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Elevator Help

How do you make layer 2 rise at a decent speed on a vertical level?
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Originally posted by cyphermur9t
How do you make layer 2 rise at a decent speed on a vertical level?

Rise? I'm pretty sure it'll drop, but not rise.
Of course, I would say to do this with ASM would be to use the Layer 2 Y Coordinates, decrementing their vertical placement. Of course, you should also probably factor in the fact that you don't want the layer shooting downwards, so using LDA $13 AND #$01 would probably be needed. Basically, just decrement the Ypos of Layer 2.
It would also be simpler if you made the elevator on layer 1 and put whatever else on layer 2 then use the "Layer 2 falls" command.

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Oh, yeah...which Layer 2 scrolling commands work in vertical levels? I could probably make my own as well, but would they always work? I don't really know what works in vertical levels and what doesn't...or, for that matter, which combinations of Layer 2 X and Y position movement would work in horizontal levels. (I'm quite sure none of the normal Layer 2 Scroll/Smash commands, except the sideways ones, work in vertical levels, but I'm not sure...)


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Actually, Layer 2 Falls works just fine in vertical levels.
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you mean you want to have a vertical level?
Mario head.
and make it 0A.

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