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SMW Redrawn + Fusoya's SSPipes v2


Just a heads up. I put the new version of my patch up. It is in the patch section.
From the readme.
For those who cant download it here:

New graphical changes
CORRECT Palettes( yes finally!)
Pipes now work in water.(OMFG? REALLY?)

To use,click IPS file the select file to patch.
If you rename hack, also rename "smwR+sspipes.dsc" to whatever
you name your hack. "smwR+sspipes.dsc" is the file that tells what pipe
parts are what.

Special Thanks To:




spel werdz rite


When you make hack:
You should give credit to all those people in a notepad or in you credits for your mario game.
Dam Aiyo i didnt got your Team hack
Originally posted by I KiLLrOy99 I
Dam Aiyo i didnt got your Team hack

??? what?
I mean you never gave me your hack to do the Level design
Uh.. you could talk about this through PMs instead of getting off-topic. >_>
for all those who cant download here is the link
One question. Do the pipes go at the same speed as they did in DW:TLC?
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
I don't remember the speed in DM:TLC.
Originally posted by Remnic The Hedgehog
One question. Do the pipes go at the same speed as they did in DW:TLC?

They are a bit slower I think
I have been using the ss pipes and I have a problem it doesn't affect gameplay but it would make level designing easier. I inserted a block with blktool and then all of the descriptions changed is there anyway to get them back? My hack name is smw.smc and the dsc file is named smw.dsc.
Keep a backup of pipes.dsc, open it in notepad, copy everything from it and paste it over smw.dsc. Reload LM after doing this.

EDIT: You'll have to do this every time you insert custom blocks, it'sa block tool thing. :P
Thanks BLM without those descriptions I would be lost except for using level 105.
Well you can just move it to a new place, then when u have to use the pipe parts, you just move the .dsc back into the folder.
I dont know if this works but, try copying all of pipes.dsc after then last byte in you custom block's .dsc..