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Bonni's Quest

This hack looks great! Can't see anything wrong with it it, no cutoff (I look a ton for this) and other errors. Keep up the great work and I really look forward to it's release!
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
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Exelent, exelent job Ladida. I can't wait to test to this. And the zombie monkeys are a cool idea, if you ask me.

The new and improved status bar. I removed the Exits counter and replaced it with an Air counter. I also made the Yoshi coin counter numerical.

The revamped title screen. All I did was change the graphics and stuff, but it looks better, no?

This fish kite thing will replace the goal posts at the end of each level. It's just like the SMB goal, except you don't climb down.

Comments? Criticism?

I'm nearly done, just have to do the village, which might take a while, and a few miscellaneous things.
I like the new status bar, it just looks better, nothing much more to say...

Air counter...interesting...more realistic...

The OW basicly looks the same, but I guess it's less toonish...

And the flag/goal looks cool, and it's animated :D.

It's good alltogether...;)
I like the new status bar, the new title, and the flag! Great work so far!:D
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
And thanks again for the comments :)

Just something to keep you interested.

This NPC level is a WIP, meaning I'm currently working on it. When I'm finished, the demo will possibly be sent to the beta testers, so watch out for it soon.
I cannot wait for this hack. It looks soooooo good.
I like the status bar, and the title screen looks as good as ever.
Originally posted by xman0444
I cannot wait for this hack. It looks soooooo good.

Can't agree less, Mario as the main character is starting to annoy me.
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
Man, this hack is going to be great! Can't wait to play.
Oooooh, I love the shading of that wood!
It's very good! Can't wait for my Demo!
How can you be 80% complete without levels? There should be loads to do. Especially with the constant creativity and ideas that make up good levels. The game play is pretty much the most important aspect of a hack.

Nice graphics though. ^-^

Thanks for the comments everyone.

GOTHCLAWZ: This is a demo, so there are less levels than a full hack. The hack has about 5 levels, plus one bonus and 1 NPC level.

Just here to say.....

The hack is going to be sent to the beta testers soon. Real soon. Like, right now if I feel like it. I finished the demo, so... hooray, I guess.
Yay I happah! This is sooo going to be a Featured Hack. I love the Sword (Maybe a Katana?) and Bow (Longbow) ideas. I can't wait for the demo.
Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
CharMixa64: Well, the powerups won't be in the demo, and maybe not even in the hack, since there was a certain glitch.

Just an idea one of my beta testers gave me. This won't be in the demo, but it will be in another demo.

Left to right: Mushroom, Flower, Star, Feather.

I don't really like the Star replacement, so if you have any ideas, tell me.

Also, beta testing is almost done. Just waiting for 2 more beta testers. So hold tight.

Edit: Since I can't double-post:

Bonni's Quest (Demo 1)

Download while you can :o
This was ALMOST a win hack for me. The only thing that brought it from being a win hack to a not win hack was the glitchy tower entrance shown in this screenshot.

Myabe it was the patch or maybe not. This needs to be fixed in the next release.
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
Played trough the demo(including the secret exit :) ). And I really like it so far. Gotta admire the time and effort spend to make all those custom graphics. It all fits well together, the monkey sprites and the far east theme of the hack.

The only point of criticism is the entrance cutscene at the castle, but I'm sure thats just a mistake. But hey it's a demo, I can live with that.

I hope you will continue making this hack, we need more of the Bonni goodness!
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WOW, this hack was really amazing :O ! Like... Keep it up and this is going to be my new favourite hack! Really good work there ;) . The hack was a lot of fun to play and it wasn't boring for even a second. The difficulty was just right as well. Your graphics are amazing! <3 monkeys! Also the music and the Japanese characters really give this hack a Japanese-ish feeling. Also I liked the effect when you got a Fire Flower. Keep up the good work!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I just finished playing through your hack and found it quite interesting. The fact that you changed most of the gameplay really makes it worth playing. Your graphics look really nice, and I especially liked how you changed most of the enemy graphics such as the Koopas. The Japanese-ish feel of the hack is also quite well-done. Aside from the castle entrance bug, (I'm surprised none of your beta-testers found that o.O) I enjoyed playing your hack.

Keep up the nice work. I'm really looking forward to the next demo (or final version). A short but sweet demo.
I played through all the available levels, and I'm impressed. Although I would disable the No Yoshi Intro at least, as Yoshi does not appear to feature in the hack.
I didn't see anything wrong with the tower entrance.Didn't glitch up for me...I used Zsnes Emulator and it worked fine...

I would also like to say that I like the new graphics on the start screen and those powerup substitute ideas look GREAT,but I agree that the star replacement is rather ninja like.How about a golden hair pin or something...
If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.