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What is the first SMW Hack you have made?

Well, my first ever was SMW Cheap Tricks and Quick Kills, which I deleted by accident and is gone forever.
Look at this 8 year-old layout that I should probably update.
the training one was called smw: ten years later (not realesed)
and the oficial 1st one its mario in midgard
I do pixels sometimes
Wacky World.


This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
The Eggs of Saear.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Going to punt this to SMW hack discussion. It belongs there more than here.

Also, I made a rather terrible hack that barely functions almost 5 years ago called The Thousand Year Pipe. I'm not even sure if the link still works, but if it does, you can find it here.
Super Mario Is Fun. That was a kaizo hack that I eventually broke to hell.

Mine didn't have a name, but it was pretty much a SMW that tried to piss people off, like randomly cutting off ground so you would fall through unexpectedly. It was hell. I just kept working on hacks until I made some stuff that could stand presentable among other hacks. That was years after of course.
- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta (2009)
I dont even know. It probably got deleted over 3 years ago. It was probably full of fail anyways. :P
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA

Mine was Super Insane Mario World. I managed to complete one world+one extra level before stopping. It wasn't all that great, mostly just a bunch of level edits, complete with floating munchers and an overload of Yellow ! blocks, cement blocks and used blocks, and its still on the computer (all of my hacks are still on the computer actually)

Red Tales: Part 1: Hack is being worked on. Committed to finishing this time
Levels Complete: 13/21(+4) Exits: 23/37 (Demo 1)
Levels Complete: 11/40+ Exits: 23/100+
Super Mario Deja Vu. It was just level edits but at the time that it was made (2006ish) no one really cared. Nothing horrible, just really bland now that I look back at it.
Luigi's Decision. A hack that's in this site. Yes, it is the first hack I've ever made in my life.
My first Hack, I'm currently making

It's called The seven worlds of Mario & Luigi and a demo for it is in the hacks to be moderated list.
I'm not the star of the show but I try to be.
Currently making a SMW rom hack with 7 worlds. Hope to finish it soon.

The first official SMW hack I've made was my current one, SMW2+3: The Essence Star.

The first one technically I ever released was SMW+ seven years ago, but that was a very crappy hack. I did have another SMW hack before that one that was nearing completion, but then I corrupted my ROM by improperly inserting ExGFX to the ROM. Ah well.
I think I called it Mario's Adventure in Koopa Land or something, it was made in december 2006. The levels were horribly designed and I used LOTS of cement blocks.
The first one I made was a a hack with some bad edited levels.
But it didn't have a title, just screwing around with LM.
My first SMW hack in my life is The Big Boo's Legion. I'm working yet on it, but it will be released (hopefully) between April-May!
My first hack is the one I'm working on at the moment, Super Mario - The Cookie Crisis.
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Super Yoshi World.
Your layout has been removed.
Super Mario and the trials of pissing people off.....yea....bad name.... but that's what it was called and that sums it up! lol
My first was "Super Mario Omega: SCORPION's Wrath Part 1," which is currently being revised.