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What is the first SMW Hack you have made?

Adventures of luigi. It was quite good concidering it was made 2 years ago. It was available here, buti think itgot deleted dueto something happening to this site. =[
when i didnt know of this site's existence and before i hat pointers, the first one i ever completed was a badly edited/unfair hack i called Douchebag Edition
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Also this.

Actually, that was my second hack. My first hack was mainly to test out how Lunar Magic works. It actually didn't look like a level 105 edit at all. Why? Well, I accidentally deleted the BG... and didn't know how to get it back ;_; Lol.

Anyway, yeah, that was my second hack, made in my second-third week with LM (about Oct 18 - Oct 28 '07, the first hack in Oct 12 - Oct 18 '07). Most levels had cut-off tiles (like you can notice in the second video, which was my third level, 'The Airport'). Also, noticed the switch blocks? I kind of put them there to simulate some kind of cargo... you know, stuff that gets transported. Actually, my whole hack was based on some sort of market system. And Mario had to stop the Koopa Kids, because they were messing that system up.

Yeah. Okay.

Edit: I noticed I'm one of the few who actually DIDN'T stack Munchers / had unfair challenges. Well... not completely true, I guess. I used a lot of Munchers in level 4, but not stacked. Kind of unfair though. But it was a Layer 3 water level and I added many stars so I guess it wasn't too bad.
The level just looked like vomit.
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Mine was a terrible kaizo hack called Anything But Super Mario World, where I just tried to annoy people silly.

Not blue.
Mine was a unfair hack called Super World Starring Mario. Most people will remember it because of Tatsu's LP of it. Since then, I made good hacks.Working on something!

Better than the cape!

Real World.
I still have it.
You can find it here: Real World
I restarted after a virus, now I'm much better at hacking.
Something whose title was "Super Extreme World" or something - if I recall correctly, I even had an avatar which I used to use on my early days regarding my first hack - I was so anxious that I got ExGFX to work back then that I made an avatar showing off a little of the first level, using an ExGFX background. XD I decided to cancel it sometime later, though... dunno why; probably because the hack wasn't that great, and after playing through lots of HARD hacks, I realized that mine was TOO EASY compared to those which I had played, and therefore, I failed to reach my main goal upon making that hack. :/
Mario's Mushroom Quest is actually my second hack. My first was an untitled one with nothing custom except for a few blocks. I didn't change the overworld much, either. I got to Lemmy's castle before I decided to stop working on it. I don't even remember why I stopped, although I think that was probably the time my ROM got corrupted when I inserted ExGFX.

(Edit: Oh, and I didn't do anything like stack munchers or use cutoff tiles or horrible palettes...or, for that matter, any custom palettes.)


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
It took me a long time to get the hang of OW editing, ExGFX, and music. I still haven't learned ASM yet. However, my level design has always been above average, I don't think I ever went through that n00b muncher stacking phase that a lot of new hackers seem to be in.

This was my first not-just-testing-LM level

This was made about a week or two later

The first one is a generic first level, and the second one was focused around the idea of the eating block without the creating block.
Super Mario's Thousand Year Door Quest.

I enjoyed Paper Mario 2 a lot and was motivated to get into SMW hacking from Techokami's SMW project.

I released one demo, and I stopped.

Taking time with helping A Yoshi on his hack.
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
My First Hack Was a very funny hack.
It was called " Mario Goes to WTF Island "
I know that i swore but it's a real hack.
It even had funny levels but it wasnt garbage hack nor was it a difficult hack. I might release when i get the chance.

My first hack that actually got at least a level completed in it was unnamed, as most of my stuff is until it gets to a certain point. World 1 was snow-themed. I eventually stopped because I overwrote one of the levels while importing an Exanimated background.


One called "Bizarre Mario", glitchy, with cutoff, bad palettes and blatant edits.
EDIT: if you want to play it, you can get it Here
i just lurk sometimes



I started it on exactly August 25, 2008. Now, three-quarters of a year later, I've got four (wtf) other hacks on hold, and have playtested it at least three times. My level design has improved exponentially, (i.e. no giant walls of stacked and floating munchers) and I hope I can finally finish it.
Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Actually, I lied to people- the one I sent to Azureblade was my SECOND hack. My first one had no name. It had NO blatant edits, because I highlighted all the objects and enemies and deleted them (I didn't know about Ctrl+Delete). I was going to call my first level the Bridge of Death, which just used the Arch structures for bridges.
My second level was Kaizo esque, with floating munchers below green pea springs. Hey, I thought it was a good thing!
My third level was kinda good, but it had floating munchers, and that one trap where you use the hammer platform to go through munchers.
After realizing how horrid it was, I deleted it.
Oh man,I made maybe 10 hacks (2 I am working on them,one is here available for download).
My first hack ever was a hack called Super Mario the 82th World(cutoffnes,Level edits and more).
After World 2 I quitted this hack because I deleted it .:P

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Super UltiMario World.
It wasn't a good hack at all. It was terrible, but it meets the hacking standards.
My first one was called Super Mario World: Revision. Basically, it was a crappy revised version of SMW, with nothing special about it except new level designs that were not even kaizo worthy. My newer level designs are far more superior. What does one of the levels in the hack look like? Well... lets just say that you're playing Mario World, but with random blocks placed everywhere, and for some reason... Bowser's theme is playing at a fast speed in a level.

... ugh! ...
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Originally posted by S.N.N.
Going to punt this to SMW hack discussion. It belongs there more than here.

Also, I made a rather terrible hack that barely functions almost 5 years ago called The Thousand Year Pipe. I'm not even sure if the link still works, but if it does, you can find it here.

I second that it's crappy.

I never released a hack, and I never actually completed a hack before my current project. When I first started hacking, I had plans on a normal hack with just original SMW graphics and music and stuff. I still have those videos on my Youtube channel, but those levels has been scrapped and replaced with the levels I now use in LotR.