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Chuck Norris VS Master Cheif

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Who would win in a fight Chuck Norris or Master Cheif from halo 3

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Chuck Norris, who else?

i fucking hate both of them.

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Chuck Norris is so old that he would just drop dead before the fight even started.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Quite obviously master chief would win.
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Hmm... let me think...

who cares lemmysux


I think probably MC, since he like, has guns and Chuck Norris is just overused.
Chuck Norris is way too overplayed in my opinion so.....Master Chief.
probably Master Chief would win.

Just guessing
I think Chuck Norris would win. He keeps a pillow under his gun. That being said, they would both have firepower, and since Chuck is just that Norris-ee, he can own (in terms of money or brawn) anyone.

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Just because he is over played, does not mean that he wouldn't win.
Chuck Norris all the way!
You guys can all learn from DarkBuol, notice how he isn't posting. Chuck Norris probably roundhouse kicked him for even bringing this up.

Hmm... A 2000lb super-human warrior from the distant future, or a guy in his mid 50's-60's who starred in an overrated action show...

Master Chief would be the obvious choice...
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I say that they become friends.
And then Chuck Norris rips Master Chief's head off.
Chuck Norris, obviously.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
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Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
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Really, thats not even a question.

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Taking a small break
Chuck Norris
think of it this way... Roundehouse kicks beat guns hands down
Well, it depends.

If Chuck Norris attacks first, then he would win.

But if Master Chief attacks first, then Chuck wins.

theres no diference, because master chief its chuck norris in the 2552
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CN: *kicks
MC: *blows off chucks foot with shotgun
CN: *punches
MC: *punches back with added robot power
CN: *runs away
MC: *snipes Chuck

Master Chief wins.
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