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* The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles (New 1-4)
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Today I have decided to make a thread for a little side project I'm working on -- a Yoshi's Island hack! It is called "The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles", and here is the story:

"Many years ago, Master Yoshi, the father of all of the Yoshi tribe, was taken away by an evil baby king, Bowser Koopa. Many thought the treacherous turtle had killed Master Yoshi, but one of the Yoshis, the green one, also known as the Gracious Green, could not believe his father's defeat. He then started a rebellion. For many years had that whole island been in control of Bowser Koopa, but the Yoshi Tribe had enough. They wanted all that madness to stop, and, with the Gracious Green as their leader, they would storm every Fort, land, mountain, or island, until they defeated Bowser and rescued Master Yoshi. Nothing would be able to stand in their way, not even the mighty Giant Chomps, the shy, but fierce, Shyguy Clan, or any other type of creature in this world. They would not stop. But one day, a baby fell from the sky. No one knew what it was, because the Yoshis never had contact with a human before. The baby started to cry and point in a direction, which seemed to be the direction of Bowser Koopa's Fort. Thinking the baby might know something, the Yoshis decided to take him with them. After some traveling, they ended up in a rocky, but grassy area. They discovered that Bowser's minions wanted the baby, and so the Yoshis decided to help it reach Bowser's Fort, and do what it wanted. And so begins a new tale, a tale of battles, where the baby and the Yoshi Tribe fight fiercely to reach their enemie's master."

Any feedback on the story? Anyhow, here are some screenshots of the intro level:

Some decoration on the ground, as well as the first enemie clan you'll see in the game: the Shyguy Clan.

Getting some ammunition, and preparing to take treasure.

The Piranha Parasites have appeared! Let's put an end to their activities in this area.

Don't get hit by the...uhm...flying Needlenose?

There are more Plants!

I wonder what are these holes on the ground...Maybe they were caused by the Parasites' roots.

There doesn't seem to be anything left behind.

Take that!

Now that we have ended our search here, let's move on to the next area.

Any feedback or comments are apprecciated.

EDIT: Taking some suggestions from Blumiere, I have made less elevated ledges, and more slopes.
The plot for your hack sounds real nice - you surely came up with something interesting by just using random things and the actual cast of the original YI (besides the "Master Yoshi", obviously) in your plot. ;)

The intro level looks rather cool as well, as I mentioned in the screenshots and video thread. I, however, think it would turn out better if you used tileset #09, instead of #01 - by using that tileset in your intro level, you would be able to add some quite nice decorations here and there, such as flowers into the ground, vines, leaf canvas, and such.

Aside from that, it looks nice, especially with that palette being used in the foreground! Is it custom-made or it is actually from the original YI? I have never seen it being used in a YI hack before... :P
Thanks for the feedback, Broozer. It's nice to know that you liked the story. Well, the palette I set was Layer 1 Object Palette Number 6, but I don't remember seeing it use din the original YI. I'll think about changing the tileset, so I'll also maybe have to pick another palette for it to look nice as well.

Again, thank you for the feedback.

Well, I just tested it, and it seems I'm stickying to tileset 1. It works better for me right now. I'll probably use tileset 9 for 1-1, though.

I have a question. Is it possible to redetermine Yoshi's starting Y Position? I need him to start one tile up, so that he doesn't start inside the ground and jumps out of it as soon as the message box goes away. And I really need the land in that position, for a slope to be connected properly.
Originally posted by Eeveesaur
I have a question. Is it possible to redetermine Yoshi's starting Y Position? I need him to start one tile up, so that he doesn't start inside the ground and jumps out of it as soon as the message box goes away. And I really need the land in that position, for a slope to be connected properly.

Yep - but in order to do that, you need to change the values of some specific bytes of the ROM by using a hex editor (such as Translhextion).

Once you have Translhextion opened, load up your ROM, and next, hit "Offset - Jump To...". Then do the following:

Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Enter xBF671 to jump to the level entrance data.
Enter xBF7DB to jump to midway point data.

You'll see a bunch of values.

Level Entrances
Level entrances contain 4 bytes of data. The first is the level number of the entrance. The second is the X coordinate of the entrance. The third is the Y coordinate of the level entrance. The fourth is the entrance type. This should be left at 0. These values go in order from levels 1-1 all the way to Extra 6.

