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"Conficker C/D"
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This name, is the name of a new virus that is told to be released at aprils fools, i reaqd that on the news, this week (24th march)
they said that it would spam internet, watch all keybord typings to retreive passwords of forums, bank account, etc... It can also go in to your computer, and corrupt it...
Be aware!
OH SHIT!!! April Fool's is for harmless practical jokes, not serious stuff like a freakin' virus! How is it obtained and spread?

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the whole thing is clearly a hoax, if it was real virus, there no way the maker would be scared of swearing and not call it "Confucker".
who knows? of course, it can be a joke, but there are so many criminals out there.
If you have a good AV and are internet smart then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't have an AV then get Opera or Firefox as there the safest browsers out there.

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By "internet smart", you mean not clicking or opening spam and not downloading stuff from untrustworthy sites, right? Then I'm fine!.

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There's some serious FUD out there right now about what the Conficker worm will do on April 1. But according to those in the know, you probably don't have to worry.

According to Joe Stewart, a security researcher at SecureWorks who knows what's what when it comes to malware, "there will be no April 1st outbreak." Clean PCs won't suddenly melt down from a new Conficker infection. All that will happen, Stewart writes, is that the worm will begin to use a new trick that gives it a better chance of getting around existing defenses that attempt to prevent it from updating. The ability has been around since a new Conficker variant came out earlier this month, but it won't activate until April 1st, Stewart says.

Put another way, if you're not infected on April 1st, nothing will happen to you. If you are infected with Conficker, it will attempt to update itself. That update could theoretically contain instructions to do something drastic, like wiping out a hard drive, but that's pretty unlikely. Conficker's creators stand to gain nothing by such a destructive act, and malware these days is all about gain.

And there's a relatively simple check to see if you're infected with Conficker: Point your browser towards,, or other security sites. If you get a "page cannot be displayed" error for all the sites, there's a good chance they're blocked by Conficker or similar malware on your PC.

It could be a haox, but it sounds dangerous. Just don't open anything you don't know anything about and make sure to scan your pc's.
Realistically, you have to somehow "catch" a virus. And I can't see it infecting a computer unless you open something wierd. The worst that can happen to us, here, on smwcentral is.... Bob the Koopaling killing Bowser.Jr and stop being the 8th koopaling reject?!?!

This cute little beast is going to go on a massacre...

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It's not like any other virus doesn't do that. Idiots.

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Well, I came across a blog that pretty much explains quite a bit in the matter - As in, to calm down.

Chances are its fake, but I used this as motivation to finally update and patch my computer =w=

Also, I bet the news will rick roll us in the end.

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I really don't think it's fake. Otherwise, why would Microsoft be offering a $250,000 reward for the capture of the guy who created it?
Yeah, I saw that article, and I thought "Oh crap..."

I really don't know what to think of it, but it if is true, it'll be bad. O_o

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Originally posted by Kristian
I really don't know what to think of it, but it if is true, it'll be bad. O_o

Same here.

*hopes that the whole thing is just a harmless April Fools joke*
I don't think it's fake, as my dad's army base's computers got wiped today.
I hope it's fake.
Are you sure it was due to the same virus? Is your dad's base in a time zone where it's April 1st, as that's when it's supposed to happen?

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Army Base? Holy fuck, this might be real if that happened.
I'm fairly sure it's real. Whether it wil happen on April Fool's day is another matter altogether. If the virus's creator plans to strike, it would be unexpectedly. Villains are bad, but smart villains are the worst.
Well, I can get to just fine. But I have told my sister to stay off my computer tomorrow for safety.
I say that this may be a hoax, but it's best to be safe.

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i say its true. there are people who would do that and it makes me mad. i love to prank people on april fool's day, but not fuck up their computers. that is a MAJOR kick in the nuts.


For a moment I thought it was infected because I saw autorun.inf files in my recycle bin... But then I realized it was from my printer when I was trying to get it installed and messed up a few things XD
I'm probably safe.. For now, at least.

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timezones dude, think timezones, its april 1st in almost every part of the world right now, its 11:36 pm here at the moment, and it there was a case it would be everywhere by now, the whole world cant be in ONE day at ONE time, dont give me that crap about it being around since october because if it WAS it would have been on the news then, its nothing.
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