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2nd Grade- Random fight with a 3rd Grader.

6th Grade through 7th Grade- My "friend" is a major douche; he can't fight, so he cyberbullies. Most people I know hate him.

7th Grade- Random asshole pushed me in PE. Fought back several times and after reporting him, both of us got suspended.
my friend's friend bullies me for no reason
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I Used To Get Teased Quite A Bit In Middle School, And Got In A Fight Because A Kid Thought I Threw A Rock At Him And Put A Knot On His Forehead. (Which Someone Else Did) Crazy!

Altogether I've Gotten In About 3 Fights Through Elementry/Middle School.
I've never been in a fight.

Kindergarten - 5th grade : No bullies. Our small town was nice.

6th Grade : I was in the advanced band and in the ensemble for the play. Since I did stuff unlike most people, never bullied.

7th grade : Lead of the Play = Instant high status.

8th grade : The high status still is lingering on.
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Originally posted by UltimateLuigi
my friend's friend bullies me for no reason

Thats exactly what happens to me. And because of it I can't hang out with my friends as much without geting a random "F**k you" or attempted shove. It really gets on my nerves. I try to be nice to them but apparently that's not enough...

Nobody would want to beat me up :)

Anyways some kid punched me in the face and broke my nose, unlucky for him i was walking with a friend and we both hit him (i got back at him, i broke his nose as well :)

All of it took place after school one day last year
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In grade school, it was like some sort of deranged farm. They'd just let the entire student body - from kindergarten to grade 8 - run loose in a field and not really watch them at all. So basically all the younger kids got beat on by the older ones. -_-

High school wasn't a lot better. Everybody fought all the time. Fortunately by then I was able to kick their asses. So many times I'd beat someone up and the teachers were like "yeah, he totally deserved it, I wish I could have done it myself." :P
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I remember one time, my little brother was in Kindergarten, and these two kids kept Asking him to fight. Finnally he gave in, and he just beat them good >:) But the the little whiners went and told the teacher. You get what happenend.

But yeah, it really is becoming survival of the fittest. I remeber the one bully around here said he picked on me because I ran over his skateboard when he was passing it to his friend. I didn't see any friend, but I apoligized anyway...

Some do it to gain respect, like the one who bullies me does it so he can stay in a high-school kid's group, even though he's in elementary school...
One time at my school this slightly special needs kid was beat up, push around, and called names. Some of the bullies' friends got it on camera and put it on youtube, it had about 500 views before it was taken of YT.

Needless to say all the bullies were suspended.
The kid was OK, and all of youtube was on his side, saying things like "This is sick!" or "You guys need help."

Or something like that.
Anyways, Bullying is wrong, and yeah.

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actually i got into a fight school because someone told me i killed my little brother 16 years ago, and my brother really DID pass away, this person was aware of it but hated me so he decided to mess with me, as soon as he said that i charged at him, tackled him to the ground, punched him in the mouth and knocked 3 of his teeth out, i got suspended from school for a week, luckily they didnt press charges lol
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In reality, we were all exposed to abusive individuals, and now that we have turned into social degenerates, the only thing left for us to do is to unite as a community on a website about Mario hacking. Oh poor, poor us.

... what?


No, but I've had my problems as well. I suppose I was regularly teased, I think, almost every year throughout public school. It was worst at the beginning, of course, and was declining as years passed, but basically, it was an ongoing thing.
I was bullied in this summer school program I was in in, like, 3rd grade. The bully was a 6th or 7th grader. Here's something I've always thought looking back:

"What the hell did he think he'd prove by beating up a defenseless elementary school kid?"

In a stunning display of srength and determination, that guy proved that he does have the ability to take down someone half his size. Congratulations. :P
Violence has always seemed so arbitrary to me. You wouldn't challenge someone to a game of SimCity to prove how much better you are at fighting, would you? So why do it the other way around?

In my town I think we've moved past physical assaults (well, except the "Badass" group who beat each other up for laughs :P).

There's this extremely intolerable "Kid" in my grade who is really pushing the boundary... He hasn't changed at all since 5th grade (Hasn't gotten taller, still has a high-pitched voice.), and he constantly harasses all the girls he can. Well yesterday in gym I got tired of him mocking my friend April, so I went up to him and started pushing him around.
After that for the entire day he told everyone that he beat me up in gym -.-
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People who hit and abuse defensless girls are disgusting. I never had any problems involving ME beeing bullied but I know some people who have.
Anybody who would hit a girl is a pathetic retard. Unless its your sister! XD
Glad I don't have one, lol
Originally posted by Yellowfang
Have you ever been bullied or in a fight? I haven't been bullied, there are some kids that make fun of me, but i ignore them.