Hope that helps. Also, yeah, GY actually explained that in the "Yoshi's Island Hacking F.A.Q." thread - there are a bunch of useful tips in there, so I highly recommend checking that thread when you have doubts of sorts, just so that you make sure your problems can be solved before making questions. ;) Backseat moderating wasn't intentional here... sorry if it sounded like I was doing so.
Changing those values didn't work for some reason. I changed them in Translhextion and saved, but it didn't do anything in game. And I was editing the Y coordinate data. Well, I did some moving around with the level, and eliminated the problem.

It doesn't seem anyone else has any suggestions or anything, so I'm currently planning Level 1-1, which is currently waiting to be named. Also, every level in the game will have part of the story in it, so expect to have so new information every day. So, that means there will be secret information/advice/hints on the Extras, which makes it more unlinear towards the plot. It also means that the Extras may help you in some of the puzzles in the game.

EDIT: Thinking and planning fast to have as much as I can for the next C3, which is only two months away!
In relation to your hex editing problem, are you editing the correct level? IIRC, the level entrance data is one byte off the four coloumns in Translhextion (which i presume you're using.) If you're using level 00 as your first area, try doing exactly this:

Open Translhextion --> Jump to offset xBF671

You'll see four bytes: 00, 07, 77, 01

Try editing it to this: 00, 07, 76, 01

If that doesn't work, then i'm not sure what's wrong.

Also, that story was quite nice. The problem is, if you're going to edit your story to the start of YI (where all the Yoshies are gathered in the forest) it may be a little too lengthy, because YI has some text boundries. With your story, you might have to cut it EXTREMELY short, or, you can include a Notepad Doc. in a ZIP Folder incase you want to keep the whole story as it is (heh, i just thought of that awesome idea.)

Otherwise, i can't wait to play a demo of your hack!

Side Note: Yoshi's Island is finally becomming popular again ;_;
Thanks for the feedbakc, Blumiere. I will try to edit it that way if I ever have a problem like this again. Also, I'll see what I can do about the story, and if I can't put it short in the start of the hack with it making sense, then I'll try to include the story in a different document.

Good to know you're looking forward to playing it! However, I think I'll wait 'till C3 to show my first work, because I'll most likely not have it done by then. ;_;

Also, yeah, I really like how I'm seeing many YI Hack projects here. It's one of my favorite games, and I can't wait to play some of the hacks here, including yours.
Hello again, everyone. Sorry about the double post, but I have some updates:

1 - 1 starts off with some nice slopes, where Gracious Green jumps around happily.

Some cloud platforms, along with the game's first few red coins, and the first Special Flower.

And you go to the right, so you can get up here, take some coins, and move on!

This screenshot was taken to show the fact that we are in a nice, relaxing, peach-colored forest that has a not-so-new tale to it.

The Intro Level is now named "The Rocky Forest Area", becuase, well, you've seen the screenshots of it!

And do you know what's the name of 1 - 1, which I just showed a few screenshots of it?


That's why I said the forest had a not-so-new tale to it.

Now, I have a question, or kinda, a request. Could someone suggest a Sprite Set and Sprite Palette Number for me to use? The Rocky Forest Area had the Shyguy Clan and the Piranha Parasities, so I need something new now, but I don't know what to put in this calming, peach-colored forest. :(

So, could anyone help, and/or give feedback?

Also, I'll be drawing a new level icon for this, so, wish me luck. :)

(Oh yeah, I haven't decorated the level yet. The next update is the one where I'll be showing off the new level icon, and the finished, decorated, sprited level.)
I'm liking the palettes you are coming up with. It's also nice to see that background in use in your first level - I don't recall seeing it in so many YI hacks. As you mentioned, decorations still need to be added to the level, and I'm sure that once you add them to it, it'll turn out even better. ;)

Oh, and by the way, I think that a sprite set that uses Goombas/Koopas/etc would go well with the level itself - that being said, I would recommend using sprite set #59, since it contains the enemies I just stated within it, as well as some other nice enemies to go with the level (such as Fuzzies, Flying Wigglers, Mildes, etc).
Thank you for the help, the feedback, and the compliments, fellow Pokemon. It's nice to see that people like this. :)

Also, thanks for the suggestion about the Sprite Set. It really has some nice enemies to it.

