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Bonni's Quest


I realized that I never really explained what happened with this hack.

Progress was going very slowly, since I had lost interest. However, I'd say things went downhill once my harddrive was corrupted, and thus I lost everything. This sort-of explains the long hiatus, since I've been unwilling to restart the hack. However, now I feel that I can continue where I left off (that is, at the drawing board). I feel the way I was doing my hack, I was just throwing ideas in and out, putting "cool stuff" all over the place until the hack no longer was a hack but an ASM sandbox. Thus, I am restarting, this time more organized (hopefully), with ideas already set. If you haven't seen it, this basically has some stuff you might want to look at, and I just finished posting "ideas" there (I'd say they're more spoilers than anything, but oh well). By doing this, I hope to have a skeleton of the hack, and thus I'll only need to apply the skin and stuff, rather than make the hack as I go, with ideas coming up mid-hack that I wish I had implemented sooner.

Yeah, that's basically it :P As I've told TLMB a few times, I hope to release the hack in some future C3, though not any soon.
I don't think you have anything to rush. Starting fresh is never a bad thing. I do feel sorry for the hard drive corruption and the loss of data of course.
You should never feel rushed to complete it, take as long as it takes.
Be sure to inspire your self by going outside and looking around.
Also, be sure to sketch out ideas and layouts to be as creative, fitting, and as fun as possible. Best of luck!
Quest on Full Moon Island 2 Pandora's Box
Originally posted by Ladida

I hate you.

... Anyways, it's nice to see that progress is still going. I was wondering what had happened to this...
Good fucking bye.
Seems like a good thing to ladida, Ive restarted my hack many times, I think 7? but yeah. Now Ive got a good base with w4 started I think its safe to say Im ok, and you should be aswell. Just get your ideas ready before hand! :D
So, is this project cancelled or not?
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by The Thunder
So, is this project cancelled or not?

No. He was probably trying to get attention or something.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Originally posted by The Thunder
So, is this project cancelled or not?

No. He was probably trying to get attention or something.

Or play around with you guys :3

Anyways, I pretty much gave every level I'll make a name and a sort-of description/theme. They can be seen on this page.
So I've been thinking about how to design the title screen. Being the final release, it'd be nice for it to be different from the previous demos, though it doesn't have to. These are the choices I have in mind:

1) No change (title screen like in previous demos)
2) SMW-style title (playback movie, perhaps of the 1st level)
3) something like this (failscan is fail)

As I said, it'd be nice to change the title screen to something else, though I would be perfectly fine with 1. I don't really want 2 since it seems kind of unoriginal, though it may work out. The only problem that I have with 3 is that it seems kinda movie-ish, which I don't really like.

I was thinking of having something like 1, but also including Bonni somewhere (like, flying around or whatever). So I guess put that as option 4.

I also like Touhou 8's title screen (if you couldn't tell already by the music), and want something like that. So I guess that's option 5.

Yay? Nay?
I think you can use designed previous titles.
I honestly prefer title screens like 2...
Good fucking bye.
I prefer option #3 myself.
To be honest, I found the original title screen fabulous already, so I think keeping it would be completely fine. But I like your other ideas, too, and making a Touhou 8-like title screen sounds the most interesting to me.
Option three looks awesome. I think you should use that. It looks unique and different. #w{=D}

- BlackMageMario
ever since I got into SNES homebrew, I've been debating what to do with this project: keep it as a SMW hack, or change it into a homebrew project

a SMW hack, in my opinion, would be the better option. SMW hacks have wider exposure (via this site), which means a larger audience. they can also seem more impressive simply because they are a modification of an existing game. it would also be much easier to create given all the tools and resources available (again, thanks to this site)

however, a homebrew project has much more freedom. and I think that's what the project needs, besides a core foundation and identity reevaluation

so I am officially cancelling this rendition of Bonni's Quest. for those few that care (if any), expect updates on a homebrew version sometime, somewhere else
Rip bonni's quest, you were too good for this world. I do suggest 2 things though for you to consider, first being release the smw rendition for the hell of it just for people to play since some people have been still waiting for it. Secondly, still use this thread to post updates for however this project may turn out.

Good luck making the homebrew, maybe if you make it good enough people will start hacking it over SMW.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Originally posted by TLMB
first being release the smw rendition for the hell of it just for people to play since some people have been still waiting for it.

already did a while ago, here. never made any progress beyond that

Originally posted by TLMB
Secondly, still use this thread to post updates for however this project may turn out.

this thread is meant for the smw hack. i think a thread dedicated to the homebrew would be much better

it's not just whether to make a smw hack or homebrew that ive been debating. its the whole concept and execution; the core gameplay. i want to go beyond just ripping off and modifying smw's gameplay. I really really like the project as a whole, and I want to do it justice. so a rebirth like this would be best suited for a new thread

thanks for the response
I was so confused when I saw this at the top of the WIP forum #tb{'_'} Indeed it would've been more impressive doing this as a hack instead of homebrew and stuff... but I am super relieved you weren't posting to say it was cancelled :D In fact I'm kinda happily surprised it hasn't been cancelled for that matter!
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Yeah same, glad to see the project itself isn't cancelled! Bonni's Quest is one of the first hack that I've ever played, and that made me think "whoa you can change all that?!". I didn't even know this had a WIP thread, it's super old. There's even a childish version of BMM that uses smilies right above us!
It's true that a romhack is a lot more impressive, but if it's a homebrew that you need, a homebrew you should make. Plus it protects you from an eventual C&D, though I really doubt it'd ever happen tbh