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Footage of my upcoming hack (Super Mario: Time Chronicles)

Here's footage of another hack that I'm working on. The title is Super Mario: Time Chronicles. Bowser basically broke the space-time continuum and Mario must travel through several time periods to stop him.

The footage here is of the first Ghost House in the game. You might recognize the background is a rip of Tree Top Town (credit goes to edit1754) and you might notice some NPCs. The credit goes to Dispari Scuro, I just changed the graphics to look like Boos.

This is the link
Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
What a coincidence! I used the exact same name for a game I was once making! Almost 3 years ago... ah, the memories.

Please change the name so that I don't have to reminiscence anymore.
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
All rooms:
You have a bad FG and a bad Sprite palette. Go on the rainbow star in LM, change "FG Palette" until you have the Ghost House one and change Sprite Palette until the Boo Buddies look like the other boos.
While we are at it, make something so that you can see if a boo is a NPC or an enemy.
Also, I think the trees in the BG aren't fitting - trees in a Ghost House WTF?

2nd Room:
You come out of the pipe 2 tiles too high. If you have a vertical pipe exiit setting, place Mario so that he is IN the pipe and his head/feet is/are just touching the pipe end. Look:
O = Pipe with exit on top - Place Mario at I

3rd Room:
Bad FG/BG Starting Position. Go on the panel where you adjust where Mario starts, and change FG and BG to C0.

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Well... err... I have some complaints regarding your video:

First off, the overworld looks a little awkward with all those different colors used by the ground dirt. I would suggest sticking to only one color for every dirt tile, instead of using two colors that are completely different to each other. I would also suggest playing around with the palettes on that submap, so that you can probably get rid of those green-colored bridges, which look a little weird.

Secondly, the FG palette of the level also looks strange - you may be interest in playing around with FG palettes as well, or simply use something from the original SMW, which is more fitting than the palette you are currently using. Also, I would suggest changing the palette used by the NPC sprite as well, since it looks rather odd with those colors - try copy-pasting the colors used by the regular Boos onto the colors that are currently being used by the NPC sprite - it would look better if you did so.

At approximadely 00:55, I realized that you placed the level entrance some spots up where it should actually be placed - it should be placed at the very top of the pipe.

The palette used by the Eeries also look strange, at least for me - try using the palette used by them in almost every level in SMW (sprite palette 5, if I recall correctly).

At approximadely 01:32, I noticed that you didn't set the FG/BG initial positions correctly - try setting them to C0/C0, respectively - it should work properly if you do so.

At about 01:40, the BG looks cut-off. I suggest filling up the entire BG with the tiles of it to prevent that from happening. Also, the spikes palette look a little awkward at approximadely 01:43 - try playing around with it in order to get something better.

All in all, the level isn't so bad - it is, however, too plain in certain areas. I would suggest adding more decorations throughout it, as well as some more variable pathes. Also, try fixing the status bar palette, since it looks kind of strange like that... D:
I like the recording style. How'd you record so well?

Anyways, I think the palettes need MAJOR reworking. But other than that, nice.
This site rocks!

Thank you. I now know that I have to work on the palettes of some of the other levels as well. Broozer, it is definitely Palette 5 that works for the Boos, and the Ghost House Palette set is Palette 4. The problem I have is getting the palettes to work properly on the Overworld.
Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
I posted a more recent version of the video. I did fix the background, the palettes and a couple other issues. I did not touch the Overworld yet. Let me know what you think.
Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.

I'm making a game pretty much similar to this one... Good to see a fellow member using time travel as a means of a story lol. If you want to check out my hack so far it's:

My Youtube Channel. 90,000+ subscribers!

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