent creatures and can resolve conflicts in an intelligent manner.

I'm probably taking the thread too far :x
I've never gotten into a fight or pissed anyone off ever. I mean, who could get mad at a person like me?
Five against one? It's certainly a lot less stereotypical where I live.
Well really 3 againest 1 in the corner, as her two friends left.
I have never been bullied, although there are some random kids in my school that make fun of me as well, but I also ignore them - I think they do that just because I'm normally alone in school, even though I DO have friends.

Also, I think bullies do this kind of stuff because they're jealous about the grades/life/etc of their victims - instead of picking on other people, they really should study more in order to get better grades and, consequently, better comments from their teachers. I reckon fights don't go anywhere, really...
I have never been bullied, nor have I been in a fight. Actually, I HATE fights. For me, they shouldn't even exist in the first place. Why can't we solve our problems by talking and logic? Well, I think some people lack that.

I also think bullies shouldn't be what they are. They should stop picking at the others and making fun of them.

But, there are some random classmates of mine that make fun of me and my friends. I just ignore them. It's the best thing to do.
Originally posted by Gamma Ray Burst

Please try to add more content to your posts, Gamma Ray Burst.

I've never been physically bullied, though I suffered from teasing a lot in primary/middle school. Now, I've got a few reliable friends, but when they occasionally make fun of others, it puts me in an awkward spot. :/
Originally posted by SpaceFan645
I have never been bullied, nor have I been in a fight. Actually, I HATE fights. For me, they shouldn't even exist in the first place. Why can't we solve our problems by talking and logic?

People stick to what they're good at and know. Debate is fine, sure, but some people aren't good at that, feel they're at a disadvantage with it. Some people don't know that problems can be solved without violence. There are also a lot of people who can get easily frustrated, or if someone gets frustrated at all that usually makes it very difficult to think rationally. It all depends on the person. Besides, fighting is what solves problems (and shows superiority) in most animal societies. In short, it's our nature as animals.
Unfortunately, I've been bullied before. And, unfortunately, I overdid "punishing" them.

Yesterday I had enough of one douche, so said "After School. Benches at the back of the school". Although I didn't tell anybody, a huge crowd gathered to watch the fight. My friends and best friend was there as well.

I threw the first punch, and he blocked it. I remembered all the shit he put me through, and I threw him to the ground and tried to get a headlock. He kicked me off, and by now everybody was cheering his name. He called me a fag, and I used the time to punch him a good one in the face. Wrestling, we rolled in the mud on the ground, as each tried to get a punch in on the other. Finally, I poked him in the eye, and punched him in the gut so hard he didn't get up after being knocked down...for a while. However, he got back up, and threw a right hook I didn't see coming. It felt like my fucking head would explode, but I didn't beg for mercy, like what he wanted me to do. It was when we were weakly wrestling each other when we got caught, and the crowd scattered. Although I don't remember regretting it at all, I did get a suspension.

I hate him, but because of this I wish I'd never beat him up so badly. I'm sure there's a moral here, but I'm still searching for it.

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I'm one of the biggest kids at my school, I've never been bullied or bullied someone. However I have stood up for a couple 1st graders a couple years back from getting punched by 5th graders. So senseless and violent, I can't relate.


I'm alone, and the people just annoy me. Because i dont have much friends. But i never fighted. I dont like fights at all.

i just lurk sometimes
Did you realize that the ones who start fights or bullies are usually non-intelligent people. That's why they don't talk it out or use logic.

(just a theory)

Just back here to browse a bit.
Originally posted by bored2tears
Did you realize that the ones who start fights or bullies are usually non-intelligent people. That's why they don't talk it out or use logic.

(just a theory)

Seems to be absolutely true, though most people at my old school were stupid to begin with.

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lol I got in like, 7 fights in elementary school, I don't even remember who they were with or how they started. But after that everything was pretty okay and most people that would be considered "bullies" in my school are pretty nice.
I've never been involved in any physical violence, and I've only been bullied a couple times. I think it's because, in terms of social status, I pretty much just stay out of the way most of the time. :|

You humans are such sillyclone hillies with your unreasonable violence. Now, I'm off to go colonize some innocent galaxies.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I have only been in one fight, two against one, I was just riding my bike up the street and these two random kids start shit with me for no reason and started to try and beat me up, I ran away but I left my bike since I could not get to it and the next day one of them apparently 'apologised' but I didn't forgive either of them and that is why I rarely go on my bike anymore.

I also used to get bullied at school for being 'ugly' and it kind of made me feel de-graded and that is why I did bad in high school which ended up in the result of being home schooled.

I've been bullied in 3rd grade and I've been in a fight in 3rd grade O.o


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