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Alchoholic Drinks

I find that a lot of them have bizzare names, like the "Fat Bastard" or "Red Haired Slut", I don't know many others, if you know a name for one post away.

Chocolate Pimp
Swamp Frog
I remember I once saw a bottle of wine labeled "Old Poop".
I think there's something called "moonshine" that makes you blind after you drink it.
Sex on the Beach

~Pirate Yoshi~
I had some Hot Sex once.
Also at Christmas my cousin brought some Feckin' Irish Whiskey. It was pretty terrible.
Cat Poop.
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Summ Qeewed Schett.

Well, that's what I heard.
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
Bawls, after a hot day on the ranch, reach down there and grab you some.
I try to avoid drinks with awful names. They tend to taste just as awful as they sound.

Margarita del Moo
chocolate shit
Dirty Motherf*ck*r

Monkey's Lunch

~Pirate Yoshi~