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Super Mario Bros: A New Adventure

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I've been slowly putting together a SMW hack over the past couple of months, and now is a nice time to show it. To this forum, at least. Well, here goes:

Here's my title screen. It's still a work in progress. As you can see, I'm going in an 8-bit graphics form here.

Here's my overworld. It still needs a lot of work to make it less bland. It's based off of a mix of SMB3, Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy III (J). Cliffs are in the plans, as I don't like flat overworlds.

Start of world 1-1. More 8 bit goodness.

A little bit into 1-1. The goombas here are actually shell less koopas. The koopas in shells have been modifies so that they don't spit out goombas when you step on them. Also, take note of the big pink castle, that'll be important later on in the hack. The background art all comes from Kirby's Dreamland.

I'm still working on some of the graphics. Some of Mario's poses haven't been updated to work with the palette, either.

World 1-2. We're moving away from the castle and towards the ocean.

That's all I'll share now, as I've been working at a sluggish pace, switching between this, my now frozen Golden Sun fan game, and another secret project.
Hmm..looks very good and interesting. The graphics are really a little 8-bit-ish. This OW is very nice, I like these big buildings!
I can't wait for the later updates. :)
(hope it's not an april's fool joke)
That's an interesting idea...but I'm not so sure about it. We're not NES hacking here; we have 16 bit power! I think maybe you should...well, you know, take advantage of 16 bit SNES. I mean, the SNES's greatest improvement was its graphics. With this it's not much of an improvement. Unless you think the classic feel will fully overcome better graphics...
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I'm not gonna limit myself to just 4 colors on a palette line, and 16 colors on screen. I'll try to take full advantage of colors and graphics when I can. For example, it's likely that I'll eventually have 4 different colored koopas on screen, with Mario, and about 7 or 8 differently colored ground pieces.
'swith the katelynn in the title screen?
I didn't just... oh god >_< I swore I took that out... Well. uh. I'll get to that later. In the mean time, here's some screenshots of the outside of the Yellow Palace.

Rainbow colored, but it'll be yellow and white on the inside to distinguish just what color switch you're activating.
This looks like a really nice hack! It's 8 bit (i dont have a problem with it, ,i like the style) but it looks polishes, and not un-detailed. Keep it up!
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Looking nice. I really like the Mario you're using.

This looks good, i can't wait for some level videos.
Those colored blocks, they are from Kirby's Adventure, aren't they?
Looking nice with the 8-bit graphics you've chosen. The palettes hurt me eyes a little, although that just might be me. The Overworld looks quite unique - I can't wait to see how it's like when it's done! I also really like those coloured-blocks from the yellow switch palace ;)

Nice job and keep up the good work!
Pretty good so far. The graphics are nice, but could probably be edited a bit.
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

I like how this hack is looking. The graphics are looking very nice, and the Mario your using I really like. ;3
Thanks guys! :)

I've started working on World 1-4. World 1-3 is on hold as I come up with ideas for it.

It starts out looking like an average level. However...

It quickly morphs into a semi-remake of World 3-9 from SMB3. There are a few differences, and I'll spruce it up to be even more different soon. The pipes that lead to the underwater part in the original will be changed to go to other places, to retain a degree of originality.

At the "end" of 3-9, it turns back into a short custom section.

I'm experimenting with odd shapes using these... square... things. I'm liking what I'm seeing, so I'll probably use these in the future.

Here, you need to kick the key into the bricks to break them. That's if you want to activate the normal exit, at least.

If you want the secret exit, you'll have to figure out where that pipe under these bricks leads from.

I'll try working in a less boring background. I've only got three backgrounds in this hack so far, and they're all using the same artwork. :(
nice looking hack. Love the 8-bit GFX you used
I'm impressed at your ability to keep up the 8-bit style in this Kate. You mentioned finding a more interesting background .. but the one you have right now really isn't that bad. Remember that if you're going for the 8-bit style, there isn't too much you can do with it, and what you have there is pretty great in my eyes.

(also, you mentioned your love of 3-9 on IRC at one point - glad to see you're doing a decent remix of it. Heh.)
Well I'm not sure why you decided to use 8 bit graphics, but I hope you can somehow make a good looking hack nonetheless. Still, if you're going to mix 8 bit graphics with SNES-powered 16 bit graphics, I'm not sure what's the point of that...unless you just want a "style" to your hack, which could actually turn out pretty well. And aren't remakes looked down on?

EDIT: I have more to add.

I think from what I see your level design skills are better than the average n00b here at smwcentral. I think you might be able to get a nice hack from doesn't really depend on the graphics, but, as the tip box says, the level design, which always, always beats good graphics.

Of course, good graphics don't hurt. =P
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Seems nice,hope that overworld gets better,it's really bland.

(No offense.) there a story? Or are you still making that. (You probably already answered that,and I just missed it.)
Looks good but yeah.. your OW IS Bland ^^
Layout by Tom Servo
Originally posted by LinksPetYoshi
Seems nice,hope that overworld gets better,it's really bland.

(No offense.)

Originally posted by yoshibear
Looks good but yeah.. your OW IS Bland ^^

Read the caption below the screen of the overworld guys. It's just showing us an idea of what it will look like.

Anyways, this seems like a very interesting hack! I like it when people use an 8 bit theme, it also leaves room for some great new ideas. Good work so far.

- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta (2009)
Wooaaaah! EPIC! 8-bit style...very, very nice! I really like this one! The red, green, blue and yellow palace intrigues me...where'd you get those multi-colored rectangle blocks, out of curiosity?
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