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Big Bang?

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Let's have a talk. About if you believe in the Big Bang (BB), and if you have a theory. On the BB.
I'll take any ExGFX requests, though it might take some time.

[-o-Kakashi Sensei
God, not another of these "discuss!" threads.

Some people believe that god created the world, but some others don't.
Well, in my oppinion the theory about the big bang is right, because why would everyone be lying?
There is no other theory about the beginning of the universe, and you can't really find out how the universe was created, that's why I believe this theory.
I believe God caused the big bang, then did jack shit.
The Big Bang, in my opinion was caused by the collapse of the previous universe before it, when that universe collapsed in on it self, the energy that was made was what caused this universe to be created - of course this universe will inevitably collapse and a new one will take its place. There is really no right or wrong answer to this topic as it cannot be proved either way; still the Big Bang theory is the one that sounds the most realistic rather than a divine spirit creating our universe. *Shrugs*
I believe in Big Bang, i'm a science guy, and not a religion guy.
Why: Big Bang fits prefectly with the laws of physics, and actually, this is the best theory of the Universe origin.
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Originally posted by Castle Fan
I believe in Big Bang, i'm a science guy, and not a religion guy.

I'm exactly the same. I also find it kind of fascinating how the first billionth of a second of time created the laws of physics, and all the billions of years afterwards didn't matter whatsoever XD
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I don't believe in any thing as I don't see any fucking point in doing so.
I don't think it's really possible to prove either theory wrong...

Everything has a cause and effect

Effect = The universe was created
Cause = God got a chemistry set

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
I believe in the Big Bang, except no one knows how it happened in the end.

The more important question is how will the universe END!
Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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Originally posted by Tama Yoshi
I believe in the Big Bang, except no one knows how it happened in the end.

The more important question is how will the universe END!

oh lord, i can already here all of the 2012 and 666 fanatics coming
Please dont let this thread become that, its actually somewhat interesting lol

But taking the BB seriously, its a pretty cool theory that scientists have come up with, but i am not to sure about how much proof there is ( even though i think there is a pretty plentiful amount )

edit : 300th post, and i think that, that is the first time i have ever written the work plentiful

I believe in the big bang. My only problem is that my familly is christian...
Quoted from my annoying stepmom, "Then how were humans created. Yeah that's what I thought..."
Me thinking, "Bacteria..."
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i dont believe in the big bang, i think we're just sitting here floating for all eternity because really, who decides all this? who is the one who said "the earth is 4.6 billion years old if i use carbon dating" how do we know the earth isnt 15 billion years old?
who in their right mind thought of that one day, and as far as scientists are concerned about the big bang "Once there was nothing, then it exploded" yea makes perfect sense doesnt it? I believe in God but i dont believe in religion, I dont think god is an invisible man, i think "god" is more of a divine force that binds everything together, like Gravity. I believe in Evolution as well because theres actually proof of that. Imo, theoretical science is just another religion, like the big bang THEORY and whatnot, we dont really know this stuff. Some things just cant be answered.
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Gravity isn't divine. It's the result of something getting too big.

I believe in both God and the Big Bang. About God, she planned everything out and is just sitting back and watching us work her magic. The BB was just the start of our universe, for her.

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As one who trusts science, I'd say "Yes, until something better comes along".

The Big Bang theory, as with everything else in all fields of science, is nothing but a model of reality, one that's constantly being refined to match reality through observation and experimentation. (Although, experimenting with Big Bang itself may be a bit tricky... unless we create a whole sub-universe just to study a Big Bang... and then maybe beings in that universe does the same? ...etc...)

Also... Slash Man, I noticed that you put an emphasis on "theory". Normally, "theory" means "something one suspects". However, in the world of science, it's the highest possible status a model of something can have (since we can't know absolutely everything about everything, there's always a margin of error). After all, even gravity is a theory.

So, in science, "theory" normally means "It's not exactly like this, but it's pretty fucking close".


Oh, also, in case anyone says "I'm christian. God created the world. There was no Big Bang": The fucking POPE HIMSELF (don't ask me which one) blessed the Big Bang theory as God's creation of the universe from the scientific point of view.
Originally posted by Castle Fan
Big Bang fits prefectly with the laws of physics

WRONG. If we try to (mathematically) look back at the time right after Big Bang (we're talking fractions of fractions of fractions of .... ... ... ... ... of fractions of a second), our understanding of the laws of physics break down. So no, our understanding of the laws of physics doesn't fit at all with the moment right after Big Bang.

Although, our understanding of the laws of physics are [insert enormous number] times more accurate with less extreme situations (such as today's universe), allowing us to use them to deduce that Big Bang occurred.
Originally posted by NoveNoveDuda
i believe more to the big bang, but i can't give a proof: just as anyone.

Except... oh, I dunno...


Assuming the scientific definition of proof, that is.
Originally posted by Amos
Just because something is right does not mean it can be proved.


There are some things in mathematics that, even if they're true, are impossible to prove.

In fact, it has been proven that unprovable truths can exist. (Oh, the irony)
Well Smallhacker, I'm not really one to argue about things I'm not certain about, thats just what I believe, the word "Theory" is what throws me off though, thats why I consider "Theoretical" science just another religion, but I get what you mean about not knowing everything because it's impossible. I can understand knowing things about our own planet but until we've been somewhere else, I refuse to believe this other stuff :/

I myself am Catholic but I don't believe everything I hear.

EDIT: I personally like to leave these kinds of topics alone because I'm the kind of person who doesn't question life, I just live life. So as of now, I'm done on this topic.
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