Yesterday, my friend Taylor got beaten up by 3 guys and two of her friends. They made her cry, shoved her in a corner, and tried to beat the crap out of her. D: They made her promise not to tell anyone, and i overheard. They tried that again today, but failed because i was there.
She hide behind me, and i think she likes me because she was blushing and one of the bullies said that she does. She didn't get hurt, just pushed around a bit.
And that same bully even liked her. O_o

I can't stand some people, they hurt inoccent people.

honestly I think you should tell a teacher and get them expelled and get a restraining order on them so if they ever try that poop again ther will go to jail

I recently got in to a fight with one of my best friend for 7 years on new years eve he hasent got over it yet :(
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I got in an argument with my father last summer and it turned to a fist fight. I was beaten half to death and had a very horrible seizure and nearly died.
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I am in grade 12 and I have taken martial arts my whole life, since I was 4, and i never once had to use it, well maybe to threaten others when they pissed me off, but never did. Through my training we also explore a little on the psychology of bullies and pretty much anyone that tries to attack you, and through this I have come to some conclusions myself. (take what ever you want away from this I am not saying this is the way it is or I am necessarily right)(also this is for male bullies at school only, I have no clue about girls, they are territorial, evil things, you can probably find something on the discovery channel or something :3 )(also I have no clue about family abuse)

Bullies are as most of you would say ignorant, stupid, arrogant etc.
but looking deeper into it I think they are just people with having too much confidence then they really should have.
Bullies having too much confidence end up being blinded and completely oblivious to what they are really doing and what reprocussions might take place. Generally they are stupid people.

There are a three main kinds of bullies
1) The one that throws words
2) The one that throws words pushes you areound a bit but doesnt want to fight
3) The one that throws punches

1) clearly this one is the most common, almost everyone does some sort of name calling, some get a higher "status" "popularity" from being good at it
These people only can only talk and they usually can do something boast worthy
In that sense they hype up how good they are at soccer, as an example, and if you threaten their territory they will call you names and ask what you are good at, but most times this skill is futile and really worth mentioning.
A good clean laugh at their face next time they same something about themselves, and say Really? and a walk away would be enough to deal with them. From this they will continue yelling names at you and you can just simply reply with "you are embarassing yourself, I suggest you stop talking now"

The thing is Bullies feed off of the reactions of others, they like it when you get mad, so the best thing is to stay calm.

2) Now normally if you are taking on someone higher up on this popularity chain they will get a bit aggressive maybe push you around, say things like dont walk away from me maybe even surround you with a group of his friends. This bully does talk a lot, but will throw a punch or get aggressive when people are around only because he is driven by the fact that people expect him to do something. If he doesnt then people would think he is a wimp. Thats what goes through his head, what should go through yours is a way to leave. Quitely trying to leave the situation will only bring on bullying in the future not really ending anything.
Honestly for girls you can get away with kicking a male bully in the crotch becasue everyone will laugh at the bully for being decked with just a kick. You can easily get away with that becasue he was harrassing you. Guys cant really do that without being frowned upon so they have to have more confidence in themselves. Try to get the people around you on your side. Never try to challenge these bullies because this will make them more aggressive. Nothing really more to say about number two except not to feed them, dont use words like you or I, say generic statements the cheesy ones they tell kids to use on TV shows. They make fun of something of yours just say really because i like it, maybe find someone walking by get them involved, say hey do you like this ____. I cant really offer any advice to people who cant fight, but if you are in that situation try not to stand there and take it, try not to curl up in a ball to protect yourself.
If anything try and punch faster then him, take a few self defence classes even.

Avoiding the problem is probably the safest thing you can do.
I dont mean running away everytime you seem, again dont feed him anything he can use against you.
Bullies is like Sex
Abstain means no pregnancy
Abstain from bullies means no pain
Protection means almost no chance of getting babies
Try and stay with some friends they can protect you.
People are like animals, weaker animals hunt in packs right, if you consider yourself a weak animal find some friends. Bullies cant pick on all of you at once.

Bully 3 is the real bully. The one that will punch you for the sake of punching you. Not the ones you see on tv or the internet or any of those tell a teach kind of PSA. These kinds will fight becasue they feel like it not matter what you say or do. My girlfriends brother walks up and down the street to get into fights, he doesnt flinch when he gets punched and he can take on more then one person in a fight. Scary guy, huh? Same as before try not to get in their way, dont try and talk to them and cool them off, just be say chill out you are taking this too far, is it really worth it. Just try not to get in these peoples way.
If you are a target of a bully just try not to be dont give them something to make fun of you with. Real life doesnt work like tv. If they make fun of your hat, no harm in wearing another hat.
All bullies have a reason for bullying whether it be, pure dislike or out of popularity. but the best thing to do is just ignore them, dont feed them anything (dont try and ridcule them, dont bring too much attention to yourself or they might get jealous lol actually you can laugh at them for that, But i think most importantly of all is have confidence, because if they think they can keep getting away with it they will keep trying.

tl;dr Have Confidence, Dont be in the situation, and dont feed the bullies

that was fun writing all of that
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Technically, I was bullied 3rd-6th grade. My first response was to throw punches, but some days, no matter how hard I tried to reason, people wouldn't listen.

Then, I took Tae Kwon Do, and later on, Wrestling. I then realized kids are insipid, ignorant, cruel animals bent on destroying each other. (That, and "Lord of the flies" help reinforce this belief)

Bullies are nothing more than retarded insecure kids. You cannot reason with them. The answer: Beat the crap out of them. You'll make them better people that way. Humility is the best teacher.

...You guys havent seen anything yet. The true "bullying" happens in HS.