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Sprite Tool
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I figured that since I already sent a long winded PM to someone (who will remain unnamed) explaining Sprite Tool, I'd just repost here to stop questions. It may not be how everyone does it, but its how I do it.

Make a separate folder with all of Sprite Tool's files, folders, ect.

Then I copy my ROM into the folder. I name it "smw.smc" (No quotes)

I look at the sprites.txt, and modify it to use the sprites I want. Like, if I wanted to put in a Missile Bill and a YI Shyguy, I'd put this:

00 missile_bill.cfg
01 yi_shyguy.cfg

The numbers are the number to insert it as. (Don't worry, it won't overwrite original sprites)
The next part is the name of the .cfg file. (The Missile Bill's .cfg file is named "missile_bill.cfg")

Once thats all done, run Sprite Tool. It'll ask you for the ROM. Put "smw.smc" Then it'll ask for the sprite list. Put "sprites.txt" (No quotes for both)

Then wait for it to finish up inserting. Copy your ROM back to its original folder, replacing the old one. (You may want to keep a backup)

Then go into sprite editing mode in Lunar Magic. (The green shell button) Press insert on your keyboard. A window should open. For Command put the sprite number. Screen number should be obvious. XY isn't need, leave it. Extra bit put 2 or 3, depending on if you want to use it. (Open the sprite's .asm file with notepad to see if the sprite uses it or not, and what it does)

BIG FAT NOTE: It WON'T appear correctly in Lunar Magic, Use ExGFX for it to appear correctly in-game.

Of course, this assumes you know how to use ExGFX. I also edited a few parts.

Hopefully this will stop the countless questions being asked about Sprite Tool. :/

I'll amend it if anyone points out vital parts I missed.

Can a mod move this if they think it would be better somewhere else? Or trash it if unnecessary. ._.
Why didn't you yell at the person for not reading your signature?

Offtopicpost: Also, I liked your avatar better before it changed every time you look at it...
Why won't it overwrite the original sprites? (no, I don't know how to use Sprite Tool or how it works.)

Also, I nominate this thread for stickying.
im guessing you cant get it to work either Haaaaaaaach?

Originally posted by Haaaaaach
Why won't it overwrite the original sprites?

Because custom sprites use Extra bit 2 and 3 while original sprites use 0 and 1.

There is one exception however. The poison mushroom is used as a normal sprite, and overwrites regular sprite 85. Sprite 85 is unused BTW.

Edit: If you want more technical info about how Sprite Tool works, you're better off asking Mikeyk.
oooohhhhh thats why its not working. durrrrr im an idiot

When I try to insert a birdo, it comes up as a Black Monty Mole, so im guessing that the definition of glitched?

Damn. I didnt know ocelot wasnt left handed.

YOWZA 11 MONTH BUMP! In the future, please check the dates before posting.

Generally when we refer to "glitched items", it means that the wrong graphic or a garbled graphic for the sprite is displayed because the appropriate GFX file is not loaded, or that the tilemapping is screwed up.

The custom sprite will never appear correctly in Lunar Magic, but you should insert the ExGFX of the custom sprite into the correct SP slot, and test ingame to make sure your Birdo displays properly. Closing this thread now.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I still see some informational use in this thread, however, so I'm going to sticky it.
I belive you need to save a level in LM.

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what the hell Alcaro

eh, I read it. It's good, but... The rom can be named anything you want. If it contains spaces, surround them with quotes (The" "Rom.smc). Also, the numbers you can insert it as are 00-BF for standard sprites, C0-CF for shooters, and D0-DF for generators.

Oh, and the sprite GFX may be displayed in Lunar Magic's newest version, via tutorial in this forum.

(Yes, I realize how old this thread is)

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Originally posted by Kyoseron
The custom sprite will never appear correctly in Lunar Magic

Someone should edit this, since as we all know, the latest version of LM allows custom sprites to show up properly.

Originally posted by Ultimaximus
If it contains spaces, surround them with quotes (The" "Rom.smc).

...what? Both "A Super Mario Thing.smc" and "Super Mario World edit.smc" works for me, without any quotation marks.

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well I must be confusing it with xkas, or probably batch files.

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could someone post the download link for the sprite tool please ?
It's in the Tools section. >_> (called "Romi's Spritetool")


I'm trying to insert the sprites using the sprite tool found in Romi's sprite tool. All the graphics are in the same folder but when I use the sprite tool, where it says Enter sprite list filename I enter it like this:

enter sprite list filename: albatoss.txt

It gives this error message: error: couldn't open sprite list

What am I doing wrong?

SMW rocks!
Luigi is the best.

You need to open the .txt file WITH the list of sprites you want to insert. I says it RIGHT THERE. FIRST POST.

Originally posted by Maxx
You need to open the .txt file WITH the list of sprites you want to insert. I says it RIGHT THERE. FIRST POST.


sorry to bump, but i'm desperate. what do you mean by that?!

I'm not so good with this kind of stuff.

never mind, I finally got it!! yay!
my sprites.txt won't show up|-O
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