Oh, and, I'm not really familiar with EggVine yet, but what decorations can be correctly used with Tileset 7? And I'm worried that I'm using Palette Number 27 for the FG, which probably means some of the decorations will have a weird palette. :(

In any case, thanks for all the help. ;)
Originally posted by Eeveesaur
Oh, and, I'm not really familiar with EggVine yet, but what decorations can be correctly used with Tileset 7?

Tileset 7 doesn't really have a wide variety of decorations, but you can make the most of the ones it has.

  • Bushes (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Cross Sections

    Cross sections isn't really a decoration, but if you learn how to make nice Above Ground ones, they spice up your level and make it look better. I made a short tutorial on using cross sections, but it takes some practise to get it right.

    Originally posted by Eeveesaur
    And I'm worried that I'm using Palette Number 27 for the FG, which probably means some of the decorations will have a weird palette. :(

    If that's the case, the only thing you can do is change the tileset colour. It's annoying, but it's the only way D:

    Originally posted by Gardechomp
    It's also nice to see that background in use in your first level - I don't recall seeing it in so many YI hacks

    That's because it wasn't used in the original Yoshi's Island. Someone found it in the Offsets and Helpful Info thread (along with some other backgrounds and palettes)

    Otherwise, i really like the way you matched the colours of your level with that background, nicely done ;)

  • Tag (li) was not closed.
    Tag (li) was not closed.
    Thanks for the compliments, feedback, and info, Blumiere. Nice to now that you like the palette, and thanks for linking the tutorial to me. I'll do my best to get cross sections to work, and if the decorations don't like me, I'll just have to learn SNESPal, which doesn't seem really hard.

    Here we go!
    Oh hey guys, I'm here again, with some more updates!

    The Tale of Peach Forest starts out with a right arrow sign and a Wiggler. But also, notice that my fear isn't near, since the bush has a Peachy palette as well! I wonder if that bush hides something, though.

    A much bigger bush, some Koopas, slopes, and Goombas. Again, take note fo the beautiful peach-colored plants...that look suspicious!

    A massive tree (actually a wall) in our way! It seems we're going to have to fight the Sky Koopas on top of the clouds!

    Yay, a Red Coin that came from the sky!

    Ooh, a winged cloud on the sky. I wonder what's inside. I'm curious...

    Stars on the high sky! It makes perfect sense, actually.

    Sneaky Koopa Man...

    Sneaky Ninja Navigator!

    This is what I have so far. Not much, but meh...I guess it's nice to see me using some above-the-ground decorations for once, as well a larger variety of enemies, objects and sprites. I was also kinda surprised as how well the palettes came out, since I didn't even have to use SNESPal yet!

    Any feedback or commentary is apprecciated.
    Looking really solid, although I think it would be cool if you placed some coins throughout the level as well, so that it doesn't look too empty. The general design of the level, however, seems to be rather nice, and your palette choices are great as well. Nice work so far! :3
    Oh thanks, Broozer. :)

    Note that coins have not been placed in the level yet. They will most likely, so you don't have to worry about that. Right now I've made almost half of the level, and I always leave coins for last. ;)

    Thank you for the feedback and compliments. :D
    A video containing the "remade" Intro Level, "The Rocky Forest Area", and a preview of 1-1, "The Tale of Peach Forest".

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Note that I have not learned how to change the Message Box text yet. I've seen the text when you get a Flower in Translhextion, but didn't bother changing it right now.
    Nice video, i can see you used a variety of objects, with some terraformed land ;)

    My only complaint is that you use Stone Blocks instead of Right corner/Left corners of Normal Ground and Ceiling objects when you fall after the cloudy area. Even though they look cut off at the corner, you can put the object "Big Orange Block" to cover it up, and make it look nicer.

    Otherwise, nice job :)
    That pretty good for a 1-1.

    I've got no complaints but I look forward to playing your hack :)
    Thanks for the compliments and feedback, guys!

    @Blumiere: I need to experiment around with those a bit and see if I can remove most of the multi-colored stone blocks. I thought they weren't too good too, so I'll try the ceiling and edge objects more. Thanks!
    The Layer 3 clouds in the intro level have the wrong scrolling setting I believe - they scroll much too fast, and it looks incorrect with layer 2's scroll rate. You might want to touch that up.

    Other than that, not bad. The palettes used were quite nice, and the design seems fair overall.
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