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The Fate Of Luigi
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With my 500th post, I shall unveil my secondary hack, starring Luigi: The Fate Of Luigi!

I originally didn't want a thread, but what better way is there to commemorate my 500th post with a hack? ...and a change of avatars?

STORY: Luigi is feeling uncertain about his feelings toward his brother.

Luigi: "I know it's good that Mario rescues Peach and all, but..."

He feels largely ignored and underrated. He understands Mario is just trying to help Peach, but he can't take this any longer. Bowser, being observant as he is, offers Luigi a proposition: a position in his army, against Mario. Mario hears this and rushes to the scene.

Mario: "Hey, you can't take my brother away!"

Luigi: "But..."

Peach, who was strolling aside Mario, steps in.

Peach: "Wait, Mario. This is Luigi's decision to make."

Mario: *Gasp*

This is where the adventure begins!


I'm not sure what to do with the part where the paths unite, but I'm sure there's an awesome possibility. Suggestions are welcome!

LEVELS: As my request was fufilled by Mr. Taximan, the level making has commenced!

I have black and white palettes, as Luigi will make his choice via white or black palace switch, which are (obviously) good and evil, respectively. His decision will lead him to different levels.

I am faced with a choice. Should I leave these palettes, or turn everything black and white, or some things black and white? If it is the latter, which things should I convert, as in blocks, sprites, status bar, etc.?

Oh, and DO NOT create any userbars for me or supporters. I will take care of that.
A very good and original story.

About the suggestion of the palettes, hmmm... I don't know. I would prefer to use a fully colored palette for normal stages, and the white/black palettes for cutscenes and decisive stuff.
A novel idea. Perhaps that would be best.

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Yah, other than the palette I don't see anything wrong with the stage.

Um, the stage is the default 106. As I said, all I have is the palette until my request is fufilled.

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Any Luigi's GFX change?
No, but I might change them myself.

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Those are some good palettes, and the story is pretty good as well.

And, for when the paths colide, I think that there should be a castle with a split path so you can go help protect the castle or help destroy it (Using Switch Palaces: The left path would activate one color, and the right path would activate another) And, if you don't want the player to have a chance to turn back and change alliences, make the first level pick your path by using these blocks, so it will teleport you to one side of the OW depending on which path you take, and since it doesn't use events, you can't go back.

I've got other ideas as well for the place where the paths merge. But, i'll keep this post short.

Also, you're welcome for the "Luigi (Insert A, B, or C here)" text change.
That's a good idea, but as the blue and red palaces will be used earlier, I'll likely have to do a hex edit or something to stop yellow and green blocks from giving powerups.

Don't worry about being able to go back. When a palace is hit, blocks will appear to prevent access to the other palace and other path. They will make it possible to cross only 1 path.

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Originally posted by Ultimaximus
That's a good idea, but as the blue and red palaces will be used earlier, I'll likely have to do a hex edit or something to stop yellow and green blocks from giving powerups.

Ok, than maybe another one of my ideas could work.

Do you know about Bowser's Castle and it's Back Door in the original SMW? Well, you could do something like that, and have the paths go to two different levels that are set in the same castle.
I'm happy to see more hacks using Luigi as the primary character.
Your hack is looking good so far; keep up the good work.
This hack is getting better and better. Keep the good job, man!

P.S.: Yay! The hack's got a name! And a good one!
This hack looks pretty good, I like the idea of having multiple paths to choose. The story is very unique too!
But I would suggest not making every level black and white. It just looks a bit...wierd. But like already said, the levels where you decide something should be black and white. And I would keep some stuff like ?-Blocks yellow, because they'd look weird in black'n'white. I would just change the FG and the BG colours.
This hack is sounding really good, I can't wait to see some more screenshots.

Hmmm, fine, but no more until I finish the level.

Now, which arrow is better, the left, or the right?

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I'd say the left, I don't really prefer the color of the other one.

Left if it's used throughout the entire hack, right if it's used just in the ghost house.
As for the arrows, I'll wait and see if I'll need them in a later level.

Well, I changed the 1-Up tile to be green:

However, this affected many sprites that used the color, which left me to re-color all those sprites in YY-CHR. There are a lot!

Expect an update soon.

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Left arrow.

Can't wait
for update.

it rhymes!

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
I have not been able to work on this due to unforseen circumstances, and public service, by which I mean the compiling of IPS patches and ranksets for the members of SMWC. Many of the times you see me here, I'm here via Wii because I can't get to my computer. Also, I'm planning on joining the golf team, which means I won't get home until about 4:40 or so. That, coupled with school, means I won't really be able to work on this hack. Don't worry, as I'll try my hardest to work on this.

In other news, as I golf, I made a golf userbar:

In the mean time, mesmerize yourself with this:

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