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What Makes you REALLY mad?
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For me is when something which needed of a long time to do goes wrong, and ignorance. I hate ignorance. And yours?

Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

Meh. This is really what makes me me.

Whenever my friends joke around, they say pretty bad things. And well, I'm a serious-type person, so I usually get pissed even though it's just a joke.
What makes me mad are the following this:

1- The ignorants in class.
2- When I want to do a new level in my romhack, I run out of ideas.
3- SMWCentral being hacked (nowhere to go but youtube :( )
4- People who annoy me
5- Coming up with an idea that takes a long time to think for it, and as soon as I play hacks that I didn't play, the idea was used :(

Welp, I think there's more stuff that makes me mad, but these ones were at the top of my head.


-people who dont give others a chance (hatters)
-kids in school who talk when the teacher talks
-when i think of something get excited/or distracted and forget

"humans get arrested... dogs get put down"
When I want to build a tool in C#/want to learn C# but loose motivation already when I open Visual C# studios 2008 >_>

My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
1: People who are not Autistic and use the word "retard" or any of its other forms. That word is reserved for us Autistic people, much in the same way black people get the N-word and we don't.

2: People who are not willing to be open minded about things. I'd like to say to these people "Stop dancing like a drugged chicken and get your head outta your ass" really really loud and clear so they can grasp it.

3: The word "exetra". Dammit, people, it's "ETCETERA".

And more, but those are probably my top three.

I have seizures too but I wouldn't say seizures make me "mad" per se, just really tense. And no I would not wish seizures on even my worst enemies. [/offtopic]

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
Originally posted by Skwaa
1: People who are not Autistic and use the word "retard" or any of its other forms. That word is reserved for us Autistic people, much in the same way black people get the N-word and we don't.

i completly agree, i hate when people use it in an offensive manner

"humans get arrested... dogs get put down"
What makes me really mad, is when people bother me by calling me names in such.
Looking at myself in the mirror

The fact that i can't play piano with two HANDS!!!!!!!!

All your base are belong to us
Petty theft and lies.

That's about it really.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Nothing really, I can't think of anything. I don't get mad easily.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Roy
Nothing really, I can't think of anything. I don't get mad easily.

lol *coughmafiacough* <--- Nah, not really.

I hate it when my parents disturb me while I do anything... it heats me up really much...

Also, when I'm falsely accused of something I never did.
Well, what makes me ticked is if like someone is supposed to come, like a cable man, then they wait til a week or two later, then don't come again. That's not much but that's the only thing really I get really angry about. I do got cable btw, that's just an example of what i'm talking about.

Edit: wait, I thought of soemthing, I get very angry when someone keeps accusing me of something I didn't do, like Ramon does.

Originally posted by Ramon
Also, when I'm falsely accused of something I never did.
1337, seriously it's just dumb...
Floating Munchers. lol
But seriously the only thing I can think of is Jocks who just because the play Call of Duty 5 think they're hard core gamers.

People who claim their opinion or what they want is "just common sense." No. What colour towel you want to use for what purpose is not common sense, it's OCD. Piss off.

People who interrupt me for completely stupid reasons, and/or interrupt to just say "hey, go do (random pain in the ass task) for me", not giving a damn if I'm busy or already planned to do it later or just woke up. Not a robot kthx.

People who insist that everything I do is some attempt to deceive them, piss them off, shirk responsibilities, or get something for nothing. Because we all know I never forget, schedule something for later in the day, make a mistake, etc. Oh no.

People who think technology is infallible, computers never make mistakes, etc (and then usually end up blaming me for their computer acting up). Pull your head out of your ass. How can something designed and programmed by humans be perfect? How many times have you seen machines fail with your own eyes?

People who don't recycle, or only recycle one specific thing. And people who let their car "warm up" for an hour. If you want to kill your planet go get your own and stop fucking killing mine.
(By extension, lack of public recycle bins.)

People who insist on telling me what I already know over and over and over again. My god, shut up.

Anyone who hurts an innocent animal.


(The fun part is, all of the above describe at least one of my dad, stepmom, and/or stepbrother. -_-)

Liars, thieves, etc.

People who are all nice and happy one day and then complete jerks the next.

Basically, people.

Also, when my shower runs out of hot water after one minute, and when Failurefox eats my posts.
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-emos (the ones who have a perfect life but act like its bad because their mom took their cell phone away) those are the ones who make people who HAVE a reason to be depressed look bad

-fanboys/girls, like the ones who bitch and complain about Jason Griffith even though hes just a normal guy who didnt write the script and hes simply doing his job

-spoiled children and their pushover parents, i REALLY hate when i see little kids at stores or at parks, yelling at their parents, DEMANDING them to buy this and that or dont do this and that, and their parents listen to them

-Racism, like cops who sees a random mexican walking down the street and feels the need to pull them over because of it, thats happened to me like 5 times, they asked me things like if my mom drove and if so they asled what her license plate number was XD but im not gonna get into that

-haters/trolls, people who have nothing better to do, saying that other people have no life when in fact, THEY have no life for even trying that, i have no life and im not scared to admit it, when i see a hater i always say "awww i love you too (>^_^)>"

-like hyperhacker said...animal abusers, i REALLY hate when people beat on helpless animals for no reason, like it makes them feel "powerful" because they can hit and beat something smaller and weaker than them

i can go on and on

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
#1 Utahn Alcohal Bills

#2 Brain-dead school administrators who want you to recycle more, but place only one recycling bin in the whole school

#3 The Lack of good 3rd party games for the wii.
I'm in Roy's boat. I don't really get (visibly) angry at anything. There are things that make me uncomfortable, like the second example on Slash Man's list (by the way, that was HyperHacker, not Smallhacker :P), but I think, instead of just getting mad, I should try to actually do something about the problem. I can control my anger pretty well.

This is a bit of a contrast from my younger years. I remember when I used to get mad over the most trivial things; people playing non-Nintendo game systems (back when I was a Nintendo fanboy), my brother eating toast this one particular way, my dad waking me up and saying "Sunday morning" when I obviously already knew that...and being in a bad mood before going to church no less.

I like not getting angry. It's...comfortable. XD
I get angry at anything that goes to an extreme (Democrats and Republicans, Cheap and Expensive, Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative). BALANCE yourself. Find the best in everything, and the worst in everything, and rationalized it according to your personality.

...BUT, there is one person that makes EVERYONE mad:

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