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Secondary exits are broken! Need more help...
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As title. Hi it's me again, with my graphics bug helpfully fixed, I continued work on my hack and finished the ver. 1.2 beta for it to be tested by my friends. They've reported a massive bug. The Secondary exits don't work! They were just fine before...Can anybody identify or fix this problem? the IPS file is in the Bin, marked as MMMtn Secondaries Problem.

I apologize for not contributing anything but problems, but simply put I'm just not experienced enough to give back to this website for all the help...
Which secondary entrances, in which level?

Also, I've been fixing up some other rejection-worthy stuff for you.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
From what I can at least test, the ones in levels 128 and 18. I suspect this may have something to do with my earlier ExGFX issue, as the overworld editing screen, not the segments of the map itself, is still distorted, you can see for yourself.

I'm thinking I may have to take a previous version of my hack and import the new levels to it and redo the overworld, but if at all possible I'd like to avoid that kind of thing out of fear of screwing things up even further. Yeesh, talk about bad luck. Still, considering the help you've been giving me, I'm very grateful so far. What sort of rejection worthy thing, out of curiosity, so I don't make those mistakes again?
The rejection worthy things I'm seeing are:

-Blatant Level Edits
-Stacked Munchers
-Kaizo Traps

Yeah, just about every rule you could possibly violate. :P Just submit your hack as a ROM and you've got a full spectrum of rule-breaking. [/sarcasm]

But anyway, I think I figured out how you think secondary entrances work, and that's not how they work.

When setting up a secondary entrance, on the "Add/Modify/Delete Screen Exits" window, you type in the number of the secondary entrance, (like "Secondary Entrance #0F8 to 105) and check "Make Above Value a Secondary Entrance Number". Then, the screen exit on that screen will go to that secondary entrance number.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Oh I see. Still, those traps and edits are there to stay really, I originally intended this hack for a group of friends and family who wanted me to make a hack after I mentioned I was playing with Lunar Magic, so it's not likely to be submitted here at all. I feel kind of bad about saying that, actually, considering the help I've been given, I feel obligated to return the favors and contribute to the community in some way, but the hack I intend to make apparently is not the sort welcomed. I suppose my editing 'talents' lie in overworld design, not level design. Then again, for a first-ever attempt at a hack, I'm proud of my work anyway.

But...Kaizo traps? Seriously? I never intended to make anything stupidly difficult, save for perhaps the Invisible Level, which I'm probably going to relocate from the main path of the game to a bonus content area, since it is way more unfair then I suspected. And I didn't throw invisible coin blocks as jump hazards anywhere, nor the "Death after the goal tape" trap, so I'm not sure I follow you when you say I've used Kaizo traps. Level 18's underwater Chomper mazes are probably the most "cruel, not difficult" thing in the hack, and even then my little brother is capable of getting past them with relative ease, even the maze with the disappearing and reappearing ghosts. I'm not TRYING to make a hellish Kaizo hack...I was trying to create a varying amount of difficulty from level to level, with areas such as The Beach and Warm Up as relatively easy while Lunar Maze is intentionally very difficult, though I tried hard not to be assholeish about things, like requiring glitches or carrying something through an entire level, or cruel time limits.

Though I'm a bit skeptical of the accusation of blatant level edits. None of the original levels I overwrote for use remain, I deleted all sprites and objects in the levels I used before modifying them. Unoriginal designs? That is a possibility...Copied and sloppily edited designs? I find that hard to believe given the way I made the levels from scratch.

I'm confused what you mean by cutoffness, though I suspect it refers to the way some levels are abruptly halted by a wall of blocks or land tiles rather then having the number of screens reduced.

And thank you for the help with secondary exits, apparently they aren't as intuitive to use as I thought. You've may have also noticed how the overworld is entirely open already with no events, this is for ease of testing's sake, though I doubt I'll be able to fix it back to a normal layout with opening level paths due to the rather bizarre things that ExGFX file did to the overworld tiles I wasn't actually using.

Honestly? Perhaps SMW hacking isn't my thing. I'm eager to work on it, but the layers and layers of complexity that rise out of what looks like a clean and simple user interface is baffling me more and more lately. Is there a way to turn my hack over to the public domain to make it available to others who want a starting point of some kind? If it was patched up, I bet it could be a great hack if someone who knew what they were doing was at the helm. I'll still probably work on it though, rejection-worthy content intact, because my friends and family want to see it complete and playable. They think the beta's I've released to them for the sake of ironing glitches out are fun, so I'd be disappointing them if I just stopped.
Oh. I'm sorry about the accusations of bad level design.

I'm just so used to seeing so many idiots running around this site with incredibly crappy levels that I sometimes just can't help being critical. It's nice to see that's there's a few users out there that can sit down and write a really intellectual response.

I completely understand if you have unintentionally created some things in your hack that you had no idea about how they weren't accepted. I have made the same mistake.

For future reference, this is the complete list of what not to do in a hack.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I can wholly relate...I assume you were expecting a response along the lines of "SHUT THE **** UP U DONT GET HOW LONG AND HARD I SPET ON THS LEVELS!!!!", or some other depressing spawn of Youtube comments and AOL chatspeak.

Still though, my point rests that I won't be altering much of the content, aside from bug fixes, as the people I intend to send this hack to like it this way. Niche market appeal, y'know?

Do you think that the leaving-it-up-for-grabs ideas would work? People could harvest and improve/alter the levels to add quick additional content to their hacks without worrying about plagiarizing or having content already available to others, or use it as a starting point for their own ideas.
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