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Mario in the Yoshis' Heartland (NEW screenshots)
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This is my first real hack, and it's a demo. It's about 11 levels long.

Story - Bowser got sick and tired of always losing to the Mario brothers, so he decided not to try to attack them head on, but be a little more cunning...

Mario was snoring his butt off in his house when Luigi came and woke him up. Luigi had been out on his early morning fishing session, and he caught a message in a bottle from Yoshi. The message was dated a week ago and was short and slightly illegible. "Mario and Luigi! Pleas-, you must help us. Bo-s-r discovered our native Hea--land and he and his army invaded. Most Yoshis are now dead, or m-ssing. You are our last hope. Please, you --ve to come. There is a map on the other side."

Always ones to lend a helping hand, our heroes packed their bags, brushed their teeth and swam off, following the map. Unfortunately, Mario hadn't accounted for paper's inability to keep in water, so the map turned into a soggy pulp in the mouth of a passing cheep-cheep. When the Mario brothers alighted on Yoshi Peninsula, they discovered - to their horror - that the map was gone. Due to this one blunder, the Mario bros. would be stuck in foreign lands for a looooong time.

With nothing else to do, the Mario brothers went to Yoshi's house to regain their sense of direction and then save all the Yoshis. Thus, the epic quest was started!!

And now...

The starting map. Most of the exits are revealed, and you might notice that the levels have unique names, not "Yoshi Peninsula 2" or something.

Yoshi grounds. Here, I did some custom pallete work to make the hills properly coloured.

The second part of Yoshi crossing. Lots of koopas here.

Another part of Yoshi crossing. This level is kinda long.

Yoshi gorge. This level is the only Yoshi Peninsula level to have two exits.

Pride castle. I named the koopalings after the seven deadly sins, because the Yoshis would interpret Bowser as the devil. Therefore, his sons could be manifestations of those sins.

Moving onto Yellowstone rocks, the area past the peninsula!
You'll notice that the ground seems lighter. This is because the whole area has custom palletes.

Yellowstone Heights, the second level of Yellowstone rocks. Here's a hint... Try to do the level after you've finished it once.

Yellowstone Pass, the level that you reach after the secret exit of Yellowstone Heights. Wait, what are these grey blocks? Chance blocks!
You don't know what ane does until you bump into one. They can be coins, clouds, solid blocks...

An underground area of Yellowstone Pass. This is getting to be quite a long level too!

Hey, a bridge! With big logs! This is my favourite area of my hack so far, since I made the logs' ExGFX myself. Yet another part of Yellowstone pass.

Newer screenshots

Yoshi forest. The first level. (outdated screen)

The updated screenshot of Yoshi forest. Now it looks like there are leaves on the ground.

Yellowstone Cliff. The first yellowstone level, and probably the longest level in this demo.

A recap on some previous events.

The Grass Green switch palace. This is the first palace that you can encounter, but it's optional like the 3 other ones. I made the foreground diamonds because it's easier to use, and it looks better.

The Cliff Yellow switch palace. Non-linear, but still leads to one way foward.

Well, that's it for all the screenies. After I finish Yellowstone rocks, I'll work on ExGFX for the first and second worlds.

Feel free to tell me any glitches or things I should fix. Also, give me feedback too. Is a level too hard? Have a suggestion? If so, don't hesitate to say.
Everything looks fine.
I didn't like the floating black piranha plants.
I really like the logs.
The chance block area looks to flat/ linar

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.

Custom ExGFX logs.
Good plot.
Overworld looks pretty good.


Some of the levels look boring. D:
Magical floating black piranha.
Chance level needs more detail.
Oh I at first didn't notice the thick black lines on the ow, It would be best to have only one line not two, its a sugesstion not a command.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Thanks for the feedback.

I'll lower the munchers.
The level with the chance blocks... Well, it's not linear, just the bit with the blocks is to show what the blocks can do. The rest of the level is way more interesting.
Well you can add scenery, like orbis said.
More land scape would help. Like hills.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Ok, I've changed what needed to be changed, I'll edit the screens shortly.
The muncher thing is... yeah. Gravity has a bit of a say in stuff like that. I like the overworld though, and I like the name (because of the absence of "Super" and "World") But wouldn't the Yoshi hearrtland be like Dinosaur land or delfino isle?

Your layout has been removed.
Screens edited.
BTW, What do you mean by "like Dinosaur land or isle delfino"? Can you be more specific?
add trees to the forest. rename it if you don't plan on having trees.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Originally posted by Haaaaaach
Screens edited.
BTW, What do you mean by "like Dinosaur land or isle delfino"? Can you be more specific?

Dinosaur Island,(Or yoshi's island more likely forgot that one) Is supposed to be where all Yoshis come from, thus making it the heartland. And in the manual for sunshine it says something like Yoshis coming from Isle delfino. SO unless the Yoshi heartland you were referring to is one of those places, theres an unexplained plot hole.

Your layout has been removed.
The screens look good. I like the custom palettes you used, and I especially like your custom log graphics, and the custom ground. I also like how you used diamonds for switch palaces, it's unique and something I've never seen before. About the overworld, the paths used look almost exactly the same as Yoshi's Island on the right side, though.

Your layout has been removed.
Oh shi- plothole... Well, the Yoshi Heartland is where Yoshis *truly* come from, so Yoshi's island is a place they later colonised. Besides, all the mario games have plotholes anyway. Just pretend that this explanation is canon (or fanon).
Edit: BTW, this isn't the forest tileset, and I don't plan to ExGFX my own tree trunks. Also, "Yoshi Bush" sounds stupider in my opinion than "Yoshi Forest". So, probably not.
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