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What if names became reality?

This is a weird question, but...

What do you think it would be like if everybody, or even just select members, really were what their usernames suggested? What if my name really were Amelia, HyperHacker had ADHD, Smallhacker had a growth hormone problem, Raibys really did have three eyes and green skin, Iceguy really were made of frozen H2O (or had powers relating to it), S.N.N....oh wait, never mind....

Well, you get the idea. For Kristian and Katelynn, it would obviously be very boring, but what about other people? Fairy Leviathan, AtomicShroom, and Anti-matter Drone would be interesting.


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If that was true, then I'd be a spiky rat in real life. O_o
Good fucking bye.
And I would be the most interesting! +D

Y'know, cuz all my RP shit would be true.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
I'd be a ride cymbal.

What about me?

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Under my normal name I would be redundant.

And under my current name (Samus Aran) I would be a woman.
I'm not sure how somebody would be "huhwhatwhere", but ok.
Your layout has been removed.
That would be quite awesome, because if true i'd have a magical staff and have the ability to warp anywhere I want.

Then again, if there was a user on this site named Timpani, that would be ... awkward.
I'd be an alien magician from the future who participates in F-Zero races to support his unsuccessful circus.


Or I'd be a shovel.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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If what you say really did become a reality.....your all screwed, all of you.
I'd be a fusion of both Bowser and Kefka.
I would be Weegee working at some big business company, thus having the name "Mr. Weegee"

My username isn't meant to be part of a fad, though. D:
I have no idea what I'd be. Probably just some weird guy with a bunch of random numbers at the end of their name. XD
Originally posted by Blumiere
if there was a user on this site named Timpani, that would be ... awkward

It would, wouldn't it? :P

Anyways, I would be a...chameleon that's always red. Nothing really exciting...
it would be pretty weird. I have no idea what my name means though
According to Google, I would either be pretentious, a song, or a girls' spa...
Shit. I knew I should have left my name as Sonia for one more day.
lets translate my username!
anonimato - anonymity
..spanish - english

thats enough?
I do pixels sometimes
Yeah, I'd live in the sewers of Yoshi's Island.
That'd suck.
i would be an xman