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FIXING LINK SOON* Super Mario World: Yoshi's Island - Luigi's Adventure (Bro. Swap Hack) [WIP]

HackWork in Progress

Here are some pictures of a hack I made a while ago:

File Select.

Map screen.

Black Yoshi!

A secret Yoshi.

White Yoshi!

A bonus game Yoshi.

Luigi and Green Yoshi.

Luigi and Yellow Yoshi.

I changed Yellow Yoshi's palette so he doesn't look kind of orange.

Another map screen pic.

I fixed the map palettes and I deleted the map scrolling on the sides.

The glitch picture that you'll see every secret ending.

The left is Black and the right is White Yoshi. I need to fix it.

I haven't change any text except the Super Mario level. Crappy link. Enjoy.

Edit: Here's an update.

weegee! That looks pretty nice

the palette work on the yoshi is

good aswell.
Yeah, I replaced the color shoes which kind of sucks because it would be even more interesting if I had both Luigi's palette and colored shoes in my hack. So, this could be a base hack for all people. I made different graphics for Yoshi, so when Yoshi hits a fuzzy, he gets squinty eyes instead of colored eyes. No levels edited in the hack just graphics and palettes.
So, this is a palette/graphics hack? Well, for the little you changed, it is nice. I just don't have much to say since it's mainly just palettes.
I also Changed a lot of graphics.
I changed the palette and graphics of Luigi (at the end) and changed them to Mario. Also, I probably changed the last Yoshi on the map and the level to Black or another color, I forgot.
If this is a full editted hack, not just pallette editting, i would like to play it :)

Originally posted by irc, tonight

andy_k_250: has anyone made a YI hack that has Luigi as the main rider?
andy_k_250: someone should
Blumiere: andy

What an amazing coincidence! Anyway, this looks cool. As I said, it's nice to see someone giving Luigi the spotlight in this game for a change. I like your Yoshi palette edits too. Nice work!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
After many years of playing yoshi's island I've always wished to play as yoshi with luigi,but nothing. Even in the sequal to the game still no luigi. But as of today I have seen this hack and my wish has been forfilled! Too bad when I downloaded it from the link it was corrupt... :(
Was that bump really necessary?
"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
No, it wasn't.

I'll close this now, Kingyoshi, next time, don't post in threads like this that are more than a month old.

Link13, if you ever want this unlocked, PM me or someone else with the power to open threads in this forum.
Ok, now I have an IPS instead of .smc. If anybody wants to comment about my hack, PM me-no bump. Thank you now close please. :')

HackWork in Progress