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The Legend of Mario: The Lost Dimension (needs beta testers... message problems >.<)


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This is a hack i have been working on for a while with my own graphics, custom/tweaked srpites, some ASM (not enough to know about :P), and some songs i ported myself. Some may not sound as good but, eh, im new to it :P. It has almost 3 worlds done. I will not be using the original smw bosses (yay for originality ^^). I dont have a set storyline but it will go something like mario enters an odd pipe and ends up in the lost dimension while at peach's castle, and he needs to find his way out. Give me some ideas if you want. I'm still long from done and there will A LOT more changes to the game. here's some pics of what is to come (there is more than what is shown):

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So tell me what you guys think. I need your criticism to become better.

P.S. I could use some more ideas cuz i suck at stories xP

there are serious problems with my hack and i dont know what is going on. it worked fine before then all of a sudden it got screwed up. I need beta testers. PM me or post in this thread for any problems that occur (besides the layer 3 glitch). PM me for the link to my game if you want to beta test.

List of Beta testers:
Super Mario
Toasty One
It looks pretty good so far. The other thing I am not a fan of is that palette you are using for the Ghost House. :/ That color doesn't look so great with the original Ghost House background.
This hack looks great. Like fabio said, the palette could be better on the ghost house.
Good job though.
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I quite like what you have here, the cutscenes and chapters look nice and polished, well done on that, and what I can see from the screens, you level design looks pretty good.

A few things to look at though:

-Palette on ghost house (as mentioned above)

-Pipe in screen 8, it looks a little odd with the top being used as a base

-Border around title screen, the original SMW border doesn't really fit, and is too light.
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This hack is looking good, but I don't like some of the palettes ( the munchers, pipe in screen 4, koopas in screen 6, and as mentioned the bg in final screen).

I also see you're using Aquamentus's SM64 castle graphics in screen 4, I didn't even know he released those.

Anyway keep up the good work and if you like I could make a userbar for this hack.
Thanks for your comments guys! I will change the palettes of the house and koopas and change the border. I will add more screens when can as i still have schoolwork to do. :/

And yes, you can make a userbar for this hack.

EDIT: Does anyone know how to fix the message layer priority problem? That is one of the major flaws in this game. So if anyone can tell me i will be so thankful.
Looks pretty good so far, other than the things already mentioned.
Ahhh... there apparantly are a few more game-breaking errors that i need to fix >.<. I will post more screens as soon as i fix these.

Edit: Yay, more pics!

Nice! Looks very interseting for your first try.
Got some pics of some of my overworlds and some new graphics, and yes i will be changing the names of the levels:

this looks cool
3rd screenshot in the post above me needs a changed level name.

Nice IntroScene :D
I would make the black phirana plant more darker, though =P

This grassland set is fantastic! Iirc, is in the ExGFX section!
I don't like the BG palette though :/
Could you fix it?

I really love the palette of this submap!!!!!!
Nice work, but don't you think that floating ground is a bit... odd??

I see some mistakes here.
Here you see the mistakes
Green = Looks bad (sorry): those squary corner are a bit bad :(
Blue = Cutoff
And i don't like the palette: that is a bit eyebleeding to me :/
Here you see an example of a better palette (i think it is better)
And the rock in the red water (i guess it is lava) has a bad palette: fix it.

This hack is coming good: just fix some mistakes.

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wow cool overworlds! I can tell when you complete this and release it (if you will) I'll be hooked! :P

Well... until I complete it... XD
I need a better layout.
@wario: thanks for pointing those things out. i will go and fix them. I completely forgot about those cutoffs due to working on my graphics and levels. :P

Edit: ok, here are the fixed overworlds

Is the castle meant to have blue grass?
@ unemployed: Yes it is meant to have blue grass.
@wario: how do you want me to fix the grass BG?
Sorry for the double post but im having a big problem that is affecting my game. The message always goes behind all layers no matter what. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
The hack looks good, kepp up the good work!
Ok. i am uploading the new demo! i will try to fix the glitch later, because i am unable to do so atm.
Is it on a Switch Palace? If so, go to Change Speacial Level Messages and change the switch palace message to a different level.

If it's a cutscene. ( I can't believe I said screenshot.) Use one image on Layer 1, and another image on Layer 2. And keep switching Layers for each word.

Example: LAYER 1: I h v o g o t e b t r o .

LAYER 2: a e t o h a h o m

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