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Disney Genetically Engineers Their Stars!?

Yes you heard me correctly! Disney Channel genetically engineers their "hit" stars. An interview with one of the geneticists is in this video!

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Discuss this controversial subject in the comments section below, hence giving purpose to this thread. Oh yeah, as a final note -- lol ^.^

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And so the story told by the prophets has begun... Disney is building it's army of pop-teen sensations who will wipe the minds of all humans. It will be up to the few who are immune to their evil spell to defeat them.
Prepare smwcentral, our time has come.
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How did Disney turn from a company making popular movies such as Pinocchio and Toy Story, into a company giving young singers such a big-ass boost to their careers. I think they are trying to turn into a music recording studio and just stop making movies!
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Oh no! It's just as I expected! We're too late!

We must fight back now before their army is complete!

/me raises his sword

fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by Professor Headscratcher


I see no smashing of tables you silly goose ^.^ Or at least I don't think I do, maybe I'm insane 0.o Not really.
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I do. Try putting a > after the very last part of the embed code.

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